Poker software PokerReader. Hand history PartyPoker HUD. (subtitles)

Hello, added saving hand history by reading data from the screen. It can work with any rooms in which there is no hand history Today i show PartyPoker, in which, after updating on June 17, 2019, the hand history was removed. On that computer we have a poker room, on this software and tracker Connection via remote desktop or you can use any software for remote access. Hand played, the program saved history, the tracker imported automatically In HM2, you need to click update so that the hand appears in the list You can watch new hands on the Reports or Active Session tab If tracker is on another computer, so of course HUD will not be automatically displayed on the table So we look at the stats in the replayer We have the whole hand history for analysis and all the stats This gives a great advantage when almost everyone plays without history and statistics I will show settings – now the Table Settings In General Settings mark save history, indicate game, nickname, blinds If everything is read correctly, hand history files will appear in the HandHistory folder Thanks for attention. I hope it will be useful. Link to the software and my skype is under the video

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