Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 26 | Face Up With Phil Hellmuth: Part 2

– [Chris] From Choctaw
Resort, in Durant, Oklahoma, this is Poker Night in America! (jazzy swing music) Welcome to Poker
Night in America, at Choctaw Resort,
in Durant, Oklahoma! I’m Chris Hanson! Say hello to my little
friend, Joe Stapleton! – Coming up on today’s show,
a whole lot of awkwardness! And, to kick things off,
we’d thought we’d just sit here awkwardly,
until we run out of time! – [Chris] We continue
day three at Choctaw, a couple of new
players sitting down! They were old players
from previous days! It’ll make sense in a moment! Alec Torelli and Phil
Hellmuth are gonna sit down. – [Joe] The usual
gang of idiots, plus Roger Sippl
and Dany George. – [Chris] You’re
just getting started with Poker Night in America. The blinds are 25
and 50 per the usge, with a 100 dollar optional
straddle under the gun. – You don’t bring
the machine with you? – [Alec] Oh, it’s that hard to
sleep, if you don’t have it? – You do?
– [Phil] Yeah. But the thing is, like, 18
percent of the population has sleep apnea. – Wow, that’s extremely high. I had no idea.
– [Phil] Right. And if you snore,
you have sleep apnea. – [Gavin] Oh, I snore. – [Dany] Well, you
definitely have it. – [Phil] You definitely have it. – [Dany] The way you drink?
(Roger chuckles) – It’ll add years to your
life, if you get the machine. If you want years to your life. – [Gavin] Of course, I
want years to my life. I don’t know if I want
the machine, though. – [Phil] You get used to it. – [Alec] I’m assuming you
sleep normally with it. So, it can’t be that bad. – [Gavin] I just
sleep when I’m tired. And then, when I’m not
tired anymore, I get up. – [Chris] Flush
draw for Brunson. – [Phil] So, I bet you sleep
a lot for 12 hour shifts? – [Chris] Open-ended straight
drop for Roger Sippl. (players conversing casually) Oh, that’s really brutal. – [Phil] Without the
sleep apnea machine. – [Alec] No, but you
sleep 12 hours with it? – [Phil] I was just
trying to figure out how many bracelets it’d cost
me a lifetime, to sleep apnea. – [Alec] That is
something you would do. – [Phil] Because, so exhausted in the late 90s and early 2000s, that it was just so hard
to play all the time. Yeah, I had to figure it out.
(Alec laughs) And we’re all given gifts! We all have pluses
and weaknesses, right? So, I have a lot of gifts.
– [Alec] Yeah. – That one was
definitely a weakness. – What was the number
you came up with? – I think I’d have
five more bracelets. – Wow! – All the tournaments I’ve
blown, ’cause I was tired, including the $111K
One Drop this summer. – [Alec] Yeah, I mean,
if you sleep four hours– – [Gavin] But, then,
you can’t count. You can’t count that, because
you have the machine now. And then, you would have that… So, now, you would
only have four more. Eighteen’s your number. – [Phil] I’m still struggling
with the sleep stuff, so… (Gavin chuckles)
But, you’re right. It’s much better
with the machine. Good point. You outmaneuvered me. Well done. – [Joe] And Roger’s
gonna try to bluff this. This should lead to a
fold about as often, as beeping at a girl from
your car leads to a date. – [Gavin] I missed a bunch of
stuff going on in this hand. Probably should be paying
attention to that stuff, shouldn’t I?
– Yeah. I mean, it can’t hurt. I don’t know how much
it’ll help, but… – You know, I think it’ll help. – It’s not gonna make you worse. – I think it’ll help.
– (chuckles) There you go! – All in. – [Joe] Well, the
all in gets a fold! – [Gavin] Call it war!
– [Alec] Phil. Does stuff like magnesium
and melatonin help? – That’s what he means by war! – He declared war! (players laugh) – I had a pretty good
hand there, Shippy! – Should’ve jacked
me back up, baby! Where were ya? – [Phil] Ace-queen
had me in bad shape. I’d had ace-jack
suited, is what I had. Which, I would never
fold to you in Palo Alto. – [Roger] (chuckles) I know! What the hell? What’s the problem?
– [Phil] But, I know she tightened it up on TV,
like, for some reason. I don’t understand.
– Tightened up. I played every hand,
and lost most of them, including generously
treating my friend– – I wanna know his
hand in half an hour! You know they’re gonna tell us. – I had bag of queens. You were crushed! – [Dany] (laughs) You don’t
need to wait half an hour! – That’s why I’m Phil Hellmuth. You know how hard that
is to lay it down– – [Gavin] Well, another
reason is ’cause you’re named Phil Hellmuth.
(Roger and Phil laugh) – This might’ve worked
out better, Cate, ’cause if it comes jack-high,
for sure, I’m gonna get it. – Yeah. I should’ve probably
let you see the flop. I should’ve let you see it. – Well, that little 400
raise was fortuitous, maybe. – Can you tell him not
to talk over me, when… – Too many people talking.
(chuckles) – If you ever say
a f****** word– – You actually weren’t
talking, those were– – If you ever say a
word, we might shut up! – You actually,
We’re not talking! Those are voices
in your head, okay? – [Joe] Todd only talks
3.3 percent of the time. – You think that’s funny?
(Roger cackles) – [Joe] So, we are going
three ways to this flop. – What an angle! – Yeah, exactly! Picking on a poor amateur! He’s just trying
to learn the game. – She’s a tournament player! What do you mean? – [Gavin] I think he’s calling
himself the poor amateur. – I’m gonna check. – [Gavin] Probably is not poor. – [Joe] Nice flop for Cate! Todd’s flopped the hand! He can’t fold the one bet! See how much she makes him pay! – [Gavin] You didn’t
wanna do one of these? – [Chris] The bet is
900 from Cate Hall. Call from Brunson. – [Joe] Todd picks
up a flush draw! I see no reason why Cate
would stop betting this. Nice, chunky bet here! – [Phil] I wonder how
long that he was out with a knee sprain.
– [Roger] Oh, I don’t know. – Could be two weeks.
– I saw him fall. I couldn’t tell how bad it was. (Joe exclaims)
– [Chris] Oh, man! – [Joe] Noin! Noin, noin, noin! – [Chris] He hits the
hard one, on the river! – I’m all in. (Cate clears throat) – [Joe] (exclaims)
Cate makes the call! – [Phil] Sixes full.
– Wow! – [Joe] That is a big one! 26,000 dollars in that pot! I’d be upset about losing the
150 I rounded down, there! Well, this is awkward! – You play pretty bad, Todd. – Well, that hand was
a, a little awkward, and Phil Hellmuth
wasn’t even in the hand! – Nah, but don’t worry,
there’s plenty of more poker for Phil Hellmuth
to make awkward, by making it about himself! – [Chris] For more from Poker
Night, visit, or, find us on Twitch,
Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, where you can see
complete episodes and unedited live streams! and unedited live streams! – Welcome back to
Poker Night America! I’m okay, you’re okay,
and the location’s okay! Literally, we’re in Oklahoma. – [Phil] Now, you’re
playing the game, Sippy! – [Roger] Yeah! – [Todd] No quarter
given, none asked. – [Roger] But, he’s
supposed to counter war with a guy who’s on your left? – [Phil] Oh yeah, oh yeah.
– [Roger] Oh yeah? – It’s more fun to
give him a handicap! (Gavin laughs) ‘Cause then, if you
win, it’s, you know. – [Roger] Okay. Yeah, right.
– That’s Phil’s strategy. – [Phil] They declare war on, I’m the one this invented this, but, if they declare war on
me, I declare war on them. Right now, I haven’t been in a warring mood in
the last year, though. – [Todd] I’m about to
declare war on you two. – Yeah. I wanna see you do that.
– Go ahead. – [Gavin] I think he should. – [Todd] He’s getting there.
– [Dany] He’s needling! – [Todd] Getting close. – [Roger] I don’t wanna
be between you guys– – It’s two-on-one! – I’m not in war yet with Phil! – [Roger] Oh, come on! Nothing is better than to be in between two guys
who are at war! Then, just pick ’em both off! ‘Cause they’re not–
– [Cate] Way to add insult to injury!
(Gavin laughs) – [Man] I know, I’m sorry! – But, you and I are at
war, too, so it would be (stammers) that
complicates things. (group conversing casually) (Roger laughs)
– [Alec] That’s the best. – [Gavin] See, three,
Cate! (laughs) – Just my day! (laughs) – [Gavin] That was kind
of a bad run, there! – [Gavin] Can he send
you a drink now, Cate? – [Chris] Everyone checks. – Cate’s already declared that
she’s not much of a drinker. – I’m not a drinker, at all. – [Joe] Chris Hanson,
I just quit drinking. By the way, two flushes
just got made on the turn! What are you doing, Roger? Hellmuth finds
himself, once again, at the business end
of a cold decking! – You kinda just
screwed him over, there! – [Chris] Torelli
makes it 1,600. – I’m all in.
– [Dealer] Player’s all in. – [Joe] Roger finally folds! Don’t know what he was
doing, calling the first 400! – Oh, another flush over flush! It’s been a really fun trip! – [Joe] Hashtag sarcasm! – [Phil] Are you
f****** kidding me? It’s the third f******
time in two days it’s been flush over flush. But, usually, I have
the king-high flush, and they have the
ace-high flush. – Brutal, man. – [Phil] The f***
is going on here? All I know is, Gavin
threw money in four times. – [Alec] Yeah, that’s true! Gavin has 3K!
(laughs) – [Phil] (laughs) Gavin
shoved at him, twice! Snap four bets! And Shippy snap,
folded, I believe. – [Chris] Yeah,
like a little girl. – [Joe] Oh, that’s not gonna
go over very well with Cate. -Scared little girl. – [Joe] Okay, let’s
break the silence! Roger Sippl makes it 200
with 10-nine off suit! Dany Georges, he’s
involved queen-très suited! – [Chris] Outstanding
flop for Roger Sippl! And now, Georges
picks up a flush draw! – [Joe] Oh, man! Oh, man! Drawing almost dead on a
flop, hope springs e-turn-al! Get it, ’cause, its alright. Don’t worry about it. – [Chris] That spring might
cause Georges more money, as he bets out 275. Sippl calls. Unless, he hits it on the river! – [Joe] What the hell? There’s been more runners
on this show today, than there are in
a bargain DVD rack! – [Gavin] Since I got sent out, and since I said that, it
hadn’t ended well for me. – [Alec] Oh yeah. Because you were
up by one, right? – [Gavin] Yeah. – [Alec] Well, now
you’re down four, which is, you’re
really down six, right? – Yeah.
– You could still win. I mean, anything could happen. – [Dealer] Raise. 2,000 total. – [Joe] Well, I don’t
think Georges can fold. He doesn’t. He calls! – Straight. No kidding. No freaking kidding. – [Joe] I think Roger was
value raising there, but, in general, not
advisable of value raise, a straight on a flush board. Oh, Roger. Good thing you’re rich, or
I might feel bad for you! – When we get back from
break, three hands, three brutal beats. Don’t miss it. (Joe exhales) – Dang, G in the
house, boys and girls! Creating the mathematical
fizz on the edge of the water that you’re just
travelling down now! There it is! There it is! – [Chris] Welcome
back to Choctaw, on Poker Night in America,
in Durant, Oklahoma! He’s Joe Stapleton! I’m Chris Hanson! – [Gavin] He’s not allowed
to start another company! – [Chris] Hashtag,
first world problems! – Right. Can’t even start one–
– [Alec] Do you have anything in the works? – No! Were you listening? I’m not allowed! – [Alec] Oh, yeah.
– [Gavin] His wife won’t let him start another company!
– [Alec] Oh, really? – My wife will leave me. – And if you can only
make, say, 100 million, off starting another company. But, he can lose 500 million,
if his wife leaves him. – [Roger] He’s on the board!
– [Gavin] That’s an easy decision, right?
(Roger chuckles) – [Alec] I don’t think he’s only thinking
about the finances. He’s been married this long. I think he’s–
– [Gavin] No! It’s entirely a
financial decision! – Check. – Through 34, quick
years of marriage. – [Joe] Hey, Chris, why
are divorces so expensive? – [Chris] I don’t know, why? – [Joe] Because,
they’re worth it! Totally single,
ladies, by the way! Just straight up
available over here! Everybody flops something,
except for Phil, which is pretty good
for him, in this case. – [Chris] Sippl’s just
put ’em all in the middle. – [Joe] He’s ahead, for now. – [Chris] So, action
is on Todd Brunson. – [Joe] Todd has the worst
hand of all three players. My guess is, with action behind,
he gets outta the way here. And, a not very good kicker. No, he doesn’t! He calls! – [Chris] And now,
what does Torelli do, ’cause he’s also got top pair, but he’s got a terrible kicker,
but he’s got the flush draw! – [Joe] It’s a somewhat
surprise he didn’t make Todd play for the rest of it. Guess with their stacks, there’s
no use going to total war on that flop. Torelli breaks the turn. There are chop-protunities
now, however. Big card on the river is
gonna take the kickers out of this equation. A non-diamond, ace, or king. – [Chris] 2,875
is Brunson’s bet. – Did you see how thrilled
you made my buddy? There, yesterday, he posted
it on his Facebook, and… – [Joe] Wow, Alec folded! Todd is gonna lose this
main pot to Roger Sippl, unless something weird
happens on the river! – [Phil] Sippy’s on a trippy.
– No kidding! – [Joe] Sippl triples! – [Chris] That is the
first Sippl triple that we’ve seen today! – You don’t have to
rush to my money! – [Phil] I don’t
always call you. – [Roger] I understand. – [Todd] Keep that s*** up, you won’t be on
the show anymore. (Roger cackles) – Well, you’re the one who
keeps warring on people! – [Gavin] He’s got all
game benefits, so… – [Todd] He might get
barred out of that, too! – No, Phil gave him a lot
more leeway than the rest. – [Chris] Brunson opens
up with ace-queen for 300. Torelli calls. – [Joe] Phil gets more
leeway than the rest, because he’s special! Yes, that kind of special! What’s goin’ on over
there, Cate Hall? – [Chris] I don’t think
300 is quite the amount she wants to play for. It looks like she wants
a tad more than that! – [Joe] (coughs) Tournament! – [Chris] She jacks it up
to 1,450 with a suited ace! – 5,000.
– [Todd] Geez. – [Joe] (exclaims) Phil Hellmuth
four-bets with kings, and I think that is gonna
get everyone to fold! That’s one way to not
get sucked out on! – [Todd] You read tournament
and pro-tournament well. (Roger laughs) – No, I was hopin’
she had queens. I don’t think they
fold to queens. – [Gavin] That’s what I saw. – [Alec] Lockin’ it down.
(Gavin and Alec exclaim) – [Phil] Maybe we can still
get Torelli, I mean… – Where did that guy
go with the money bag? – [Phil] After we raise him
light, and hit the flop. – No worries. – [Phil] After we raise
him light, hit the flop. – [Roger] They have
Plexiglass boxes you can put over your chips,
if you wanna lock ’em down. – [Chris] Hey, look, Gavin
Smith’s playing poker! He’s not just a pretty
face at the table! – [Joe] No, he sure isn’t! (Phil laughs) – [Roger] We’re
running out of time! – [Phil] (laughs) What
is going on here, Sippy? What are you doing to us? – [Chris] Sippl raises,
Gavin Smith all in, and a call. – [Joe] It’s a flip! Like a cloud-based app
versus a web-based app! That’s for you, Roger Sippl! One of these two hands has a
slight mathematical advantage! – [Roger] What a
brilliant read, g*******t. – [Joe] Ace on the flop! – [Roger] Club? – [Alec] My other
card was a king. – [Roger] S***. – [Joe] Not looking
very good for Sippl, except for the three
ball on the river! It was a Sippl plan! (group conversing casually) – [Gavin] I surrender. – [Phil] Somebody go get Cantu. – [Chris] That’ll put the
cap on day three here, at Choctaw, and slow clap!
(slow clapping) – [Chris] Nelda Escamilla! She bought into a
satellite for 150 dollars, and she turned that into
an 11,000 dollar profit, on Poker Night in America! – [Joe] The legend of Nelda! – JG in the house boys and
girls, creating the mathematical fize on the edge of the water
that you are just traveling down now, there it is.
That’s not a crocodile, that’s JG making bubbles in the side. (chewing noise) – [Chris] Closed captioning
is brought to you as a public service, by
Poker Night in America! – Alright, Stapes! You ready for part two of
Face Up, with Phil Hellmuth? – I am. My parents got me
therapy gift certificates in my Easter basket. – Actually sounds like a
pretty solid investment. Let’s roll it. (upbeat music) – [Phil] No nickname
will stick with someone, if they don’t want it. Because, it’s easy to, like, if someone starts calling
you something you don’t want, then you start calling ’em
something they don’t want, and you say, hey, if
you wanna do this, I’m gonna do this to you. So, they had a nickname for me. I forget what it was. Speedball, or
something like that. But, I didn’t like it. Didn’t stick long. So, finally, I came up with
the idea of Poker Brat. And I told Andy Glazer
that’s what I’ll be called, from now on, Poker Brat. And, we thought it was very apt! Two moments open my book,
or my movie about my life. One, that moment
where I open the door. I’m in the bar. And, the other moment,
is when I told my dad I’m dropping out
of college to be a professional poker player. That didn’t go over very well. My dad has a Ph.D.,
a J.D., and an MBA. He has more letters
after his name, than anybody else
I’ve ever heard of. My father’s was just
ready to kill me. “You’re setting a bad example
for the rest of the kids! “I can’t let you do this!” Blah, blah, blah, all these reasons why I
shouldn’t do what I do, and I’ll never forget,
about a week later, I said, would you rather
me work at the post office, or collect trash, or be a
professional poker player? And he said, “Rather have
you do one of those two.” The first time there’s
been discussions about my son becoming a
professional poker player, is actually this
trip, and he’s 25. He sees that it’s lucrative. He sees that it’s tough. Here’s an example of me, who
is, when I come to Dallas, you know, maybe I’m
name-dropping too much, I’m hanging out with
Romo, and Johnny Football, and, you know, and Mark Cuban, and, you know, Chandler
Parsons, and David Lee. I also like Barkley. He and I hung out and
played blackjack all night, the other night. I didn’t try to keep up with
him on the drinking end, but, and, so, he sees wow,
what a life Dad has! He’s with all the celebrities! He’s winning all the money! He’s managed to keep
together his home life! It takes a real effort to be
a professional poker player! I’ve always wanted to do that! – Ah, you think you know a guy! I’m just kidding! Phil just learned
my name this year. – (chuckles) For more for
Poker Night in America, find us online at Or, find us on Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, for up-to-date
information, full episodes, and unedited live streams! For Joe Stapleton! I’m Chris Hanson! See you next time on
Poker Night in America! – Oh, that little 400 raise
was a fortuitous, maybe! – You tell him not to
talk over me when… – Too many people
talking! (chuckles) – If you ever say
a f****** word– – Actually, we’re talking– – If you ever say a
word, we might shut up! – Actually, we’re not talking! Those are voices
in your head, okay?

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  1. hey PNIA, maybe don't spoil that the NEXT 3 HANDS result in bad beats. It kinda ruins the suspense. The people watching these weekly episodes are watching because they enjoy poker, you don't need to "hook them" by essentially spoiling the outcome of the next couple of hands. You've done it before on an episode that featured jennifer tilly, and you preceded the show by saying "if you're a fan of jennifer tilly, you may not want to watch this". Saying that just ruins the outcome of the hands. This is just my opinion but I believe I speak for a lot of the viewers. Thanks 🙂

  2. Calling with J9 on the turn on QT3-J flush board is a disaster. You lose to AQ AK TT 98 and only beating some weird suited connector or pocket pair with a naked club.

  3. Betting the river with KK on 956-2-9 board is a bit thin, and calling a check jam is a big mistake. Any hand she does beat like QQ JJ just call this river. A 9 is definitely in Todd's range when he calls 2 size able bets on the flop and turn. What hands does she possibly beat that play this way?

  4. cate sexy af…if i was playing her i be low key jerking off under the table for the whole session and after i cum, i would put all my chips in the rack and kindly get up and walk away from the table.

  5. lol she shows the KK like she just lost a 100k pot or if her set was cracked. jesus you just had KK. NL players suck

  6. Sippl creeps me out, hellmuth seems like a nice guy 😁and hall is very pretty! … and gavlin is funny drunk lol

  7. “This should lead to a fold about as often as beeping at a girl from your car leads to a date.”

    Bahahahahahahahahah. Classic Stapleton.

  8. What do you mean "we'll just sit here awkwardly until we run out of time"? You're clearly just fucking sitting awkwardly instead of having a hand to play! Did you think that was a hand I couldn't call you out on?! I call you! Now run witch! You ain't got nothing else! ….yeah!… that's what I thought! Now you own that witch! Boom. Wizards win.

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