Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 5 | Twitch Celebrity Cash Game | Part 5 – Psychic Flow

– From Las Vegas, Nevada, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat music) Welcome to Poker
Night in America. I’m Chris Hanson and
this guy has never met a horse he doesn’t want to ride. He is Joe Stapleton. We’re headed back
to Vegas for more of the Twitch
Celebrity Cash Game. – Coming up tonight,
Antonio tries to dig his way out
of a $61,000 hole, and Phil Laak
explains psychic flow. Apparently it’s not
a clairvoyant, greasy
spoon waitress. – [Chris] Here’s what
everyone’s got in front of them and Daniel Negreanu is
brand new to the table and it didn’t take
him long, Stapleton, to really run it up. Sorry, Jason Somerville. – [Joe] I mean, if you
take a look at things here, Antonio Esfandiari, down
nearly 60, Daniel up over 60. Those two numbers are
not a coincidence. – [Chris] Blinds are 25 and 50, there’s an optional
$100 straddle for whoever is under the gun. There’s also a Seven-Deuce
game that is on, and as if there
wasn’t enough money that was gonna
get put in anyway, a $200 ante from the big one. Lew’s up to 400 with nine-six. Esfandiari calls. Scott Ball calls
with king-queen. Come on, where’s the action? Somebody re-pop this. What do you say, Dan O’Brien? – [Joe] Dan O’Brien
also a pretty big loser in this game, still
straddling though. – [Chris] Yeah, here comes
that seven-deuce, up to 2,200. It is yet to win
here in Las Vegas on the Twitch
Celebrity Cash Game. – [Joe] He’s down
30 grand right now, starts this episode with
a fresh stack of 10K. – [Chris] In case you’re
wondering, if you win with seven-deuce in this game,
everyone at the table has to pay you an extra $200. So far, seven-deuces
cost players combined almost $1.8 million. [Joe] (laughs) Scott Ball is all
in with king-queen. – [Joe] (Laughs) Ball. Scott’s moving in
with king high, and somehow it’s the best hand, but he is not gonna
win this pre-flop. There will be side
action between Dan O’Brien and
Antonio Esfandiari. – [Chris] Oh, there it is. We finally have a hand
with some hope of winning, although Esfandiari’s
also got the flush draw, but Dan O’Brien flops two pair. – [Joe] This should go
part of the way to getting Dan out of the hole, provided
another diamond doesn’t hit. The money probably going
all in at some point, though. [Dealer] 5,000. -All in. -Player’s all in.
With a call. – [Chris] As you
predicted, Stapes, all the money is in the middle. And Dan O’Brien’s not
showing his cards. – [Dan] Do I have to show? – Show for fun, guys. – [Joe] Esfandiari
needs a diamond. Scott Ball needs two of them. -King high? Is that the best
hand right now? King high It’s the nuts.
He doesn’t want to show. -Deuce-seven of course. No, you don’t have a seven.
No way. It looks like they’re
running it one time. [Joe] There’s one brick. Scott’s drawing dead. – [Chris] Seven-deuce hasn’t
done anything all night, and it finally comes into play. (laughter at table) – [Joe] Scott Ball
is out of here. -I had it in your hand to.
You knew. [Chris] I’m taking my hoodie
and hittin’ the road. – [Scott] This was way
fun, this was a lot of fun. – Good game, Scott, it was a
nice playing with you, man. – (laughs) Yeah, it
was a lot of fun. – Nice hand, Dan. – I would take a horse
and buggy before I drove. (laughter) Thirty equally
ridiculous propositions. – Yeah, Denver’s probably
an awesome city to visit. – It’s great, yeah. I have a lot of my
college friends there. – Yeah, Justin and
all those guys. – [Dan] Yeah, Justin and Nate. – I just talked to
Justin a couple days ago. – [Dan] Oh, nice. Sent me an e-mail. [Dan] Did you..uh..
what’s it called? -Did you get a producer cut on
that thing? Or you didn’t do it? – Uhh…
[Dan] On that movie. Uhh..No..No-no-no-no. – [Dan] I…I did, I had to. – [Jason] You did it?
Yeah. – [Dan] I produced it. They’re editing it. My friends just made
a comedic short. They live in Denver,
they’re a comedy troupe. – [Jason] I executive
produced some sort of silly documentary thing and
never saw anything of it, but I gave him 10 or 20K and
never saw anything of it. So… Actually, you know who it is.
Actually. – [Dan] Oh, separately,
I thought you were talking about the fountain. – [Jason] No, not
them, different guys. – [Chris] Over to Phil Laak. – [Joe] Ace-seven suited
for Randy, he’ll be in. – Phil Laak, what’s your
silliest investment? Like, if you were
gonna give a warning to the kids at home watching
on Twitch you have. you know, a hundred thousand
dollars, looking to make an investment. – When I was around 20… I don’t know, some
mid-20s, I met a… uh… I basically– – [Joe] Oh, Randy
didn’t call, he raised. – [Phil] invested 4,000 I think
was the number, into… a photographer was going
to take pictures of– – [Joe] Randy raise and
got exactly zero folds. – [Phil] …short-sleeve
shirts, whatever, like sports apparel and sell something
to do with it. – [Chris] Almost 6K in the
pot as we go to the flop. – [Phil] See, it was
a bad investment. – [Joe] Antonio
flops another draw but those have been
working out less often for him than Daniel’s
relationships. – [Phil] A whole studio
and sports apparel pictures and the magazines and the money
will come circling through and all I need is $4,000
and I’ll have the camera and I can use the
apartment while I build out but for four dimes I’ll have
this amazing camera and I can– – [Joe] Daniel firing
with his top pair. – Was this guy a friend
here or just a complete… – A friend of a friend, and then I felt totally
owned when now like four months later I started
hearing from the grapevine that he wasn’t working too much and then one night
on New Year’s Eve I just popped in a bar and
he was with his friends and there was like one
of these lobster meals with bottles of wine,
and I was like, “Oh, there’s where my
investment was going. Yeah.” He’s like, “Celebrate!”
Nothing, you know? – That’d be so infuriating. – I was like, okay, duly noted, and that was when four
dimes was more than now. – Yeah. – [Chris] So he raises to 10. – [Joe] The raise
makes a lot of sense, he’s got a super strong
draw, but if he bricks it, he got eight
high at showdown. – [Daniel] Folding
the best hand now. – [Joe] We’ve seen
Randy fold and be right, we’ve seen him
fold and be wrong. This is just such a weird spot, because you call and you’re
right because you’re ahead but you’re actually a
dog to win the hand. – [Chris] So what’s
the right call? – [Joe] I have no idea.
(laughs) – I call. – [Chris] He does make the call. – [Daniel] He’s like,
“I’m sorry.” (laughter) – [Joe] Leaving himself
very little behind, he can’t fold now. – [Daniel] You got 3,000 left? – [Chris] Alright, let’s see
what happens on the turn. – [Randy] I’m all in. – [Chris] He’s quickly
all in, Antonio calls. – I think I had you both
beat, almost for sure. Yeah I had him beat. – [Chris] Things got much
better for Randy on the turn but the river gives
Antonio one of his draws, and a $34,000 pot. – [Daniel] I had the
best hand on the flop and folded like I told you. I had the queen-10. – [Randy] Nice hand, Antonio. – [Joe] Not now, Daniel! – [Dan] (laughter) Got away. – [Daniel] I had the
queen-10 and I got away. I got away for
Antonio. (laughter) – I was ready to go on that one. – I know, I bet! – Yeah, you got to put in 150K on the straight flush draw. Wow. – I know, It was a pretty bad
turn if you called a 10. – I told you, I
had the best hand but I’m folding because
of, what do you call it? – Psychic flow. – Psychic flow,
100% psychic flow. – Hey Stapes, have you
ever tried “psychic flow”? – No, but I tried “psycho flow”, it turns out not the same thing. – [Voiceover] For
more from Poker Night, visit
or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, where you can see
complete episodes and unedited live streams. – We’re back in Las Vegas on Poker Night in America, this is the Twitch
Celebrity Cash Game. – Boy, they really
give me no credit. (laughter) Daniel’s got my
covered on my left, he bets 3,000, he calls
3,000, he’s only got 10,000, and I raise it to 10,000 – Yeah and he just can’t help himself
with middle.. (laughter) – Correctly, I’ll point out. – [Antonio] I get no
credit, Jason, right? Nope. – [Daniel] I gave him
credit, I flopped top pair. – [Antonio] Like zero
credit, it’s insane. – Randy made the
correct decision. – [Elky] Yeah, and he right to.
That was the sickest call. – [Antonio] Insane. – [Jason] Yeah, that’s
why you get no credit. If you turned up 10-10
though, you get more credit. Eight-nine, eight-nine,
yeah, he’s drawing dead? – [Antonio] God, that’s so sick. -and no one
believes it. – [Daniel] And then he turned
gin. Absolute Gin. Three sevens! – [Randy] I know and then
like river, I was like, “No!” How do you lose on that river? – [Antonio] I didn’t
like the turn, and I didn’t think
you had a seven. It was just such
a bad turn card. – [Daniel] Thing is, for 2,300, if he checked the turn, he
could check back and save 3,000. – That’s right, that’s true. – Yeah, by the way, I
was gonna check there because there’s no version
of him folding now. – No, you might as
well save the 3,000. – I was like,
well, if he checks, I’m checking for sure and
if I miss, I’m giving up. (laughter) 3,000 is 3,000. – [Chris] So Phil Laak’s
gonna try his luck with seven-deuce against
the kings from Esfandiari. – [Joe] Oh man, I
think Antonio is likely to get out of the hole
a little bit here. Phil’s not gonna give
up on this easily. He’s gonna think
this is a great board to rep his seven-deuce bluff on. – [Chris] 700 was
the bet from Antonio, quick call from Laak. There’s maybe a card that Laak
thinks he can bluff with. – [Joe] Absolutely. Are you the fruit guy? -What do you need? You don’t have the, you’re
not the fruit guy right? [Tony] Well, I’ve been called
worse. – [Joe] That’s a terrible
thing to call someone. (laughter)
[Dan] Nice. [Antonio] Nice. Great line!
[Dan] Yes-yes-yes – Dustin’s the fruit guy? – [Joe] Does Phil
make his move here? We know he’d be just
chucking it into the abyss. – [Daniel] He’s the weirdest
(censored) guy in the world. (laughs) – [Joe] He is so weird
but he is the best ever and to use some of
Antonio’s words, I see no version of this
where Antonio folds. Now this is getting juicy. – [Chris] Here we go. – [Joe] 21 and a half
thousand in the middle. – [Chris] Phil Laak
will be first act after we see the river. – [Joe] So some
draws just got there but not enough
that Antonio would really be any more worried. – I check. – [Joe] So Phil
has just checked. That means he’s either giving up or he’s gonna go for some
sort of check-raise bomb. – [Chris] And that would be
massive because at this point, a bet from Antonio’s
gotta be rather sizeable. Yeah, 20,000. – [Joe] Those pink
chips are the big ones. – Wow, why didn’t
I just check-call, check-call, check-call? Can’t do that, right? Randy wouldn’t
have check-called. Randy would just
put in the money. Just got to see
what he has, but… It’s gonna hurt if he shows
me a bluff, Dan O’Brien. Oh, it’s gonna hurt. – Wow. – [Jason] Oh, please
show a seven-deuce, I’ll be happy to pay
200 for that one. – It’s gonna be less funny when Antonio doesn’t pay. (laughter) – When he teaches us all a
lesson about why not to do this. – [Daniel] This is why
you don’t play home games. – Ace-seven right
now is pretty strong. You know what’s so sick
is that I had eight high and I did not want to fold,
that’s how stuck I was. – [Daniel] Oh,
100%, how could you? – I wanted you to call so bad
I’m like please don’t fold! – [Daniel] You may have top set whenever you want, don’t fold. – [Elky] Ah, top set maybe
he would. -Yeah, I know -No, maybe not that – [Antonio] I mean
there’s so much money, I’m really realistic-like – [Chris] Jason Somerville, been quiet as of late,
let’s change that. -Give me more.
Please give me more. 400 bet from Somerville. – I have reverse tell,
like you’re in front but I’m nervous that
you’re gonna fold. How much money, four? Alright. In. [Phil] Oh, I would like to see
a pastel war of the highest order. Oh, it can’t happen now
Oh, he got…Switzerland did
that Again in there
Swiss style – Oh, I shouldn’t
have check-raised. Randy, you would have
just, you might have, well you could
have check-raised. – What, to 10? ‘Kay. – [Joe] These guys are maniacs Elky’s all in, side pot
between Daniel and Antonio. They’ve got so many chips
behind this pot could get huge. – [Daniel] Just leave
it in front, whatever, we’ll figure it out. (Daniel laughs) I
got good cards, man. – Yes, I see. – [Joe] Elky’s tens are holding. – No, get them in the
pot with this guy, he might beat me for 80,000. – It could be the biggest pot on Poker Night in America. – [Chris] Decision’s
on Esfandiari. – I wonder how many times that record’s gonna get broken today, biggest pot played – [Daniel] That’s the side pot? – [Maria] on Poker Night
in America. – [Jason] It should be
69 times two, right? [Dealer] No, he had… – [Joe] Oh God,
side pot confusion. [Chris] Oh, so many chips.
– [Daniel] Okay, I’m gonna fold my big hand anyway,
you got anything? – No. – (censored) – I’m taking this, right?
– Hold on, hold on, hold on. – [Joe] So Daniel folds
the better of the two hands. – [Daniel] I almost, I was
gonna raise if you lift, if you called, I
was gonna raise. – [Antonio] I did
not like your call. – [Chris] And kids, this is
why you tip your dealers. (table chatter) – [Chris] The amount
of math and figuring and dividing right now is crazy. – [Joe] Well, she’s
got eight experts at the table all trying
to tell you what to do. – [Antonio] What is this, this
is my ten thousand, right? – [Dealer] Yeah that’s,
you said 13 eight? So, Antonio should get
13-8 – [Chris] What do the
dealer’s spouses say when they come home
and say, “So honey, how was your day at work?” (Joe laughs) [Chris] Ughh! – [Daniel] Damnit. – [Joe] There’s
usually other dealers. – [Chris] Good point,
they can feel the pain. (upbeat music) – [Joe] So look at that,
good job by Antonio getting Daniel out of the pot. He would have beat Elky, as it stands Elky’s
gonna triple up. – [Antonio] Nice doing
business with you. (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Antonio] You’re slowing down
the game, you realize that? You’re slowing down the game! – [Phil] Okay, pick one. – Can you not use a card
that’s not in the deck? – Two, seven, king. – [Antonio] You’re
such a (censored). – Welcome back to
Poker Night in America, the Twitch Celebrity Cash Game. I swear they’re celebrities. – [Daniel] So you
can basically see. – At the beginning
of each hand you see the chips the fella has. – Or you can ask for one
other river card, right? You can play like, “I
want a different river.” You have like all
different types of powers, it’s like Hearthstone, right? – Everyone has a super power. – How do you distribute
the powers though? – [Daniel] Huh? – [Jason] How do you
distribute the powers? – [Daniel] Everyone
gets the same powers. – [Antonio] That’s,
that’s so sick. – [Daniel] You start
with like 4, 5 powers. – [Phil] We’ve gotta
create those powers and make the chips
and make it happen. – I love it, I’m in. – You start with the powers, and then you can only use
them once per session, obviously once you
lose it, you’re done. – You can’t quit the
game unless you’re broke. – [Jason] So once
per session though. – You can’t quit
unless you’re broke. (laughs) – [Jason] That rewards
playing short sessions though, that’s the problem,
doing it once per session is hard though, because
if you play for 12 hours and somebody comes
in for two hours. – [Phil] That’s it,
if you quit the game, your chips go into the next pot. (laughter) – That’s a sick power. – [Phil] They can
just never ever– – You can never quit. – [Phil] You’re not allowed to. – [Daniel] No, you quit and
then you lose all your powers. – No, if you ever get up,
you can’t take your chips. – Have you ever played in a game that had a mandatory number
of hours you had to play? – [Joe] Talking about a
Hearthstone-style poker game. – [Chris] Oh boy. – Otherwise you could
use all your powers in one hand and
be like, “I quit.” – [Jason] Yeah, right, yeah. – [Daniel] You have to
play a certain number of hands or something,
I don’t know. -Right – Or I would suggest
like, every 50 hands you get restocked on your– – [Phil] Or no, it’s
just a $50,000 penalty if you quit with… – $50,000, might as well
be no… you need a rule. – [Phil] Okay 10,000, whatever, some number that
matches the game. – [Randy] Might
as well blind out. – [Jason] Yeah, might as
make it a 600K penalty, I mean no one’s gonna quit. – [Joe] So Maria’s bet
got rid of two opponents but Daniel’s not ready to give
up on his queens just yet. Oh, and he picks up a
flush draw on the turn. -1 burn, 9 months,
10 hours. [Joe] He’s pretty unlikely to
fold to a bet here too. – Oh, man, think about that, we could make it into a
brand, sell some T-shirts, sell a subsidized cost
on the whole production. Turn into a business, that’s
it you turn into a business. Make it a brand,
make it a thing. Do some public appearances,
make like the grand finale like a charged thing you
have to watch pay-per-view. – [Phil] Use “Streamium”. – [Jason] Yeah, of
course you stream it. – [Chris] Why don’t we
charge for our show, Stapes? – [Joe] Do we not? – [Chris] Yeah, I mean yeah, we should totally
charge for this. – [Joe] And now we all
have that idea too. Does anyone have a pen? – That’s how I run it up began. It was just a little baby
idea, and then it just grew and grew and
grew into an oak tree. – [Daniel] How much? – [Dealer] 36. – [Daniel] Damn. – [Voiceover] Damn, Daniel. Damn, Daniel. – [Daniel] She
probably has ace-seven. It’s good, can’t beat it.
– [Joe] Good fold. – [Daniel] Or
something like that. – [Joe] Damn, Daniel. – [Daniel] I can do whatever
I want, how about that? – [Antonio] When you
have Daniel money, you can do whatever you want. – [Joe] You know, Antonio, that some of his Daniel
money used to be your money. – [Maria] But you don’t
feel like punishing me, so. – [Daniel] No,
that’s why I folded. – If she was Antonio, Beat me, for sure he goes in. – Oh, with all that money? I’m never folding fours. A lot of good
things could happen. – [Chris] Queen-jack
for Phil Laak. – [Antonio] Here comes Phil
Laak, ingeniously played. You played it, by
the way, you haven’t butchered this hand yet, Phil. This feels like
you’ve done alright. – [Chris] A couple
spades for Randy Lew. – [Antonio] Randy, do it! Do it, Randy, do it, Randy! Do it, Randy, he can’t
call, you know that. – [Elky] Yeah, one of the
first hands of the day was pretty sick, so it’s
like, can I do this forever? A few limps. – [Joe] Look at Randy,
getting loosey goosey, three-betting the
king-eight suited. – [Chris] Would you
pipe down, Stapes? I’m trying to catch Elky’s
recipe for enchiladas. (laughs) – [Joe] The green
sauce is fantastic. – [Chris] It’s serious business when the French
make Mexican food. – [Daniel] Really,
and you called? – [Antonio] Well 8000
and I’m never folding. (laughs) [Elky] You put in 21
Ace-eight -Yeah There was only one called
off though. – [Chris] 1,300 is
the bet from Lew, a call from Laak. Laak’s got top pair. Lew’s got a hope and a dream
that something can happen on the turn, and look
at that, spade draw. – [Joe] And Phil Laak
really does not want to improve to a flush. – [Elky] Do you only play
on your computer, Daniel, or do you play on
the tablet too? – [Daniel] What’s that? – [Elky] You only play
off on the computer? – [Daniel] Yeah. – [Joe] Daniel had no idea
what he just asked him. – [Chris] All joking aside,
Elky is a super nice guy. It’s just, you cannot understand
most of what he’s saying. – Someone said, I noticed
that, what was it? – [Elky] You’re fatting. – You’re right, he says, “You’re balding and fatting.” (laughs) Balding and fatting. – [Elky] Hashtag bald too,
(laughs) hashtag bald. – [Chris] If Daniel Negreanu
is balding and fatting, what are we doing, Stapes? – [Joe] Super fatting? – [Chris] Hashtag uber balding? – [Joe] Fattering? – [Chris] Baldering? – [Joe] Diabetes-ing? – [Antonio] One time
is late, come on. One time, Randy. – [Phil] One time. – [Joe] By the way,
Randy Lew’s all in. – [Antonio] Randy needs
to get there for sure. That bet made no sense. Guys, let’s go one,
come on let’s go. – [Phil] Can be
a spade, I think. – [Antonio] That’s you, Phil. – [Phil] Really? – [Randy] I don’t know. (upbeat music) – [Antonio] (scoffs) He’s
got top pair flush draw, he’s crying, what a baby. – [Phil] Well I wanted a
spade, I thought he had kings. – [Joe] Yeah, you
did not want a spade. – [Chris] We’re gonna
take a short break, now don’t you go balding
and fatting on us. – [Voiceover] Closed
captioning is brought to you as a public service by
Poker Night in America. – [Chris] Well, let’s
go over to seat six, it’s hard not to
notice that number because it’s at six
figures, Stapleton. – [Joe] Antonio
might be in for 150 but he’s only down 15. Both Dan O’Brien and Scott
Ball have left the game down 15,000 and Randy
Lew is stuck 40K. – Nice little run by Antonio at the end of the night. – Yeah, he is climbing
out of his hole like that dude from 127 Hours. Next time, as we
close out our day at the Celebrity Cash Game,
we’ll have to see if he cuts his own arm off. – For the sake of the
people that have to clean the table,
I hope he doesn’t. For more Poker Night in America, go to to
see unedited live streams and complete episodes, for Joe Stapleton. I’m Chris Hanson. Check us out next time right
here on Poker Night in America. – I told you, I
have the best hand but I’m folding because
of, what do you call it? – Psychic flow. – Psychic flow,
100% psychic flow. How do I fold for 7,000 top
pair backdoor flush draw? Psychic flow. – Spirit radar. – [Daniel] (laughs) Yeah. (Upbeat music)

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  1. wow how did I not know this show existed. I'm going to start watching it more lol. all my fav players are here.

  2. The host who thinks "Ball" is funny – Are you sure you're pandering to the right market? Tweenage kids who cannot play poker.

  3. 4:13 it's really a terrible thing you are cutting post hand reaction.. cause that's the stuff that's priceless to watch :((

  4. The 7-2 is Effin retarded….you will bluff off way more than the one dime you'd get when showing it…what is also retarded is that Daniel and Antonio bought in for 500 bbs and are trying to play this at 3-5x stakes every hand…this ain't Bobbys room you two! But it is good for TV

  5. most clueless dealer in history @ 14:00 just out 10,500 into the middle jesus lady get that blankass stare off your face and do your job it's not that fuckin difficult

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  7. Antonio looked like a sick pup at the beginning of this until he hit that 4 on the river to make a straight and came alive. If professionals can mope when they are losing, I suppose it's OK for everyone.

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