Poker Night In America | Season 3, Episode 9 | Maverick 2

– [Voiceover] From
the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, New Jersey, this is Poker Night in America. (nightclub music) – Welcome to Poker
Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson. We are back at Golden
Nugget in Atlantic City tonight observing and
recording poker players in a way that has never
before been attempted. With our highly
trained camera crew using special
low-light equipment, we are able to get in close to see the behavior
of these poker players in their natural environment. However, viewer
discretion is advised. With that being said,
let’s get down to the felt and watch the miracle of
poker players in the wild. Day two at Golden Nugget has the players buying
in from anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. Only one player
taking advantage of
the $20,000 buy-in. No surprise, that is Shaun Deeb
joining us here on day two. – Ladies and gentlemen,
Shaun Deeb. – And they wouldn’t
let me play yesterday. I was buying someone’s
seat, so sad. – You offered too little.
– You had no chance of getting in that game.
– You offered too little. – $500 for anyone is profit.
– $1000 would of done it. $700, someone
said is 1.7 under. – They never told him that. – The pro here. – Nice no-straddle
by the way, Tyler. – Is that a thing?
I didn’t know that was a thing. – You missed the
game yesterday, and you just sat here all
day, trying to get in? – I had a good dinner, drank
a little bit, drank a lot. – A little bit at a time.
– Yeah. – I was hoping you’d show
up an hour late today, when I was about to
leave, and then I’d say, hey, Shaun, if
you want my seat, you know, could’ve
made an easy $500. – I played Silverside
earlier today. I got a little headstart
to start the day. – Crushed em? I won a little bit. – What’s that, like $10,000? – Yeah, that’s a little bit
for the game we’re playing. – It’s all relative. – [Chris] Matt Glantz
and Steve McLoughlin will join Shaun Deeb
as we head to the flop. – Maybe you’ll get
even with this hand. – I’ll probably only be
up five after this hand. – The one seat, right? – No, it’s the nine seat. Tyler, 50 to the dealer.
– Oh, nice. – It was bad karma
for the mis straddle. I deserved it. – Good try getting it
on the Stout, though. – It was funny, you said
he was least likely to pay, and then I was thinking,
oh, we’re playing eight, so we go to second card. – Might as well get these
things to good use right away. – [Chris] McLoughlin
has a pair of aces. Glantz checks, hoping
to get a free river. And McLoughlin gives it to him. And things only get better
for McLoughlin on the river. – Nice hand, Matt. – The fact that you said might
as well put these chips to use
right away. That was the end of
another dollar going in. (laughter) – Tom, give him the speech. – He did a slow roll yesterday,
Hanks really was criticizing, he goes”It wasn’t even a
good slow roll.” – It was a great slow roll. – He says it wasn’t,
because you said you win, like it wasn’t even clever. – Everyone believed
that he won, so yes it was a perfect
slow roll. – He was accusing you
of not being clever. – He’s not the first, he
definitely won’t be the last. – Yesterday, he was giving me
(bleep) for not slow rolling at, we were playing the
$1/$2 NL, 100 cap. – Oh, that’s a [bleep]
show, isn’t it. – Poker Night in
America home game. – Slow rolling is
important in that game. – It does sound illegal not to slow roll in a game like that. – It was a legitimate
thought there. During lunch yesterday, I
was talking with Wendeen, and that really,
really bugs her. And she was at the table. – And then why
would you not do it? – No, because she– – Sounds like more
incentive to me. – There are certain
people in the world that deserve the respect. – No one at this table
is at that level. – No definitely not,
I agree with that. – If Shaun Deeb
doesn’t slow roll me, given the opportunity, I’ll
be highly disappointed in him. I’ll question our friendship
right down to the core. Been friends with
the kid for years, I’ll wonder about him if
he doesn’t slow roll me. – How many times has he slow
rolled you in your life? – Gotta be at
least four or five. – I’m up to 11 or
12 at this point. – We don’t play
enough cash together. Most of them are online. – I wish we did. – What’s the worst
that’s happened to
you after a slow roll? – Worst thing? – Nothing bad. Look at me. Who’d want to hit this face? – That’s what Hanks
did say yesterday. Shaun’s next, never got beat
up in a parking lot before. That’s why he was doing it. (laughter) – Just one time,
no more slough, turn it right over. Turn it over out of turn. (laughter) – You haven’t even called
yet and I show my hand. – You wouldn’t do it to
somebody you didn’t know. – No, do you realize the
first time I did it was Heads Up for the online $1k,
into a complete random. – That was pretty fun. – That’s online, it’s
not the same experience. – He slow rolled a guy in
the Borgata the other day and one guy, not even the guy he slow
rolled, another guy, had a fit. – He wanted to quit the game. – That’s a good reason why you
shouldn’t, in those scenarios. – You gotta gauge the
situation. Wow. That was a good hand. (laughter)
– Nice hand. – I knew that. (laughter) – I knew that. I knew the ace. Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by Where the world plays online. – Thanks for coming back
to Poker Night in America. Tonight, in Atlantic City, New
Jersey, at the Golden Nugget. – Straddle. – FIne, here you go
Matt, one time, Shaun. – Appreciate it. – Just one time? – No I’ll probably do it again,
but you talked me into it. – The king of peer pressure. – I feel bad doing to Dan
Shak, just my buttons, so anyone else, I don’t mind. – [Chris] Poker Night
in America is brought to you by 888Poker, where the
world plays online. – Richard might have
folded the best hand. – You had 10 high? – [Chris] Kings,
for Matt Glantz. – You’re gonna re-raise
them every time? – You’ve got two like opens. – [Chris] And
raises to $1,050. – Do you guys want
to trade chairs? – Matt definitely
does not want to. (luagher) – You don’t like being
this close to me?
– It’s great. – Let’s squeeze him in. – Redefine squeeze. – Uh oh, I’m
getting slow rolled. I already read it. – You’re slow rolling,
you have kings? – I wanted to slow roll,
but you announced it. – You called, you gotta
put it in. – He called.
– I called. – He put the quarters in. – That’s a call. – This is how the internet kids
do it these days. – We’re not gonna do any angles
on TV. – I know he has kings. – How many hours is it gonna
be before he turns a 9 over? – You love how
I call your hand every time we have
aces and kings? – You didn’t call it
till I turned it over. – I said kings way before. – Ace ball. – Oh, my god. (laughter) – That seems fair
and reasonable. – Nice snort, by the way, Joe. Everyone didn’t
hear it but I did. Dealer, get this garbage
hand in the muck. – [Chris] And Matt
Glantz isn’t even upset. He’s like, that’s what happens
when you play Shaun Deeb. That’s going to happen to you. Matt Glantz going to
re-buy-in for another $5000. The biggest buy-in of
the night was Shaun Deeb, and he is running it up here
on Poker Night in America. – It must have something
to do with epic or something. We were here for
dinner for something. It was really good. – I came here one time with… We had the charthouse, I think, really close to the first day it was open. It was good. – [Chris] Richard Roeper
involved in this hand, with pocket 9s, he limps in. Malkin calls. No more calling. Glantz raising to $300. Hanna will call, and
Roeper will call. Well a spot here now
for Joe Malkin, he’s got suited 8-10. – He loves to look at you. – The stare. – It’s the chest hair
you got going on tonight, it’s very distracting.
– He’s got the Hollywood going. (laughter) – It’s the mic
that bends it over. – [Chris] Malkin hits his
10, but so did Matt Glantz. And Glantz has him out-kicked. Pre-flop raiser will bet $700. – (whispering) Go
all in. Go all in – Do what Shaun would do.
(laughter) – Ace, 5. Shove. – I’m not influencing action,
that would be illegal. – [Chris] Both
Roeper and Malkin call. – You wouldn’t
influence action? – Just a couple
mandatory straddles. – Ask him if he flopped a set
in a 3-way pot. (laughter) – [Chris] Roeper
and Malkin both check. – $2900. – [Chris] All in for
$2900 for Matt Glantz, Malkin did pick up
a straight draw. – I hope he’s slow rolling you. You would be slow rolling
if you had a straight flush. – I have faith in him. – Shaun, look at his hand. – I almost leaned
in, but you know. That’d be a little mean. – Show the bluff. Show the jack of
hearts, come on. Two kings they gave you. Is this the ace of hearts? – How can I show this. – Oh, black 10, come on.
(laughter) – We’ve got more from
the Golden Nugget here in Atlantic
city, and later on, it’s Poker Night at the Movies. – [Voiceover] Draft Kings. The official fantasy sports
site of Poker Night in America. – All right, boys, I gotta run. You’re all too (bleep) good so
I’m not changing my flight. (laughter) – [Chris] Richard
Roeper is going to leave us to hit the airport, and taking
his spot in the three seat, sorry, Richard, it’s getting
a little better looking, Ebony Kenney is going
to sit down and join us. She is sitting down
with $5000 in cash. – I knew he was trying to
re-slow roll me, that’s why I
got him– – He wasn’t trying to get
the most amount of money. He was trying to
counter your slow roll. – If someone will text him
after the game, how’d you do, he’s gonna be like, “Good, I
got about four slow rolls.” (Laughter) “How much did you win
or lose?” Who cares? – [Chris] Poker Night
in America is brought to you by 888Poker, where
the world plays online. – Another ace is so
much better than a 10 or a 9. It’s still better
than a straight. – He didn’t even consider that,
Matt’s like. He’s like, best you
can get is a 10. No way that card is
better than a 10. – Top pair is pretty good. – There’s only two
cards, better or three. – [Chris] Shaun
Deeb folds king six, obviously tightening up. – Matt’s tilted. – I am tilted. I lost $200 pre, $200 after
the flop to Steven. – But your ego took a big hit. – What do you mean, I was
suspecting you might be slow
rolling. (crosstalk) I didn’t want to
waste anymore time, so I just turned
it over, but… We can’t waste too
much time doing it. – You knew he had you? – I thought there was a chance,
I didn’t know. I mean there’s defenitly
a chance. – He would have bet a
lot of money on the flop and turn if he thought
he was ahead. – [Chris] Glantz
flops a set of 9’s, but McLoughin is open-ended
for this straight. Call from Glantz. A 3 of hearts, which,
with that board, there’s really nothing Matt
Glantz is scared of now. Unless maybe he’s
scared he might lose the fish at
the end of his line. – Is that one of
Matt’s gray hairs? – You see that right? (laughter) No one wants that in the pot. – Sorry guys, it’s my hair
obviously. – They’re really gonna
have to wash the cards now. – [Chris] And the draw
is worth it for McLoughlin. The board pairs on the river,
Glantz has a full house, McLoughlin checks.
– All in. – I fold. – I have never seen
such an intense stare as Joe is giving
you all the time. – [Dan] Jack,
queen in the muck. – [Chris]Yeah, that had
all the makings of Steve McLoughlin
being on a draw. – Shaun’s always looking for a
reason and time to get it in. – He got it in with
me on another show. For $13,000 each. – What did he have? – He had a big
hand, ace / queen. – What’d you have? – I had a slightly
bigger hand, ace / king. – Slightly bigger.
(laugh) – It held up.
I actually won. Hellmuth’s like, how bad are you
to get in $13,000 with ace king? As he’s watching the hand
sitting next to me, Shaun turns over ace / queen. – He’s ridiculous
with that [bleep]. – He was dead serious, too. – When I miss with ace /
queen, I only lose a couple. – That’s where the
whole speech came from. Cause like he said he
folded versus aces with all of us for
ike an orbit. Like all his ace /
queen hands went down. – $400. – You add a quarter,
just to spite me. – It’s coming in anyway.
– $425 – This is personal over here. – Dan doesn’t mind. (laughter) – You are the godfather
to my child, come on. – He is one cute kid. – Who’s the godfather? – [Steven] Me.
– Oh, really? – He was one of the
few at the wedding. – This is very personal,
I’m telling you. – He’ll needle me if he bluffs
me for the next seven years. So I will not allow
myself to be bluffed. – But it’s okay, you’ve been
needling me for years as it is. – [Chris] Empty flop for
these players, nothin’ doin’. We’ve got two checks
and now the third, so we’ll see a turn. The 9 hits both
Deeb and McLoughlin. $725 from Deeb, over
to the godfather. – This is the reason
why I wear a scarf. – To hang yourself? – [Chris] And we’ve featured
Steven McLoughlin before, and his love of scarves,
on Poker Night in America. – I really like
the nice jacket, scarf, and donut t-shirt combo. – [Steve] Show me your o-face. (laugher)
– Oh my god. – I thought it was more
innocent than that. – It’s really, it’s my favorite
donut shop. (lughter) – It seemed like a cute cartoon
t-shirt, now it’s ruined. – Now you’ll go
watch those cartoons, and all the sexual references
done by the animators. (crosstalk) – It makes you frustrated more. – It’s hard to
pull the trigger. – [Chris] Ace on the river, so McLoughlin went from, whoa, I’m gonna have to
call this down to, “Hey, I think I might
be in the lead!” Deeb checks. – Call. – Show me your o-face now. (laughter) – [Chris] Day two here at
Golden Nugget, Atlantic City, will continue next time. Not a bad day at the table
for Steve McLoughlin. The biggest problem he
has is having Shaun Deeb immediately to his right
and Deeb who was up at one point, now finds
himself down $2600. When we come back on
Poker Night in America, it’s Poker Night at the Movies. – I think it’s a
royal in spades. Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by Where the world plays online. – Ever since we saw
Shaun Deeb execute the slow roll heard
’round the world on Mike Matusow, we
have been obsessed with the infamous move. In tonight’s Poker
Scene Review, our panel of experts
tackles the movie with the most epic slow
roll ever captured on film. The 1994 Mel Gibson
western, Maverick. This is Poker Night
at the Movies. – I have two small pair. Eights, and eights. – You have the classic
poker movie structure. James Coburn, the
veteran actor there, when he turns over
his four 8’s, and of course he’s doing it
in a bad fashion. “Two small pair,
eights and eights.” At that point, you know
that’s the worst hand. There’s never been
a poker movie where the other guy goes, “Oh,
man, that’s good, good hand.” “Nice playing with you.” So you kinda see it coming. But all that back and forth with Alfred Molina
and Mel Gibson, to me, is cartoon level. I’m not a huge
fan of this scene. – I actually grew up on the
original Maverick TV series, with Jim Garner when
he was a young man, on which this movie was based. And Jim was one of my dearest,
nearest and absolutely truly dearest
friends in the world. He was a great, great
influence on my life. And it’s supposed
to be fun and silly. It’s self-referential
in a sense. – Kinda like spaghetti
western was supposed to be kind of a good feeling. – Exactly.
– It’s very indulgent. Here’s what’s great for me, is that he has a two-outer. But the audience
doesn’t know that. They think he only
needs an ace of spades. Like, the ace is the only
thing that’s gonna win. But this guy only has, what,
a 7-high straight flush? So he could get a 9 of
spades and still win. – Would it have been as
effective, by the way, if it was a 9?
– Definitely not. – Nobody would of figured
that out. – Nobody would
have realized that. That’s what’s so
great about it is, that it has to be the nuts, it has to be the
best hand possible. – It’s like a hole-in-one,
even if you’re a great golfer, you might have a whole career– – Eight royals in my life. – Because it is kinda, to the
movie-watching general public, it is kinda that holy grail, like, oh that
must happen a lot. James, what do you think? – It’s so hard because
I know all these people. – You think they’re watching
Poker Night in America? – Honestly, this
movie for me is– I think it’s a royal in spades.
– Really? – No, it is not! Okay, it’s a pair of deuces that manage to win
against ace high. – I like that. What Jimmy says is true. – As a poker movie, it’s a dud. As an entertainment,
it’s a lot of fun. – It was a lark,
anytime you have a movie where they take the original
character from the TV series and you’ve got another role, the whole thing is a
wink at the camera. That being said, yeah, it
really is a 3 / 4 off suit, and you had an open on the
straight draw you never got. – And Ebony, how would
you rate Maverick? – I mean, if we’re playing
deuces seven, it’s like the nut low like it’s so bad,
it’s so bad. – Well, there we go, it
is the review tonight of Maverick with our
panel here on Poker Night. – For more from Poker
Night, visit, or find us on Facebook,
Twitter, or YouTube where you can see
complete episodes, and unedited livestreams. Also, be sure to check
out our online store for Poker Night shirts,
hats, hoodies, and more. For everyone here at
Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson. Poker Night in America
is brought to you by 888Poker, where the
world plays online. And by Draft Kings. – What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you
after a slow roll? – Worst thing? – Slow roll me, I’ll punch
you in the [bleep] mouth. You think I’m jokin’? I’m not. – Look at me. Who’d want to hit this face?

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  1. Slow rolls are NOT cool…if you have the winning cards just show them and take the chips..u deserve to get bad beated or felted repeatedly if you find that much joy in slowrolling like Deeb..and btw how is it even possible slowroll someone online?

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