Playing MiMiQ card game

Howdy Partners, and today I brought you here to this little get together to play a real serious game right now. It’s called MiMiQ and basically let’s get right into it. Do you even know the rules? So… do you know the rules? What are the rules? I don’t know the rules. Someone else explain it to me. This is how the game works. You start with four cards each. You ask another player for a card by mimicking the face of the card you want. If they have that card or cards then they have to pass them over and you continue asking for cards. If they don’t have the card then they have to stick out their tongue at you. This ends your turn. You pick a card from the deck and it is the next player’s turn to ask for cards. Do you have Once a player has collected a set of four of the same faces they put those cards down in front of them. When all sets of four identical cards have been collected the winner is the person that has the most. Looks like I’ve won partners. I hope y’all enjoyed that game because I know I did so… (clears throat) Thank y’all for joining me today and I’ll be so honoured on cowboy’s honour to that. Not so fast. Huh. How dare you. It wasn’t me who stole the last Kit Kat. Thank you partner for shooting her. You think I go away that easily? Thanks. Now let me go back to being dead. The end. Here you go. Shake hands you two. Cheers. Stop drinking in the middle of… You only live twice. Bye. Dance.

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