Poker Games : How to Play 5-Card Stud Poker

Hi, my name is Dean Hale and today I’m going
to teach you how to play Five Card Stud poker. In Five Card Stud poker, you have an initial
ante, and then a player is dealt the card down and then the next card would be up. They
then decide whether they would want to continue to bet or to fold their hand. If you’re playing
in a group where you have say five or six players, you have what you have call a bring
in bet. The bring in bet would be half of what thee initial ante is, and thee player
that has thee lowest showing face up card is the one that has to do the bring in bets.
This is not a choice. You actually have to have the bring in bet. It it it is it is a
requirement. Then every player would have thee option of calling the bring in bet or
raising it to thee original ante. Then, as as you as you go along, the cards would be
dealt again, face up. And what you’re doing is the the disguise is you’re thee only one
that knows what you’re bottom card is. The betting would go around in in a similar fashion
until all five cards are dealt. You would then conclude the game by after the final
bet, turning over your whole card to show the cards you have. You will then use your
your basic poker rankings of high card, pairs, two of a kind, three of a kind, and so on
to decide who has the best hand. So, the the main thing in Five Card Stud poker is most
of your cards are up showing. Your only deception is that bottom card. So if you’re going to
bluff, bluff well. My name is Dean Hale, good luck at the tables.

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11 thoughts on “Poker Games : How to Play 5-Card Stud Poker

  1. The bring-in is actually usually half the betting minimum, not the ante. Like in $2/$4 with a $0.50 ante, it would probably be a $1 bring in.

  2. this guy has no clue. "two of a kind"… what's that? Sounds like one pair, not the two pair he intended. Also, what's up with the bring-in being half the ante and the completion of the bet to a full ante? His errors are egregious!! It should be taken offline.

  3. I recently started learning poker and the first game I learned was 5 card stud. At least I was told it was five card stud. according to this video the game I've been playing hasn't been five card stud at all. In my game the dealer deals each person 5 cards, then each persons trades up to 5 cards for a set price, after each player has had the chance to trade the wagering round begins, after the wager round they show their hands. the man with the best hand wins. What have i been I playing?

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