POKER NIGHT in Piraeus – Τα πήρε όλα

Feeling lucky today? Very much Are you going to win? I believe so, it’s my birtday eve Long live Long live Giannis claimed that he is going to win today What Giannis claimed? No, this could happen only in the old Texas Long live 2017 best wishes for all Maid of honor, where are you going today? Today i will go to a little bar for wine Which is very famous here in Athens (Tzitzifies) What is the name? The Black Sheep It’s very popular to youth with live music And a glass of wine costs only 2.5 euros This is your suggestion? Wait! Let me go first and i tell you my impressions later Have fun Bye So Poker Chips Right? See you later Call or not? Raise Fold Can i show the cards now? What a hand! He won on his birthday Happy Birthday Thanks Sweep them all

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