pokerstars cheaters scam rigged..

of course i have top set, i check he bet i call, i raise he calls makes nut flush on river.. runner runner flush i was playing for straight flush, but he made a straight flush on river.. sorry the pic got hidden while editing, u can see the pic in another video in my channel. full house vs quads, never happened to me yet in 100s of home games i played till date.ONLY onJOKERSTARS oh yes give him 2 pairs on turn and villians has a straight on river, but calls all in on turn with nothing,but a sick gut shot draw some more Of course moments here is the best one, i go all in on flop with a set and he calls with an ace, but no my friend 5 or 7% wins with an ace, hits runner runner better full house where hve u seen anything like that, it happens but not every 20 mins some more Of course moments i made flush on turn but on river he turns the set in to QUADS.. fuk full house demeaning for jokerstars.. here u hits quads like anything

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5 thoughts on “pokerstars cheaters scam rigged..

  1. I Also have lots of screenshots with bad loses… Sometimes It seems that I lose every time I go all in… IDK… sometimes I also had great luck as well… I guess is just bad luck… I think if you go all in only with AA. KK. AK. AQ. cards you will win at least 75-80% of your hands… but remember, those who go all in against you have good cards as well… So good cards WIN… it's just that… Who's cards….

  2. Dude you need help if you think Pokerstars is risking a shutdown for stupid kids like you that play 3 dollar tournaments and play 5 dollar cashgames. You are fucking PSYCHO. GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. Powerstars MAKE MILLIONS EVERYDAY without, no need to scam broke ass losers like you dude.

    FFS the poor always stay poor. You are a gambling addict.

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