Poker Night in America | S5 E4 | The Wizard

– [Narrator] From
the Rivers Property in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this is Poker Night in America. (bright music) – Hello and welcome to
Poker Night in America. We are finishing up day two at Rivers in Pittsburgh. – You guys are going
to want to make sure you’ve got a full
drink for this one. Dude named Wolf shows
up dressed as a wizard. Does it really need to
be any more click bait than that? – [Game Announcer]
Was for Cletus, the Pittsburgh wizard of poker. Here he is. (laughter) (stately music) – [Tilly] Woo. Woo. Cletus! Woo! – [Male Poker Player] Go Cletus! Good job. – [Tilly] Woo, woo, woo! What do wizards drink, Cletus? – Whatever you’re
drinking, Tilly. – [Chris Hanson] Let’s
continue day two. Some brand new
players are joining us in seat one and seat six. So let’s play poker. – [Joe Stapleton] Claude
Petroy and Stepan Gusak. Is this a poker game
or the NHL draft? – Did you turn it? – I turned it, yeah. – God. – Yeah I did turn it. – [Abel] You know you
can’t force anything. It don’t work. – Yeah but if you
didn’t check the turn then I would not
have bet the river. – Raise out. – I’m going to re-raise. – Good. – [Abel] Thank
you, I was calling. – I’ll make it nine. – [Male Poker Player] 900 total? – Yeah. – [Male Poker Player]
I’ll take your money. – But that point of
that hand was everybody at the table saw it. I only play premium hands. So I’m glad that
everybody got to see what I had because
I know you all think I’m up to something. And I’m not. Most of the time, I’m not. (clink of poker chips) Cletus takes it all in. And then he calls. (Tilly laughs) He was all thoughtful. Wait, are you raising? No you’re not. – Hard to raise at this point. – What? That’s a string raise, right? Wait, what happened? One, two. Wait. One, two, three. Four, what did I bet? – [Male Poker Player] Nine. – I bet nine. Okay, you’re calling. I bet nine? Wow, that’s aggressive. (male poker player laughs) I guess your priced
in there Torelli. I know you don’t want to go against us two wizards. Keep in mind, we both
changed our outfits, You’re still wearing
the same outfit. – I’m going to go put
my sweater back on. – I talked him into a call. Sorry. – That a girl. – Young fellow, I wanted
to be heads up with you. – [Chris Hanson] Alright
three way to the flop and Jenn has got by
far the worst of it. And here is the flop
brought to you by Kimo Sabe. It’s three, deuce, deuce. – That’s the dipe. That’s the dipe. I check. – [Joe Stapleton] Checks around
to the pre-flop aggressor – I feel I must
have the best hand here. I bet 1700 dollars. – [Chris Hanson] Well that
should get exactly zero folds. (clinking poker chips) – [Joe Stapleton] Oh it
did get one fold, okay! – [Cletus] Get him. Get him. – [Chris Hanson] Cletus calls. By the way, we’ll call
Dan Wolf ‘Cletus’. It’s a name that one of
the other poker players here at Rivers gave him. So we will call him
Cletus and Dan Wolf as the day goes on. Another heart comes
off on the turn. – [Joe Stapleton] I’m
actually really impressed. Jenn sold it to Alec Torelli. What an actress. Suck it, Dianne Weist. – [Cletus] Damn it! – [Joe Stapleton] I’d like to
see you bluff Alec Torelli. – [Chris Hanson] They
both check the turn and the river gives
Tilly the nut flush. – [Joe Stapleton] Such
a bad run out for nines, no heart. – [Chris Hanson]
Oh yeah professor, we’re all trying to make
it to the Quidditch game. – [Male Poker Player] – Check. (clinking poker chips) – [Chris Hanson] Slam
dunk value bet from Jenn. And a slam dunk
fold for two nines. – Ah, if I’d bet the turn I would have got more money in. Then sadly on the
river you would have folded but I would
have got turn money. – You just opened
such garbage there. You know what I mean? – Me? – Yes, so why am I just going to blow you off your hand? – I would have won. I would have flopped a king. – Nah but then you go
can crazy sometimes too. So you might have
just went crazy. – Yeah. – Go cray cray. Go cray. You ever go crazy in the hood? – No. Just in poker. I’ve been known to lose my mind. – [Morrow] I think we
all been there before. (Tilly laughs) – Everything’s smooth sailing – I’m looking at mine right now. You have another hand. You can call time whenever
– Yeah. – You want too. – Right. – Take as long enough.
– Yes call time, that’s good. That’s good. – Ten seconds, that’s it. – We only have two hours, bro. – Yeah, yeah. – Do 30 seconds. – [Morrow] If I failed
through this hand can I wear the cape? – Yeah. – [Morrow] Through
this hand only. – Yeah, I’m about
to take this off because I’m getting hot. (laugher) – [Chris Hanson] His raise
is pretty big actually. The 700. If you get three bat, it’s going to be a massive pot and you’re not
really going to know where you’re at. – This is so sick, like. I have to call. – It’s so sick, bro. – I’m so far behind. – [Male Poker Player]
You have to call, bro. – Seven eight suited? – I wish I had
seven eight dude. How much is it? Am I allowed to share my hand with someone at the table or no? – Look, you just did. You know that is a violation of code 743 in Poker
Night in America to share your hand
with somebody else? – [Chris Hanson] I’m sure
there are almost no rules on this show. Make poker fun again. – That’s a rule? – Yeah absolutely it’s a rule. I’m going to go find Todd or somebody in charge.
– I’d be so thrilled then I’d really be tilted. – Yeah. – [Chris Hanson] And
top pair becomes trips for Cletus. – Definitely not in the
spot to enforce any rules. – Right? – [Chris Hanson]
Morrow bets 550. Griffin Abel folds so
we’re just heads up with Morrow and Wolf on a river. – 3100. – [Female Poker Dealer] 31. – This is sick.
What the (bleep)? – [Joe Stapleton]
There’s really not much for Wolf to be stressed
out about here. – [Chris Hanson] Other
than sweating to death in the wizard costume. – He called? – Nut low. – Nice Hand. – [Joe Stapleton] The nut
low versus the nit low. – I had no sixes. – Griffith, you’re
supposed to get crazy on a turn with an O. Cletus doesn’t have an ace. These guys bull (bleep) and you do your stupid stuff and then like we tangle. – Plenty more Poker
Night in America when we come back. – And more spells
from Daniel the Dim. (acoustic guitar music) – I’m here with Tom
Schneider the Donkey Bomber in the Kimo Sabe mezcal area. Trusted friends area. And you and I have had
kind of a cool experience at the World Series. – We did, we did. I wrote a song called
‘How You Play Your Cards’ and I thought who better
to have on the song and rapping a little bit
and talking a little bit was Phil. And he came in. You liked the song actually. – I really did like the song and I liked the
lesson of the song as much as I liked the song. It was great.
– Yeah. – Yeah. (country music) ♪ When you read people well ♪ I can dodge bullets, baby ♪ That kid was playing poker ♪ Yeah I see that she is cute – It came out great. – And there were a
couple of other lines that I had in there too. It was awesome but
I really enjoyed it. You can get that
song at iTunes, yeah? – Yeah. – Under Tom Schneider? – Right. Tom Schneider, iTunes,
and you forgot one thing. – Yeah. I can dodge bullets, baby. Speaking of which, a little Kimo Sabe
mezcal, my friend? – This helps me dodge
the bullets right here. (laughs) – Trusted friends. (“How You Play Your
Cards” by Tom Schneider) (bright harmonica music) – [Narrator] Poker
Night in America is brought to you by
our trusted friend Kimo Sabe mezcal. Why settle for tequila? Step up to Kimo Sabe. – Welcome back to
Poker Night in America and we have got more wizarding
happening down there. Why am I still talking? Oh man, Jenn’s night
is going so badly she’s actually lost her shirt. – [Chris Hanson] She had to
buy that from a street vendor. It’s sad. – [Joe Stapleton] She’s
straddling this hand. Throwing in a
hundred bucks blind. She’ll be the last to act. Daniel Wolf raises
king queen suited. Super fun hand to
take a flop with. It’s like you’ve
got three cards. Abel’s opted to three bet with nine seven off. – [Chris Hanson] Back to Wolf who has
– How much? – [Chris Hanson] Had
a wardrobe change. Wolf now got rid of
the wizard costume. That’s gone. (clinking poker chips) – For you, baby. (laughs) – To the baby. – I already drank it. For the baby. – I’m sorry I just made your job
harder. – I feel like Patsy for the rest of the night.
– But that’s the call. (Tilly laughs) – It’s a word. You put my sweater back on? – [Chris Hanson] The
flop is queen high so that nails Daniel Wolf. – [Joe Stapleton] Awesome
flop for king queen. Easy check call spot. Oh we got queens again. – [Chris Hanson]
Queens are good. King queen’s good. Pretty much anything’s
beating nine seven. – Holy (bleep). (poker chips clinking) – [Chris Hanson]
3K from Grffin Abel on the ace on the turn. – [Joe Stapleton] Daniel
might want to work on his poker face a little bit. You can’t go awww
dang an ace every time and expect people not
to try to bluff you. – [Chris Hanson] Wolf does call. – Why all the acting, baby? – Hmmm? – Why all the acting? – Who’s saying acting? – Come on man. Why you all be acting? What’s so hard to understand
about that question? – [Joe Stapleton] Wow this
is just a terrible river for Cletus. Just such a bluffable
board if Wolf checks and it looks like he
is not gonna check. – 8800, thank you. – [Joe Stapleton]
Wow what a bet. I guess he thinks he’s bluffing. When he went into
the tank on this hand I did not see that coming. Just takes away his opponents ability to bluff. – You win. Your diamonds are good. – [Chris Hanson] Is he folding? – I fold. – [Chris Hanson] And
Abel folds the worst hand but I kind of like the fact that Daniel didn’t give him a chance
– I’m out. – [Chris Hanson] To bluff at it. – It’s just like clicking
buttons and (bleep). – You had me, donkey. – I might have. Everyone look at that. – Oh my god look at you guys. – I’m just like I don’t know can you like reenact? This is like any random ace and I gotta get them to fold. – Wow. – I got to get them to fold – 8800, thank you. – That thank you. That thank you was a nice touch. That’s what happened. You had the best hand anyway. – I know but you
sometimes you still got to do that like anything. You know what I mean? Heck you could just
have something. – I lost my clothes.
– Raise me higher please. – [Morrow] It’s really gangster
if you check call that. – [Cletus] Isn’t that, though? – [Morrow] Because he’s
going to probably bet I don’t doubt
– Always good at firing. – [Morrow] He probably
wasn’t going to check. – [Cletus] Whole pickle? Whole pickle? How much is that? I say one of the things
is he was watching like this kid doesn’t
know what he’s doing. He’s bluffing with
the best hand. Like that’s how
far off my read is. I’m like I got him drawing dead and I’m bluffing with
like a really good hand. That’s how bad a player I am. – [Male Poker Player]
You are pretty bad. You just get lucky. – Wait, how far off my read is. (group laughs) – [Chris Hanson] I heart Cletus. Please don’t change.
– How much? – [Chris Hanson] Don’t
ever change, Dan Wolf. Tilly with pocket aces
brings it up to 1700. – I bluffed when the flush hit – and I showed ’em.
– Strong bet. – I took it all in
and I showed them. – That’s why I didn’t know how he would take this one. – I have to respect that. I fold. – [Joe Stapleton]
Good fold from Gusak. – Jen, you want me to call? – [Chris Hanson]
Back to Alec Torelli. – [Cletus] No. – [Chris Hanson] Alec
Torelli does have a hand that can crack an over pair. – Going back in
to another round. – [Chris Hanson] But the
key to Alec Torelli’s game is that he’s actually
so good post flop that even if he
doesn’t crack the hand he can sometimes
get them to fold it. – The nut’s here and
I’m just jamming. – [Gusak] Yeah. – I’m just banging
right into it. – [Gusak] You know
I just never had a nut in here, ever. – But I got to give
you the full like. – [Gusak] Who are you? – [Cletus] Like, you know. – [Gusak] I just
never have the nuts. – [Cletus] You have
like random stupid stuff that you play like that so I just have to
get you off it. – [Chris Hanson] There’s
nothing on that flop that’s going to
scare Tilly away. She bets 2000 and Alec calls. – [Joe Stapleton]
Definitely got a call. There’s a club out
there and a pair. That card is not so
good for his hand. – [Gusak] This for protection. You know, for protection. – [Joe Stapleton]
Time is not a factor but Jenn is not to know that. Diamonds and a ten are Alec’s most likely holdings
when he calls the flop. – You start with a
pair and like three or flush or the straights. – [Joe Stapleton] And
that river card is like the seventh Chuckie movie. Not scary at all. – For protection. – [Gusak] Protection. Protection. Protection. – [Chris Hanson] 2500
bucks from Tilly. She’s made a pretty small
bet relative to this pot. But I don’t think
we’re going to see Alec call here ever. Jenn’s rarely going
to have total air here and that’s basically
all a pair of threes is beating. Wow, Alec does call. I don’t know what he put in on. King ace? – [Male Poker Player]
Nice hand, Jenn. Nice hand. – [Chris Hanson] Ace seven? Not beating a lot there. Of course if Alec
Torelli did it, it’s probably right. – Man, if Cletus
thought that was bad after the break the
young wizard tangles with his very own Voldermort. (bright music) – I don’t know what that is. I think I’m not afraid to
open my game up a little
bit more. I think the first time I
played I was a little bit
in awe of being there with all
these professionals. and I’m much more confident
now. (bright music) – [Joe Stapleton]
Poker Night in America brought to you by Kimo Sabe. This time it’s Gusak straddling. – [Chris Hanson] Back at
sevens with Keith Morrow on the button. – [Joe Stapleton] Good Morrow. Good Morrow. – [Male Poker Player]
They’re still at third with how many people though? – [Chris Hanson] Makes it 400. – [Male Poker
Player] Seventeenth? Wow, I’d be sick if I came in at seventeenth and
made two grand. – Loose call. – [Morrow] Loose call? – Loose call. – Like, how loose? Like nine seven? Or? – No I press three by that age. – [Morrow] Loose seven. The only hand I win with. – [Joe Stapleton] Set
of sevens for Morrow. Flush draw for Gusak. – Alright, 150. – [Joe Stapleton] Are we
going to get it all in on this flop? – [Chris Hanson] Nope. – [Joe Stapleton] Well, maybe. – Griff. – Call. – [Chris Hanson] Nope. – Griff. – [Chris Hanson] And
we go to the turn. Morrow now quads up. – [Joe Stapleton] Oh man. – [Morrow] Can you tell
me what you’re going to do before you bet? – [Chris Hanson] Gusak
has no idea how much he does not want to see a spade. – Call. – [Chris Hanson] A
rapid call from Morrow. Let’s go to the river. – [Joe Stapleton] Rapid
call but playing it slow. – [Morrow] Ohhhhh sick! – [Joe Stapleton] And a spade. – You’re so sick. 2875. – Call. – [Joe Stapleton]
That and a snap call. (Morrow cheers) – [Chris Hanson] And a
flush loses the minimum. – 2875? – Step I hate to
root against you but I need him to get
chips because I can’t get them from you but
him guaranteed. – Are you double straddling? Hello. – You missed my quads. – I missed your? Did you just have quads? – [Morrow] Two hands ago. – Is that why you got
the really big stack now? – I’m still down a lot. – [Male Poker Player]
Against me, yeah. – Alright. – I’m coming though. I got 45 minutes, 30
minutes to come in hot. So double flights on the bet. I’m on it. – 30 minutes? We have an hour left, right? How much time do we have left? – It’s 8:35. – [Male Poker Player]
An hour probably. – [Tilly] When do we stop? 9:15? – [Morrow] 9:30. – [Official] 9:15 to 9:30. – [Tilly] Alright. – [Morrow] When we
start getting better. – I got an hour check. – They’re pretty hard
core about when they stop. I mean, we can beg and plead and they’re like no. – [Chris Hanson] And now
Alec Torelli putting them in the vice and squeezing. – [Alec] Make it 2825, please. – You got that, yeah? – Brian, I’m here. – You didn’t win. – Did you pay me? – Yeah he paid me. – [Alec] Well, yeah. You paid him. – Oh I owe you 50
bucks for the flop. I never paid you. – [Chris Hanson] Morrow
and Tilly are both gone. – [Joe Stapleton] This
guy is crazy like a fox. For right now he needs
to fold like a Wolf. – [Chris Hanson] I just
don’t even know how you could consider
not folding here. – All in. (bleep) – Hey, no cussing. You’re on tv. – That’s what I was going to do. – Let me see. – [Joe Stapleton] Looks
like we’re going to see a fold from Gusak and
Torelli could look him up here considering he just
flatted the initial raise. – Is he 25 behind? – Wait gem. Is it silver? – [Alec] Yeah, did you not know? – I did not know. – I don’t know what to do. Like, the legal
ruling is that he has to shove in this spot? He didn’t know I
had these chips. – [Cletus] And then
I saw you like. – [Chris Hanson] All these
big chips were hidden and they really
should be in front or on top. So Alec Torelli had 10,000
in gray or silver chips that Dan Wolf didn’t see. That’s the scenario
here, Stapes. – [Joe Stapleton] Yeah
he thought he was shoving on a short stack and
even though he does have Torelli covered, it’s barely. – Okay, I don’t
know if it’s going to affect my decision. I haven’t really
thought that much about the hand. – Alright are you
going to play the hand? – I’m willing to do. Well, I don’t care.
– I’m going to call time. – So I’m playing all
in from this amount? – [Male Poker Player]
The whole pickle. – I don’t know if it’s going to affect my decision that much. Hold on. So the pot’s 6k? Now I actually have to think about the (bleep) hand. I just didn’t want
you to think I was like angling or whatever. – [Male Poker Player]
I had nine seven. Wow. I had biscuits. – [Official] Did he
announce something? – [Male Poker Player]
Yeah he had a pot. – Alright. Such a (bleep) weird hand. – Alright now. My hand’s not that good. – Yeah, that’s what I thought. – I’m not doing that
if I knew you had that extra 10. – This is a (bleep) crazy hand. I mean I feel bad. I don’t know if I lose or win. It is what it is. – Do you have a pair? – [Joe Stapleton]
Ace tens got a shot but it’s a small
one and no dice. Torelli wins everything. – Yeah. – [Cletus] That’s why
I didn’t know you had the extra 10 or I would have. – So there was a lot that played into that hand. I mean, he misread
my stack, right? So he thought I had 10k when in fact I had 20k. So this changes
dramatically the amount of hands that he’s
going to be shoving. And if you look at his reaction, when he realized that I had 20k, when I was counting out
my stack asking him, “Do you cover me?”, I just felt like his
reaction was so genuine. And I didn’t think he
was going to do that with aces or kings. So I just felt like
his hand was weak and I made a big call. – [Joe Stapleton] So
it looks like Cletus is now out of money and going to be leaving the table. I feel bad. Like I kind of
feel a little dirty here a little bit. Just a little. – [Chris Hanson] I feel
bad for the audience. They’re the ones who are
really going to lose here. – His big blind? 400. – [Joe Stapleton]
Griffin Abel, straddling. – 1600 please. – [Joe Stapleton] Ace king
off for Morrow makes it 400. – [Chris Hanson] Gusak with
aces raises it to 1600. – [Joe Stapleton] Ha ha ha. Probably just one
more train wreck to close things out
here on this episode of Poker Night in America. – All in. – Call. – [Tilly] Wow, what a call. – Aces. – This game is getting so easy. – [Joe Stapleton]
Fast escalation. Unbelievable. – Yeah, it’s like. – [Joe Stapleton] Cue the two
flush draw joke for Morrow. Wait, wait, wait. Ace king drawing nearly
dead on this flop and definitely dead on the turn. – [Chris Hanson] Yes,
well played, Gusak. Way to eloquently
play those aces. Boy, he couldn’t
have done better. – [Joe Stapleton]
Morrow versus Gusak. Morrow comes up
with the goose egg. Well, Cletus stuck
around for another hand after that big loss. So maybe you want
to stick around to see the chip counts right after this. – I think I’m not affraid to
open my game up a little bit more.
I think the first time I played I was a little bit in awe being
there with all these professionals. And they have been great to me,
they have treated me with a lot of respect, not like haha here
she is some kind of novice. And I’ve learned watching them
too. I’ve learned a lot watching
them, how they play, how they 3-bet and that’s been the
biggest lesson. (bright harmonica music) – [Narrator] Poker
Night in America is brought to you by
our trusted friend, Kimo Sabe mezcal. Why settle for tequila? Step up to Kimo Sabe. – You know they say
you should never count your money
when you’re sitting at the table. – They’ll be time
enough for counting when Poker Night is done. – And Poker Night is done so let’s take a
look at the count. Here’s the final
tally for day two and Daniel Wolf, that
last hand really was his undoing obviously, down 22,000. – [Joe Stapleton] Does
anyone have a few bucks that Daniel can borrow? Because right now his
kids are going hungry like the wolf. – Poor Cletus. Now sometimes you
are what you are when you come to
the table dressed like a wizard. – Yep. – Next episode, we
head to Sugar House in Philadelphia. It’s only five hour by car but significantly shorter to take a flying broom. – Mind if I drive? Road trip. Poker Night in America
can be found online at, find us on Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch for up
to date information, full episodes, and
unedited live streams. For Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson. Thanks for watching. – Danny, I got to hand it
to you on the outfit though. – Oh yeah. – No that is. – You know, it’s
just like I saw it. Like I had to do whatever
these people told me to. I had no choice in the matter. – I feel like you need one of those curvy things
– I got to hand it to you. – Like an axe or whatever. Like a dubious kind of axe. – I would if I could. – You’re like a combination of
– Oh man look at this! – Like Frodo together. – It is! It’s the robe. Let’s just start
out hot, fellas. – Come in hot. 500 snap in, baby. Look at this. Look at this. (bright horn music) – [Narrator] Poker
Night in America is brought to you by Kimo Sabe.

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