PokerStars Team Online “Not just another interview”. Ep2.

welcome to not just another interview with PokerStars team online especially for poker for life what is the most interesting or unusual gift that you ever gave or were given early in my poker career one year for Hanukkah my dad gave me a book about two guys who lost their family fortune gambling think he may have been trying to send some sort of message but it it didn’t quite go through early on when I was dating the girl who’s now my wife I was going to see a play that she was acting in and got lost on the way to the theater and somehow I ended up at a home depot and missed the play but I bought her a very nice cactus from the Home Depot which she didn’t appreciate at all but she stayed with me anyhow I remember my dad’s wife got a fire extinguishers are present for Christmas I was pretty funny I can show you yeah let’s say this is one of the most unusual gifts I received two tickets to a Broadway show two and a I know it is us boxing dummy that I have downstairs now since I was pretty much into boxing the last few years I wanted to have something to work with my apartment and now there is this headless guy staying in the living room that I can punch every time that I take a bad beat I have a bad mood for Christmas I received the OBE Barack Obama bobblehead there’s some things that I can I can’t talk at the camera but I can’t remember the although weirdest thing I’ve gotten has been I got this squirrel that you put on your balcony it’s like a plastic squirrel and it it’s basically a light so it’s like with Sun cells and yeah it’s pretty weird many years ago and it’s gonna be boss we went in there and stuff when I was kinda corny I guess but besides that I can’t think of anything else things that must be the one that my wife gave to me on a previous birthday little notes that just give you a gift for each day that you open it up like a little small gift for every single day some different stuff I guess the most special gifts that I give usually also to my wife which is comics that I draw myself just with some nice storyline that involves us or like all background like something that only we’ve to share what I have in common I asked one of my friends gave me a bunch of old poker parties poker books to read but I had already you know well surpassed the level of those books and you gave and the president that I gave I for my brother and sister-in-law for their wedding I went to a garage sale or a yard sale and I spent $1 and I bought them a stuffed bird like a taxidermy where somebody hunted the pheasant shot at em and mounted it so I gave them that as their wedding present yeah so when I was like a teenager I thought teenagers like yeah late late teenager I’ve bought someone like a star for a little romantic and it’s like oh you know Isis a kid and stuff but I guess that’s kind of different but not everyone kind of does it yeah so kind of lame yeah but apparently it’s not official like this company just made this thing up and they’re like yeah we’ll sell stars but you can’t actually buy a star or a name star or anything so I just wasted like 120 dollars and yeah I get lottery scratchers for Christmas and now that I play poker my phone calls uh probably think I’m a big DJing gambler so they just just gave me a bunch of lottery tickets nowadays well last Christmas Athena gave me the two tickets for to watch a play on Broadway since we were going to New York before came today yeah when I won a PPC of Macau I was thinking oh I’m going home I was there by myself I was gonna home and I was like I’m gonna give you know like throw a little party or something when I got back right from the airplane and I got back to the house they actually do a surprise birthday from party I mean operate a party for me for winning and it was actually really nice because of course I didn’t expect them I’m the one who won but I’m the one getting the free party two years ago I receive for my brother very nice cake for my birthday which simulates the hand plate which I play versus na na na ko and I beat his quads with my straight slash under the cake was actually but it good what do you say when you take a bad beat over face when I’m walking into this place the way you might I don’t know what I say after that you definitely swear a lot probably idea oh well shit I’m not again nice hand that’s why I’m here ouch I don’t see anything well I’ll go with no poker I don’t think that’s that’s not a very hard question

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  1. I would prefer guarantees given back to customers, fpp money given back to American players that was effectively "stolen" by pokerstars and software issues fixed than money put in to these stupid little productions, but that's just me

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