Random Poker game

Oh, somebody’s at the door. Welcome! A’huh. Hmmm. What sort of gentlemen might you be? Hey, brother, give me five! How did you get inside? I came thru the window. I see, I see. Well at least there’s someone to play with. Let’s get started. Well that’s weird. Drink Euroshopper, play Counter strike. I hope you brought a bomb with you? Calm down, my good man. Come, join us. We play cards. Alright, is everybody here? Sit…. let’s play… cards. Alright. Now every seat is taken, so we can start the game. Let’s place our bets. Myself, I put this suitcase, which has intel inside. I have a can of magic juice. – NO! Jani: Then I’ll drink it myself. Then I have this. I ordered a GameBoy, but I got this instead. I am a man of thousand Meme’s. Frankly speaking, a internet legend. This has a nice sound to it, let’s start playing. Yes. Now, when everybody has placed their bet’s, we can start the game. Now, we start dealing. Here’s your’s. Here’s your’s There’s your’s. And these are mine. Okay, let’s continue. Blimey. Terrorists won! And I thought that the other guy was a sore loser. This one was even worse. Well, let’s continue. Corked! How’s your Euroshopper Next time Counter terrorist! Would you repeat that? How’s your Euroshopper? Where have I heard that before? How’s your coffee? That face, it looks familiar. Who is he? Solid Dude. I knew it! Objection! You are Solid Dude! We meet again! I knew it! Why are you here? Because you stole my job! And I came to have my revenge. Why are you here? Because…. We have to get out from here. You go there and I go here! Dammit!

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8 thoughts on “Random Poker game

  1. Olipa isokenkänen kaveri ja komia miekka sipsin ja lonkeron kanssa mässäilevä kaveri oli myös hauska samaa lissää ja huumoria peliin poijaat ni hyvä tulee.

  2. todella mainio teo.Sormus oli hieno ja miekka näytti aidoilta.Hauska toi tyyppi joka juo e:ssää ja tietenkin solid hemmo T:Aku päivinen ps.vastaa toho kysymykseen et onks toi aito miekka

  3. Se on aito miekka, mutta ei niin terävä että saa mitään aikaseksi. Ja se maksoi 150 euroa huutonetistä.

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