PLUCK a Playing Card out of THIN AIR!! // Tenkai Vanish Tutorial

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100 thoughts on “PLUCK a Playing Card out of THIN AIR!! // Tenkai Vanish Tutorial

  1. Best routine I have watched that makes me want to learn and practice palming. I always thought my hands were too small but I will be definitely trying this till I get it!! Also paycheck hits in a few hrs and my shopping cart is loaded with a few decks of Memento Moris as well.

  2. For anyone who has smaller hands like me, bending the card with your thumb to make it fit your palm really helps :). Amazing tutorial though!

  3. Hi Chris, awesome video and love the channel. I'm a complete novice, just wondering if there was more detail on the 2nd last trick. Where you have 2 cards and one is palmed in your left hand, it there a technique to going from palm to showing the back of the the card? I find it hard to reveal the card in the left hand.

  4. I can't do it I tried and tried but I can't I need help badly I can't even keep it in my thumb and positioned perfectly

  5. This is super hard/interesting! I like how you have to be so precise for it to truly look good, Thanks so much for the tutorial! Ive gotten a few other tricks down but this is definitely one im excited to learn!

  6. Wow I was practicing this until 3 in the morning. And when I went to go to bed I found random cards in all of my pockets

  7. I'd like to thankyou, came across your page few weeks back. And very much inspired me to get involved. Just ordered my first lot of cards. Excited. Your the man. Thanks again

  8. Thank you man. Subscribed and liking so many videos. My son is getting into magic so I am looking for new tricks to teach him/ impress him.

  9. I just played it again 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😴🤔😳☺️😊😅🤷🏻‍♂️😎👍🏻🤣🤫🤐🤦‍♂️😝😉☀️🤪🤦🏻‍♂️💯

  10. I learned how to do this trick plus some others and I showed them at school… I’m the coolest mf alive now thanks for the vid

  11. I live in Algeria and we don't have playing cards in good quality

    Playing cards here exceed $ 200, not high-quality

    It is kind and gives me good papers does not need


  12. Dude that was just perfect. Thankyou soo much. My sons gonna think im like god or something. Not the dropkick homeless junky that i am. God i love drugs. They are amazinggg!!!…. nah jk that was dope though and thankyou.

  13. This is the first vanish I’ve even slightly nailed. The look on my 6yo daughter’s face was was worth it all 🙂

  14. 11:11 is just so Gawd damned beautiful, best take on an old trick ive seen yet, Respect and thx for sharing your great ideas

  15. love this video and technique. it's the perfect "easy to learn, hard to master" move that is satisfying to practice. thanks for making all these turorials! you know what you're talking about but haven't forgotten what it's like to be a beginner.

  16. Awesome as always Chris. Thanks so much for your amazing videos, I’m totally binge watching. Love the fact that a fellow Canuck.

  17. Idea adapted from Zach Mueller: do a Snap Change thing but with one card (pull the card with middle finger, hand covers it. Fingers are on top right corner for right hand, top left for left hand). It’s a vanish on its own, but you can show your hand empty by adjusting the card slightly so it’s in Tenkai.

  18. 1.07 in, I will say that your hand work is so clean. You always say others are so good, humble and all, but damn bro solid. I bet doing dual would make it cleaner especially since it's nice to see the Face right?

  19. did it like from the 1st 5 mins and still can't believe it i mean it looks soo natural it fascinates me… I keep wondering like there gotta be something wrong it ain't supposed to work from the 1st try right ? lol……chris You Are The Best of allllll

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