Poker Games : How to Play 5-Card Draw Poker

Hi, my name is Dean Hale and today, I’m going
to teach you how to play Five Card Draw poker. In Five Card Draw poker, every player that
is playing would actually put in an ante to put in the original pot. Each player is then
dealt five cards. They will then look at their five cards and decide if they like the five
cards they have or if they would like other cards. Initially, once they’ve seen their
cards, it’ll move to the dealer’s left and that first player will have the chance to
actually make a bet. They can either bet, check or basically pass. If they pass, the
next person in line will be the one responsible for making the bet. After all the betting
round is over, they will then look at their cards and will have an option of discarding
some cards and getting cards in return. So let’s say I had a hand and I had three tens,
a nine and a four. Obviously I’d want to discard the nine and the four. So I would say I want
two cards. I would place the two cards on the table. I would get two cards in return
hoping to make my three of a kind a better hand. This will go around the table ’til everybody’s
done. Once they have their their new hand, they can then again, the betting goes in the
same the same fashion. You will then decide if you wanted to bet again based on your hand.
You can check, you can bet. Now if you bet ten and somebody wants to raise you, they
can do so and then it would be your option as it came back to you to call that raise.
That’s the basics of Five Card poker. Hope you get a lot of aces! My name’s Dean Hale.

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12 thoughts on “Poker Games : How to Play 5-Card Draw Poker

  1. so many questiions! i grew up on the old 5-card draw. now its all bout' texas hold'em. i have nothing against hold'em, but i want them to star playing 5 card

  2. @ishouldplayzelda the order is:
    1. one pair
    2. two pair
    3. trips
    4. straight
    5. flush
    6. full house (trips and a par)
    7. four of a kind (quads)
    8. straight flush (5 cards in order of a same suit)
    9. royal flush (straight flush from 10 to A)
    if two people have trips, u see the highest cards. for example: i have trips in kings, and you have trips in aces…. then you win.
    but if we both have a pair of 2s, then the next card will be looking. for example:

  3. @ishouldplayzelda but if we both have a pair of 2s, the next card will be looking. for example: i have a pair of 2s and K,7,3 you have a pair of 2s and A,4,3….
    so you would win…… get it????

  4. what is the betting structure on the second round of betting? Is the minimum bet doubled in no limit or the same? Does the bet double only in limit? Because thats the way I see it. Also can you open on anything even high card in traditional 5 card draw?

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