Poker Copilot: Record Tournament to Video

Hi This is Steve from Poker Copilot In this video I’ll show you how you can
record all the hands you played in a tournament into a single video. A video that you can then share with your
friends, or with your poker coach, or upload to YouTube. We’ll start here in the Recent Tournaments
summary. This is the tournament we want to record.
So I have to double-click on it so I can see all the hands in the tournament. Now the recording will include the hands in
the order in which you see them in this table. By default this hand shows the most recent
hand first. The last hand I played in the tournament is at the top of the table and
the first hand is at the bottom. I want to record the hands in the opposite
order. I want the recording the start with the first
hand I played in the tournament. So to do that I need to click here on the
Date column heading, to reverse the order. Now we have the first hand in the tournament
at the top of the table, and the last hand at the bottom. Next I need to select the hands I want to
record. I do this by holding down the shift click as I click on the hands. A quicker way to select all the hands in a
tournament is to click Cmd+A. Now all the hands are selected. Now I need to right-click – that is, click
the mouse right button anywhere in the selection to bring up a menu. Here we have a new option, “Record Selected
Hands to Video”. This option only shows if you have at least
two hands selected. I’ll click on “Record Selected Hands to
Video”. Now I’m prompted for where I want to save
the video, and what name I want to give it. The default name is pretty good – “Poker
Copilot Replay”, so let’s go with that. Click Save…and the recording starts. That’s it. The recording is done. Very quick. We can now play that video in QuickTime, to
make sure it works okay. Click “Play Now”, QuickTime opens, and
here we can see the video. As I fast-forward through the video, I can
see all the hands. That’s it! We’ve now recorded all the
hands in a single tournament to a video.

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