Poker Terminology: A Tight Player – The Tilt

Two kinds of players generally in the game
of Poker. Loose players and Tight players. Pretty straight forward. A Tight player is
somebody who doesn’t play many hands. They sit very quietly, they Fold a lot of hands,
they don’t get involved in a lot of hands, they certainly don’t Raise or Re-Raise very
much. But when they come out of their bunker, they normally bet quite heavily because they
haven’t played many hands, they need to catch up. So watch out for these Tight players.
When they do play, they play big, but they don’t play very often. The more disciplined players
I should say, are the Tight players, but they don’t always win. Something we all try to avoid as Poker players
is Tilt. It’s going on Tilt after you’ve lost a hand, if the luck isn’t running with you,
sometimes you can go, what we say, on Tilt. That means that you start betting probably
a little bit more than you should, a bit more often than you should, on maybe on hands when
you shouldn’t be betting. Look out for a player on Tilt. Quite often that’s an opportunity
to win some nice easy chips from a player who’s lost his discipline. Look out for them
as well. If they win, they can win big on Tilt.

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