Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 16 | Phil vs Phil

– [Voiceover] From Seminole
Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida this is Poker Night in America. (exciting music) – Welcome back to
Poker Night in America. I’m Chris Hanson, he’s Joe Stapleton and we’re wrappin up day two
here at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. – Comin’ up on today’s show, the two Phils tango. – I gotta get lucky boys. – [Stapleton] See who ends
up with a rose in his mouth. – Phil I have good
news and bad news, which do you want first? (laughing) – [Stapleton] Blake Bohn is
bad to the Bohn. And Ester Taylor-Brady shows up to satisfy the networks bizarre
hyphenated name requirement. – [Hanson] We continue day two
here at Seminole Hard Rock. Brand-new player sitting
down, Abbey Daniels. Brand-new as in she’s not
been at the game today. It’s not like her
first day playing. – [Stapleton] Yeah she’s not
brand-new to the planet Earth. She’s a little bit older. – [Hanson] Blinds here are 25
and 50 in this no-limit cash game. We’re also playing with a $200
ante on the button. – Glantz, would you
believe this that Beckley raised and
forgot he had a hand and walked away on the flop. Just forgot he had a hand! He walked away! – [Dawley] I am losing to this
kid. How is that real? – [Taylor-Brady] We call him
back. We’re like are you out? He’s like what? – Here, Beckley. I just want you to know
there’s a hand, okay? This is your hand. – You can fold it.
– Okay. – [Dawley] He obviously
doesn’t realize it. – I saw that one.
– Ok, good. – It’s awesome. – [Beckley] Am I winning? Yeah. – Course he is. Is that a real question? Is that
a real question? – [Hellmuth] I miss you, man. I
miss you at the table. – [McKeehen] I think he played
this one well. – [Beckley] Yeah, thanks.
– [McKeehen] No problem. – [Hanson] Phil Laak coming in. He’s got the goggles on. – [Stapleton] I didn’t even know
if Phil was playing in this game or is just experiencing
an Oculus Rift. – [Stapleton] Abbey Daniels
gettin’ a good price. She’s in. Phil Laak flops a flush
and leads with it. I like it, there’s
lots a draws out there. (talking over each other) – I know.
– [Taylor-Brady] What are you
doing? What are you doing? – What is she doing? She’s eating baby food. I’m calling and she’s
eating baby food. – Um, why are you eating that? – [Hanson] Here comes a turn. – [Taylor-Brady] Your thing?
Your thing you’re doing? – [McKeehen] Did you just go? – [Hanson] Phil Laak
2550 with his bet. – [Stapleton] I mean that’s
bigger than pot-sized bet. – Just an elimination diet. To figure out what
foods really bother me. – [Stapleton] I actually think
this might be kind of an easy fold. Yeah Bohn’s up and down
but, Phil’s given him
a terrible price and he could be and
is drawing dead. – …Autoimmune disease or
whatever, so like I was hoping that
would help a lot more. It has helped some but not, I’m still really tired a lot. – 25, 50? – You can have as much, so like every, every meal you have a serving
of protein like this, you know? – [Stapleton] Wow, he really
wants to unfold down. Except that he can’t. (players talking
amongst themselves) – [Stapleton] And he missed. – [Hanson] That should be the
end for Blake Bohn. – [Stapleton] But it ain’t
the end for Phil Laak. He’s a milkin’ machine an’ he ain’t gonna stop
’til he gets 50 gallons! – [Dawley] That’s what was, your
look was priceless. Because you thought it
was like a non-event hand. Literally you thought it
was like king-four off. – I hope that didn’t
give anything off, but he’s also an
idiot for leaving, so. – Yeah. – True. – [Hanson] Another huge
overbet of the pot. 10,650 is this bet. – Ten what? Ten-six? – [Stapleton] Phil’s really
taken away Blake’s ability to re-bluff here. No draws hit. It’s tough for him to rep
anything other than a boat or a bigger flop flush. Time to make like the Epic
Poker League and fold. – [Hanson] And Blake says no
more and Phil Laak, see, you just play ten-seven of
spades. That’s it. You just win. No big deal. What are you waitin’ for all
these big hands for? Just play ten-seven of spades and win. – [Stapleton] The goggles, they
do nothing! – [McKeehen] Well, that was
one of Phil’s cards. – [Hanson] Coming up next on
Poker Night in America, Blake Bohn loses his mind. And maybe his chips. – [Stapleton] Stick around, more
Poker Night in America after this. – [Hanson] For more
from Poker Night, visit
or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Where you can see
complete episodes and unedited live streams. – Did we do our tip pot yet? – No next one I guess. – This one? – Yeah this one. – [Stapleton] We’ll do the
commentator tip pot now. – [Hanson] Yeah, how come
there isn’t one of those? Like every third one, we get a little
something kicked up here. – [Stapleton] No idea. – I just had some
mashed potatoes and
meatloaf and a beer, I’m a little, I mean I
had a third of the beer, but that’s enough
to set me back. – [Daniels] Yeah but you won a
big pot while you were sleepin’. – [Stapleton] Blake Bohn raising
king-seven off. He might wanna reign
it in a little. – You weren’t
really asleep, right? – Went 250, 255 and a quarter. (talking over each other) – You were really asleep or no? (laughter) – I had a third
of a beer though. Okay I had 20 percent of a beer. – [Hanson] Josh
Beckley makes it 2,050. Ah, Blake is not taking
your advice Joe. – [Stapleton] Yeah what’s
goin’ on over there? Maybe we should call
him Blake Bono because he still hasn’t
found what he’s lookin’ for. nd he got called by the one hand that hasn’t dominated. Not really sure
what his plan is. – [Bohn] Yeah where did he go? – [Dawley] I don’t know, I
literally just realized he was gone. He left actually before… – [Stapleton] Beckley continues. (talking over each other) – Alright, well either you got
me, or I got you, right? One of the two? – [Hanson] Blake, I don’t
know if you have anybody at this point. – [Stapleton] Well he’s
floating hopefully with the intent of takin’
it away on the turn. Not really sure what
Beckley does here. – How much are you playing? – [Stapleton] I think that
queen is gonna connect a lot with Bohn’s range. We know Beckley’s ahead,
but in his mind, he probably thinks he has to
bluff at this again. So I expect we’re
gonna see a bet. – [Hanson] 5050 is
the bet here, 5,050. – [Stapleton] ‘Course it’s
entirely possible Beckley knows Bohn
is full of more beans than a taco salad. But if Blake Bohn manages
to win this pot somehow, I will eat my hat, and
I will have you know that my hat is made of
a delicious taco salad full of those very same beans. – [Hanson] I didn’t
wanna say anything. – [Stapleton] Aw, now I don’t
get to eat my delicious salad hat. – [Hanson] Sorry, you’re
just gonna have to continue to wear it. You got sour cream
on your shoulder. Big win for Josh Beckley. – [Beckley] Hashtag disgusting. – [Stapleton] Yep, drink up
buddy boy. (speaking over each other) – You can ante for me every
time then, sound good? How bout we just make
Phil ante every hand? Every time he’s not here. – [Bohn] You guys remember when
we were nine-handed? – [McKeehen] Well hey, he’s
famous. – [Torelli] Eight-handed poker
is so much better though. (speaking over each other) – We’re gonna argue that you’re
correct unless Phil is. – [Stapleton] You do not
disrespect the Great One while he’s not here. You do it like
everyone else does, to his face. – If you wanna go
do more commentary. – [Hanson] Blake
Bohn’s got six-eight and he continues to
play hands that are, ehh. – [Stapleton] I think that’s
putting it very kindly. (talking over each other) – [McKeehen] I only three-bet
you ’cause it’s like, you open when I have it. – If you’re in here, I might have it. Let’s see. – [Bohn] If you call it’d be
really… Oh, you just called? – [McKeehen] Me? Oh. I’m outta there. You’re folding. You’re
outta position. – Well I like to call though. – I was gonna say,
if he called that I was gonna call but I mean, I kinda have to call. (speaking over each other) – [Stapleton] Beckley getting a
great price pre-flop. Well that’s all the fours out. – [Hanson] Torelli flops a boat. Beckley also hits a four. – [Stapleton] I mean, flop trips
and you have one percent equity. (speaking over each other)
Wonderful. – [McKeehen] Mike was sitting in
your seat before and he paid it, like, four times. – [Stapleton] And yet it’s
Blake Bohn who’s betting. Or Bohn, whichever you prefer. Its gonna be harder
for him to win this pot than for Jessica to
get the rest a that baby food outta the
jar with a fork. – I paid it once this session. I’m, like all us
are prolly supposed like pay it twice by now. At least by the end. – Phil fading this, honestly I don’t think
there’s a five in the deck. I swear. – [Stapleton] Torelli and
Beckley both smooth call. – Epic fades with Phil. E-Tay, you have a spoon? – Yeah lemme grab it. – Lemme look in my purse. – You could’ve at
least gave me the, let me check. – I was pretty convincing. – If you don’t
have a spoon then… – [Taylor-Brady] Does a
chopstick work? – Well obviously you
have chopsticks. – You just have them always. – [Stapleton] And you all wonder
why they can’t find anything in their purses. ‘Cause
they’re full of chopsticks! – They double as so many things. – [Hanson] I don’t
think that would help in this situation. I think you’re
better off sticking, I’d use the other
end of the fork. That’s the boy scout way. – [Stapleton] It’s more
spoonlike. Torelli smooth calling again. – That’s right, you can stab
someone. With their eyes. – Don’t give people ideas. – [Hanson] I’ll name something
you can’t do with chopsticks. Eat baby food out of a jar! – [Stapleton] Ding. – [Hanson] I mean you could
but it’d just be really slow. Excuse me I’ve been
handed a secret message. – [Stapleton] Only Phil can read
it because of his goggles. – [Hanson] It’s written
in a different ink. – [Stapleton] He’s needed
on the mother ship. Josh Beckley by the way, stands to lose a significant
amount of money in this hand. This is a pretty icy cold deck. – [Hanson] In the meantime
I’m more interested in what’s written on that note that Phil Laak is looking at and Jessica opened
another jar of baby food! – [Stapleton] Wow Beckley folds. Josh knows only one
of these two jokers can have a four,
he is suspicious. Nice fold. I actually feel like Blake’s
bet kinda just cost Alec money. ‘Cause without him in this pot, Josh loses a lot
more to Torelli. – [Hanson] River is a five and
I don’t know how much money Blake is gonna bet here, but I just have a feeling
something’s gonna be bet. There is no check
in this man’s game. – [Stapleton] Goonies never say
die and neither does Blake Bohn. – 6100. – [Hanson] Oh my. The sound you can’t hear
right now but should is Alec Torelli tap dancing. – [Stapleton] Yeah see that face
he’s making right there, that’s a poker player
equivalent of doing cartwheels and fist pumping
himself into oblivion. – All in. – [Stapleton] What does Blake
Bohn do for a living, and don’t say play poker
because I’m the funny guy here. He is tilting harder than a
pinball machine on the Titanic. – [Hanson] Blake
has realized that although it wasn’t for trying, he is gonna have
to fold, obvious. Everyone knows that
you have nothing. You played it valiantly. That’s fine, I don’t
have a problem with that. Just trying to win hands. – [Stapleton] He’s a real good
trier. Good night you princes of Poker. You kings of South Florida. Coming up after the break,
it’s two Phils one pot. – Phil, I have good news and bad
news. Which do you want first? (laughter) – No tacos tonight, I just realized. Sometimes I just
can’t help myself and I have to go skiing during the day time. I don’t know its weird. – [Hanson] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America. In South Florida. Beaches, palm trees, poker at Seminole Hard Rock with Joe Stapleton
and Chris Hansen. Say hello Joe. – [Stapleton] Gators, malt
liquor, trailer parks, they’ve really got it all here. – [Hanson] Phil Hellmuth finally
back at the table. Did he grow like six
inches while he was gone? – [Stapleton] He does look
bigger. – This hand has just not
played well for me today. – 300! – [Bohn] Must be ace-ten. – Ace-ten is a good guess. – Right? It’s strong, right? – Really good guess, I have
not won with ace-ten today. I’ve had it a bunch of times. – Pretty good read. – Pretty good run if you’ve
had ace-ten a bunch today. – Folded a couple pre-flop. – [Hanson] Welcome back to the
Blake Bohn car crash. – [Hanson] Today has not
been his best of days. – [Stapleton] He was
running so good, too. And it all just fell apart. – [Stapleton] He’s finally
folded, good for him. – [Bohn] I’ve even seen him
fold a pre-flop once. – [Stapleton] Guarantee Phil
Laak calls with any two cards. Love him! – [Hanson] They just get it all
in. – Two boards or one board? – One’s good. – One board. – You had me beat. – Oh, I do have you beat? – It took me like two seconds
to call my whole stack with ace-ten off suit. – Alright, one board. I gotta get lucky boys! (laughing) – Okay wa, wait, Phil
I just wanna say this. Phil I wanna pre-shake
hands ’cause I’m leaving if I lose this pot. I wanna pre-shake your hand. I’m gonna pre-shake cause I
just wanna in on one more time. (speaking over each other) – [McKeehen] Alright! Alright!
There’s some outs there! – Give him a jack on the river. – No that would be bad. – Oh that could
be it, king-jack. – Phil I have good
news and bad news, which do you want first? (laughing) – I had it on the flop but you hit running king-king? – No you win the pot, you
win the pot no problem. – What’s the bad news though. – The bad news is
now you have to stay and lose it to me
in another pot. (laughing) – Phil’s got some
tripping chips now. – Now we’re playin
the game at least. – Now we’re back in it. – [Hanson] Now we’re playin’
poker. Once Phil doubles up. Then we can start playin poker. – Alright, what am I
gonna do with this hand? – I’m up stuck, 2975, y’all saw how much it was. – Am I gonna limp? – Limp, yeah you should limp. I already looked
so you should limp. – I feel like I’m
supposed to go three, – Keep goin three, I’m
gonna make it 6k next time. I doubled you up just
so I have something to get after. – Alright, I’m not even
gonna bother with you kids. I’m scared. – [Hanson] Well Blake
Bohn is raising finally with some primo cards. – You know, he’ll prolly
still end up folding pre-flop but it’s still fun, right? – So depressing I
have to fold this. – Okay, you weren’t invited. You. – I gotta play. – You don’t have to. – He doesn’t wanna be up
stuck as much as he is. – I just lost 2,900. – [Hanson] Now is
there anybody else who would like to call the raise because he is
getting zero respect. – [Stapleton] That’s cause he
has yet to show down a winner. I am really pulling
for him here. But it’s not lookin’ good. – Check. – Check. – Why is everybody so quiet? – Tryin to hear your heart beat. – It’s beatin’ fast. Don’t worry. – The two of us that
folded are pretty upset. – [Stapleton] That’s a big bet. Somehow he knows he doesn’t
wanna see a diamond. Or an ace or a king or a queen. Or another nine. – [Hanson] So the 2,075 bet is getting rid of
some of the clutter. – [Stapleton] Of course, Alec
Torelli absolutely cannot
leave this pot. – I’m all in. Pretty pile eh? – [Hanson] Weee! All the
chips are in the middle! – I called so I’m, you want once? – Yep. – Okay let’s go once. – [Stapleton] I think Bohn
played this one perfectly. Oh man, Alec Torelli is so good. Makes the flush twice. – Yeah I just, pots
too big to fold. – Understand. For sure, for sure, thank you. – Yep, good game. Unlucky. – Take care. – Alright, appreciate it. – [Stapleton] I mean he has
like jack-ten of diamonds a lot too though on the flop. – My hands are great. I’m pretty happy to
get it in against. – Over pair to me,
my hearts racing. He gave the speech as
if he had the over pair. – [Torelli] Yeah sometimes he
does. It’s hard to have
an over pair though. – There’s a rule you’re not
allowed to have that much money. You have to distribute it
evenly around the table. – Yeah you have to pay the
blinds for at least one round. I’ve had plenty a days
where it’s the opposite. Nobody paid me blinds. – [Hanson] Phil Laak raises
to 400 with jack three. It’s not a premium hand so you’re hoping to get Laaky? – [Stapleton] I don’t think he’s
hopin to get lucky at all. I think that he’s
plannin on barrelin this all the live long day and bluffin off these two ladies. Or that!
– [Hanson] Come on! – [Statpleton] Just what kinda
HUD is inside that ski mask? – [Hanson] Wasn’t it just
about eight minutes ago, he got a letter? That was delivered
to him by somebody? – [Stapleton] Raise the
jack-three. – [Hanson] I’m sorry but
I don’t buy any a this. – So now the great, now
that that’s run out, I mean obviously the
diamond straight. – [Hanson] Luckily for
Daniels and Taylor-Brady neither one of them
are catching anything. – [Stapleton] Phil’s
not gonna let this check around a second time. Time to start buildin’ a pot! Just the way his
alien overlords built those pyramids
thousands a years ago. – [Hanson] Exactly! And put all
those rocks in that formation. – He was bluffin so, I was gonna raise him actually. – On the flop I’m like, really really
happy with my hand. He might have like
eight seven a diamonds and he’s just drawing
really something. (speaking over each other) – [Stapleton] Abbey Daniels
could station here. Sixes are gonna be the best
hand a fair amount a the time. – [Hanson] Oh, Daniels
folds over to E-Tay. She’s just pops it up. – [Stapleton] Uh, the
important thing is that if you’re gonna wait a
long time to play a hand make sure you bet
into the near nuts when you’re drawing dead. Good fold by the
way Abbey Daniels. Way to get outta the way. (speaking over each other) – I almost called the river but, cause I know you folded a four but I just knew he
didn’t have me beat so I showed. I should never raised
the river though. – I thought there was like a two percent chance
that he had kings. – [Stapleton] Uh oh. Laak wastes no time
making the call. Showing the jack tre. I mean the good news is at least she didn’t get sucked down on. I mean a pair a deuces
had her beat so. – [Hanson] Absolutely
nothing for E-Tay but firing at that river. And now Phil Laak is
the hottest player at the table. When we come back we’ll find out the winners
and losers for tonight here at Hard Rock. – [Stapleton] Oh I can’t wait! – [Voiceover] Closed
captioning is brought to you as a public service by
Poker Night in America. – Welcome back to
Poker Night in America. Alright, here’s what
you’ve been waiting for. The winners and losers. As we wrap up day number two, Alec Torelli, Phil Laak
are two big winners. Both of them over
20 thousand dollars. And as for the
losing side of it. Blake Bohn, ay ay ay ay. – Blake Bohn, more
like Blake gone. Comin up next week, it’s more Phil Laak, only this time
he’s brought his GF Jennifer Tilly. – Plus Matt Blanch, David
Baker and Jennifer Harmon. Not a bad line up. We’ve got more Poker
Night in America online at or connect with us
on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch for up
to the date information, full episodes and
un-edited live streams. For Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson, see ya next time on
Poker Night in America. (laughing) – That was one of Phil’s cards. (laughing) – Phil has no idea that the
ten of spades flipped over by the way. – Phil is drunk. (laughing)

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  1. Blake bohn donated, phil hellmuth just doesn't give a fuck, Esther should have folded but decided to donate, Jessica needs to shut her sexy ass up during big pots, Alec torrelli is a poker genius.

  2. eating baby food?, so you couldnt wait until after the show to eat that? trying to be a hipster douche for all to see. thats really cringe worthy

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  4. When they were talking about the guy who left the table and forgot he had a hand. It reminded me of a time I was playing 1/2 no limit and a guy called a bet on the flop when he didn't have a hand. Everyone looked at him like WTF. When he realized his mistake he said that the flop hit his previous hand. Needless to say he had put down a few drinks.

  5. How bad is Esther Taylor-Brady's shove into Phil Laak? She does know how tight he is right (pre-flop 3-bet notwithstanding)? What does she think he called her turn raise with? There were very few draws. Her value range on the turn was JJ, 33, J3 (unlikely open), 55 and 53s). Not many hands. If she's bluffing with COMPLETE air here, she has way too many bluffs. Seems very spewy.

  6. Etay is the most unbalanced player ever on this show……….she has way more bluffs than value bets, and her value bets are typically half potish, and the bluffs over the pot

  7. Attention whore Jessica Dawley eating baby food is the most tilting thing I've ever seen on a poker stream, maybe even more annoying than Joe Stapletons dry jokes..🤔

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