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Chris Watters: Operation
Phantom Sight is coming to Rainbow 6 Siege. The Phantom in this title
is Nokk, an attacker who uses her gadget to
muffle her footsteps, keep herself out
of the spotlight, and creep everyone right out. The Sight is Warden, a
sharp dressed defender whose glasses allow him to
resist or recover from flashes and to see more clearly
when things get smoky. We’ll give you the details
on these two new operators and show you around the newly
renovated Cafe Dostoyevsky, no reservation necessary. First, let’s meet the
guy in the tie, Warden. Fresh off a stint with the
United States Secret Service, Warden is a dapper
defender who accessorizes with his Glance smart glasses
and a snazzy statement watch. When things start popping
off, Warden switches glasses on to accomplish
all of the following. Number one, make himself
immune to flashes. Number two, remove any flash
he is currently affected by. Number three, give him
clearer sight through smoke. And number four, add some
high tech panache to his I just killed you scream. You can manually
deactivate the glasses or wait until they run out of
juice and need to recharge. Either way, there
is a fixed cool down before you can
activate them again. But there’s no limit
to how many times you can use them in a match. With his glasses active,
Warden is a strong counter against any smoke
and flash party that the attackers try to throw. If Blitz gets frisky
or Ying lights up a whole mess of
Candelas, Warden will be having none of it. Even Glaz will
have to think twice about setting up behind
his precious smoke screen, though he still has
an edge on Warden with his bigger scope
and thermal detection. Note that the smoke filtering
feature on Warden’s glasses is less effective if he’s
moving, so picking smart angles and repositioning quickly
are vital to making the most of his gadget. And while his
glasses are active, you’ll need to watch
out for the gadget disabling and gadget detecting
powers of Thatcher and IQ. But as a high armor, low speed
operator wielding either an MPX submachine gun or
an M590A1 shotgun, Warden makes for a strong anchor
and he looks good doing it. Hailing from a different
quadrant of the fashion galaxy, we have Nook. This attacker from
Denmark’s Jaeger Corps may have an eye-catchingly
eerie get up but she would actually prefer
it if you didn’t notice her at all. So when her hell presence
reduction gadget is active, you won’t hear her footsteps and
you won’t see any sign of her on camera feeds. It’s a little spooky. And with all the
different potential camera feeds available to
defenders these days, Nokk’s ability to hide from them
all is all the more alarming. Her gadget runs off a recharging
meter like Warden’s glasses but, unlike Warden’s glasses,
there’s no required cool down so Nook can turn her
gadget on and off and on again whenever she has
the juice to run it, giving her more
tactical flexibility. And activating her
gadget doesn’t require her to change
weapons, so she can continue wielding her primary,
an FMG9 submachine gun or 612SD shotgun, or her secondary,
a Five-SeveN USG pistol or a D50 pistol with
an equippable suppressor. This makes Nokk a formidable
flanking and fragging threat though, like any operator,
she has her limitations. Nokk’s gadget will glitch
and be visible on camera feeds if she performs basically
any action except moving at a normal speed
or slower, crouching and moving, or reloading
or swapping weapons. You can also keep an eye
out for environmental clues, like breach debris
moving of its own accord. Or you could take a
more proactive approach and throw down some
barbed wire razor wire. Nokk will glitch while
passing through it. If you really want to make
things tricky for Nokk, take Lesion and his goo mines. She’ll glitch when
she steps on one, glitch every time
she takes damage, and glitch while she
pulls out the needle. Aside from the glitch, the
only other camera interference that will let you
know Nokk is nearby is this wave form
effect that appears when using Mozzie’s hacked
drones or Echo’s Yokai. Every other camera will
have a hard time seeing, and your ears will
have a hard time hearing, this medium speed,
medium armor attacker. Team Nokk up with a
roamer hunting operator or take her on a
sneaky flanking route and you’ve got a
powerful new way to unsettle the defending team. The map you’ve been seeing
here may look familiar. It’s Cafe Dostoyevsky
or Cafe to its friends. The seige team has renovated
this lovely three story gathering spot,
creating new bomb sites, making old sites more viable,
and generally sprucing things up for more balanced encounters. For example, enter through the
new reception area and you’ll find a stairwell has
moved, opening up new possibilities for
opening up the reading room. The kitchen area has been
extensively remodeled and given a festive touch. And there’s even been
some light roof work. The shiny new cafe map will
replace the old cafe map for free when Operation
Phantom Sight launches. The two new operators,
Warden and Nokk, will be available at launch
for Year Four pass owners and unlockable for all
players seven days later by using Renown or R6 credits. For more on Rainbow Six Siege,
subscribe to this channel and visit us at
news.Ubisoft.com. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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