Poker Terminology: Community Cards – The Flop

Community Cards. Community Cards are the cards
that are placed in the middle here. They’re cards that all of us who are playing in the
game of Poker get the chance to add to our hand to give ourselves the best chance to
win. You have the Flop, the first three cards, you have the Turn and the River in the game
of Texas Holdem. These are Community Cards, we add to them our own cards that are nice and secretive
to ourselves to make your hands up, but these are ones that are on public show. We can all
see what the Community Cards are and we can all use these cards to make our hands up. Drawing Dead. Drawing Dead means that you’re
in a position in the hand where it’s impossible for you to have the winning hand, to have
a hand that can beat the other players. Here’s an example of Drawing Dead. This player here
has got a Jack-8, this player here after four cards have been drawn here, has got the Ace-King.
There is not a card in the deck here that can be placed here as the last card that means
that the player here can win the hand. He will be what we call Drawing Dead, he has
got no chance of winning the hand whatever happens. We’ll draw the last card out. Impossible
for the player here to win whatever the scenario. Drawing Dead is not a position any of us want
to be in. We want our opponent Drawing Dead so we can’t lose the hand.
The Flop. Once the players have been dealt their hands and the first round of betting
has been completed, the Dealer will then deal you out the Flop. The Flop, is three cards
turned face up that form part of your Community Cards of your hand. In a live game of Poker,
the Dealer will always burn one card and then will turn three cards over called the Flop.
A very nice Flop in this case. Two Aces here, to start your hand off. The first three Community
Cards in the game, they’re called the Flop. You have the Flop, the Turn, the River, these
are the first ones, the Flop.

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