Ran Online (GS) 2017 Game Play – 1 Billion Gold In Less than 24 Hours!

Hello, guys! My name is Krazaz. And today I’m gonna show you how I grew my
gold from this to this. So stick around for more tips and tricks. Welcome back. And I’m currently in vend mode right now,
and I just made my first sale of a 10 Point Card and I sold it for 168 million and 888
thousand 888. Lots of 8. I decided to go for the number 3 top best
seller on the market which is the 10 Point Card. And if you’re interested to know the Top 5
best sellers on the market, you can watch it by clicking on the “i” button that you
see in the upper right corner of your screen. Anyway, I went for the 10 Point Card instead
of the 100 Point Card bearing in mind that 10 Point Cards are easier to sell because
a lot of players can easily afford it. Now you may be wondering how does this work? How come many players are looking for 10 Point
Cards. Well, If you click this expand icon, it will
pull up another window and you will see some items that are similar to the Item Shop website. The prices are also the same. Aside from the Exp items, I suspect that experienced
players who gamble upgrading ancient and legendary items take chances on these two enhancers
which have a random chance of upgrading items as high as plus +10. And if they get lucky enough they might get
the Finest Range (+1~+2), and the outrageous (+1~+3). That means if you’ve got an item which is
plus +8 already and you used a (+1~+3), that item will have a chance to be upgraded to
plus +11. Just do the math and you’ll get what I mean. Now I want you to take note of the date and
time I started to sell the first 10 Point Card: September 11th 09:50 Ran Time. At 11:55 I made over a quarter Billion. And just after 3 minutes half a Billion. And on the 12th at 14:16, I got my first Billion
of gold. I got disconnected a couple of times but I
didn’t stop me from selling my cards. And I did a little strategy. Which I will share with you. Look for a strategic spot where people can
see you right away. Make your shop description easy to read and
type what you’re selling. Be consistent in one location. Don’t change spot. Stay where you are, so players when they come
back it’ll be easier for them to spot you. Use the “Party Search” in the chat to advertise
your Personal Store and spam once in a while. Now, you can do that by pressing “J” on your
keyboard to pull up the Chat Macro. Then type something that will match your description,
put the x and y coordination of your store. Then maximize the number of characters you
can input, press ok, then you’re all set. Just press ALT+1 or where ever you’re description
is. Be patient and watch your gold grow. I hope you enjoy this video. I am really thankful for the amount of support
that you’re giving me by liking and making some comments on the comment section below. And to the new SUBSCRIBERS, you really encourage
me to continue making more videos. And if you have any suggestions just let me
know. Have a great day and see you on the next video.

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