Poker Definitions and Terminology – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy Lessons and Fundamentals

Hey guys, unexceptional rounder here. And
today I am going to talk about some basic poker definitions and terminology. This is
something I did based on various requests that I have had and I wasn’t really sure
how to present it. I was going to make a video going over everything but to be thorough would
also be really boring. As you can see there are a lot of things I could go over… additionally
if I forget something or decide I wanted to add something later on I would have to produce
a whole new video. So instead I went ahead and made a dictionary on my website for poker.
Now I know this isn’t the only one out there and I am sure it isn’t the most complete
one either but here is the link for you to reference. Now if you are happy I didn’t
just read through all the definitions please give me a like.
And also because this video was short I have also uploaded a one hour live commentary playing
two tables. I incorporated some pretty cool annotations that act as a menu and that way
you can skip, replay or go back to hands that you missed or may want to look at again. Take
a look at it and let me know how you like the menu feature. It takes kind of a long
time to put in there so if it’s not worth it let me know and if you guys really enjoy
it let me know that also. Don’t forget to subscribe in the upper left! This is unexceptional
rounder, you guys keep on grinding.

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2 thoughts on “Poker Definitions and Terminology – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy Lessons and Fundamentals

  1. Thanks, that was ugly. It should be better now. Thanks for watching and pointing that out to me!

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