PREMIER GRATTAGE REEL 😍 un pactole et un blackJack FDJ13 ll VM 🇬🇧 ll illiko FDJ ll

Hey hi to all this is antho and today we are left So for a real scratching 2 ticket blackjack and pactole So we will start right away by blackjack pactole we will put it on the side .. And we have our little piece of 2 € So our Black Jack ticket 2 € We will read the rules If one of your gain is higher than the bank, you repot the associated gain If you find 21 in any of you play, you double the associated gain So was the bank so we will find out how much she she is 17 .. Ok so make top 17 .. and if we do we double our 21 gain We have our three games and you can win up to € 20,000 it will scratch the hand number 1 and directly 18 OK We will scratch our hands and then scrape gains already is winning, guys already our first ticket is a winner! we will immediately scrape scrape our second hand And thus discovers that hand loses 14 and the third hand is … 19 Ok so there are two winning hands! Frankly I can not too much to achieve Because this is our first ticket and has two wins so we will discover … It has not doubled but has two wins so the first gain is … € 2! so this gain reimburse us our ticket and! .. oops and the second gain tells us … € 2! so.. it already gets 2 € gain and bah is’m fun! … We will not scratch the loser gain and DUCOUP ticket pactole for 2 € you can win up to 200,000 € and we have our three winning number and other numbers so we will find out which numbers to find the 47 the 23 and the… thirty So if it is discovered 47 23 or 30 you win the associated gain and will directly experience the first ingot the number is discovered 23 OK ! 23! € 4! bah and frankly directly € 4 € 4 € 2 therefore profit € 4 least 2 € that make us € 2 profit for our first ingot € 2 profit and we have ingots we find the number 12 the latter is losing we find the number 14 this one is also losing one discovers the number 30! we have it ! and we win … another 4 €! Very good ! but I do not think we have much chance later this is probably the beginner’s luck the one is already winner the one already € 6 profit anyway! on a ticket of 2 € that pleases the number 37 is found we still have 3 bars We discover the number …. 47! we have three numbers! We will wait for gain but I do not think you have duplicate numbers therefore the 49 and here the 38 for the number 47 we win … € 2! so we will calculate 4 + 4=8 … two that make € 10! least € 2 up was € 8 profit for this ticket and a profit of € 2 for this ticket we win € 10 profit! this is 2 tickets that do really fun I hope that scratching you enjoyed Do not hesitate to love the video sharing to subscribe to the youtube channel and see you at the next video CIAO!

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21 thoughts on “PREMIER GRATTAGE REEL 😍 un pactole et un blackJack FDJ13 ll VM 🇬🇧 ll illiko FDJ ll

  1. Eh oui beaucoup oubli le bonus…la dernière fois j ai ramasser 3 tickets et les bonus n ont pas été gratter…et il y avait 2€ même si au dessus est perdant…donc..

  2. Tu t'es trompé au black jack tu as gagné 4euros vu que 2+2=4 et tu as oublié de gratter le jeton bonus sinon super vidéo continue dans cette voie plus1 abonnée

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