Ranking the Nintendo Switch Online NES Games: Play these FIRST

– Is Nintendo Switch Online
worth the $20 that it costs? Well, you need it to play
multiplayer games online, so if that’s what you wanna
do then you have no choice. The real gem, for me, is the
NES games that it comes with. It’s 20 games at launch, and it looks like there’ll be three games a month for at least the rest of this year. This is incredible for any long time fan of Nintendo, or retro game lover. And, if you aren’t one
of those, maybe you need some help figuring out which
ones are worth playing. ‘Cause there’s a lot here. But, there are some gems that
you need to try for yourself. You’ll have them on your Switch after all. Nintendo is producing NES controllers that slide in where the
Joy-Con go for charging. This is a neat little
novelty, but these controllers don’t work for any other
games on the Switch, and you need a Switch Online subscription to even purchase them. This is presumably to
cut down on scalping. It’s $60 for a two pack, which is a reasonable price considering
you’re getting two. But, what if you only want one? Well, you could try to
find the out of production NES 30 by 8Bitdo, like I have right here. But, there is a newer version
that’s just under $30. The best deal is a two pack for $40, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Of course, I’d recommend the SNES 30 pro, if you don’t have one already. ‘Cause that’s a good all around
controller for the Switch. But, if you want that NES authenticity, the NES 30, or N30 are great too. So is the NES 30 Pro. This isn’t sponsored, 8Bitdo
didn’t ask me to do this, but there are Amazon affiliate links in the description below
if you’re interested. They help support this channel. I’m going to rank the 20 launch games, starting from the worst, so you can get a general idea of all of the
games that you’re getting. Right off the bat, all the
sports games are pretty terrible. It feels a little bit like
how the Magnavox Odyssey came with like four
different versions of Pong. The only difference between them was slapping a different overlay
over the top of your TV. Soccer is by far the worst. Followed by tennis,
which is a sad departure from today’s tennis games. (electronic beeping) Baseball has nothing to it. You get different types of pitches and just about everything
else is on autopilot. Ice hockey feels a lot
better than the rest, so I’d suggest giving
that a try over soccer. Pro wrestling is fun in novelty alone, otherwise it’s just
incredibly frustrating, like a lot of other wrestling games. Tecmo Bowl is by far the
most fun sports game. It definitely feels and looks the best, but you need a basic knowledge of football in order to have a good time. And, that’s just not something
that I have, so I’m out. Most of the reason that these sports games are even included in Switch Online is because of the addition
of online multiplayer. I’m sure some of these games would be fun to play with a friend. The frustration could make for a fun time, but ultimately they’re
all entirely unremarkable. Skip all of them. You’d think with a name like Yoshi, we’d be getting a sick action platformer. Well, you’d be very wrong because this is a boring puzzle game. And, I mean really boring. There are four rows, and
you have to flip the bottom of the rows to match the
columns as blocks fall. You can’t match sideways, you
have to match the columns. It’s agonizing. Yoshi does nothing in this game. I have no idea why it’s called that. This game is a shame because it’s the only taste of Yoshi we get on the NES. There is a multiplayer but
it’s the same (beeping). This is the NES version of
the Donkey Kong arcade game. Because of hardware
limitations, they removed the cut scenes that you
saw in the arcade version. And, they removed the conveyor belt level, which is significant because there was only four levels to begin with. Now there’s three. Also, everything’s a little
stretched out on the screen. Otherwise it’s a vine port. This game is great for novelty. It’s the first time we ever got to play as the now famous Mario. As a game though, it’s hard to recommend over the other great games being offered. It feels like an Atari
game more than an NES game. It controls very poorly. A lot of early games are like this, so it’s not the game’s fault. But, it’s not my problem either. Play it for novelty, otherwise skip it. Dr. Mario is like a (dinging)
version of Puyo Puyo Tetris. The object is to get rid of the viruses, not to clear the whole screen
like you might be used to. There’s also a multiplayer
where you can race a friend. But, in the grand scheme of everything the NES has to offer, again,
why would you play this one. Another arcade classics
game, not to be confused with Super Mario Bros, Mario Bros has you knocking shell creepers from underneath, then kicking them while they’re down. It controls better than its
arcade classics counterpart, but it ain’t no Super Mario Brothers. I think this is another
case where the game was only included for it’s novelty, and to show off Switch
Online’s multiplayer. I think it’s only worth
playing briefly with a friend. I have fond memories of playing
Balloon Fight multiplayer. It’s the same as the single player, just with an extra person. But, be careful, because you
can pop your friend’s balloons. Unless that’s exactly what you wanna do. The floaty physics makes this game a lot of fun for a quick session. And, you can certainly cause a lot of yelling amongst your friends. There’s another game mode
that has you navigating through obstacles, but
it’s not nearly as fun. Although I enjoy Balloon
Fight, I don’t think it’s an entirely
necessary game to try out. Ice Climber, not to be
confused with Ice Climbers, is pretty good, it’s like an
endless tower climbing game. It controls well for a
game that came out in 1985. And, the hazards aren’t frustrating. If you die it’s your fault. The multiplayer is a
great selling point here. I like when the multiplayer is the same as the single player, just with both players playing at the same time. So, this is one to try out
with a friend for sure. Especially if you wanna know where the ice climbers came from. Excitebike is a Nintendo staple. You might’ve seen it
poking around as a trophy in Smash Brothers, or maybe
you saw it’s influence in Labo. I think it’s a great game. It feels like the current trials games but, obviously, more dumbed down. There are two modes, time trial, and a race against CPU players. You have to kind of ride the ramps and make sure you land with
both wheels flat on the ground, so you don’t bounce around
and slow yourself down. It’s actually pretty fun. There’s even a map editor, so you can create your own maps. It ain’t no Mario Maker, but keep in mind, this is an NES game, in fact it was one of the worldwide launch titles. I think it’s a great game despite what Jason Schreier of Kotaku
said, for seemingly no reason. Maybe he didn’t get how it worked? There is no multiplayer, so you won’t be playing this one with a friend. Gradius is an early
addition to the shmup genre. Shmup’s are known for being
very hard, and pretty brutal. But, at least this one has
moderately forgiving checkpoints. Once you’re out of lives
though, that’s it, you’re done. It’s a good game, I
recommend checking it out. But, you probably won’t
be playing too much of it, unless you’re an insane person. The multiplayer is the take turns style, so don’t even bother. Double Dragon is a great beat ’em up. Will loves this series. Now, you might be thinking, Double Dragon, oh I can play two players
on the same screen. Wrong, this is another one of those take turns situations. It wasn’t until Double Dragon
2 that we got actual co-op. But, this isn’t Double Dragon
2, this is Double Dragon 1. There is a game mode that turns the game into a fighting game. But, that’s the most multiplayer you’ll be getting outta this game. Anyway, it’s a pretty
good single player game, I’m just giving it sass. It makes the most out of
the two buttons it has by giving you the ability to punch-kick, jump-kick, regular jump, pick up weapons. The boss fights are even creative. Check it out, it’s worth checking out. A side scrolling spooky
game, where you have to fight your way through graveyards
and other spooky places to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend. Yeah. Ghosts and Goblins is a good example of what early NES games are capable of. It’s a 2D side scrolling action platformer that let’s you shoot
projectiles at enemies. Swarms and swarms of enemies. It’s notoriously hard as hell. Don’t expect to get past even
the first part too easily. I, myself, gave up very quickly. And, I am amazing at games. Aside from its insane difficulty, I think it’s definitely worth a play. Multiplayer, again, is a
take turns multiplayer. And, that’s no fun, so
play it by yourself. By the way, Switch
Online allows you to play any of these games with a friend. That means that you can give the controls over to somebody else via online, or you can have them use a
cursor to show you things that you’re missing, where
to go, stuff like that. River City Ransom is the
better brawler on the NES. It might look a bit
cuter than Double Dragon, but it controls slightly better, and thanks to the more
simplified graphics, it allows for two player
co-op on the same screen. So, this will be a great
addition for Switch Online. Otherwise, it’s pretty much
the same as Double Dragon. There is a currency and upgrade
system that sets it apart. You can store health
items in your inventory, or purchase upgrades
that let you do things like punch really fast. It’s definitely worth checking out. And, if you’re looking for
a great multiplayer game, this might be the best one
Switch Online has to offer. This game was so good that Robin Williams named his daughter after it. The original Legend of Zelda set the tone for the rest of the series
that you probably love. Honestly, a lot went
unchanged in later games. Your A button is your
sword, and your B button is your special item that can
swapped out on the pause screen. The whole world is yours, you can fight any dungeon in any order. You can get all of the heart
containers first if you want. You’ll need a walkthrough lest you waste your days wandering around
this pixelated world. It’s a pretty tough
game, but if you’re a fan of the Legend of Zelda
series, and you’ve never given this game a try, I
implore you to give it a shot. Hopefully, in the future, Switch Online will give you a chance to try out its far superior Super Nintendo successor. But, for now, I think it’s very important that you play this piece of history. No, there is no multiplayer in this one, unless you want someone
to walk you through it. So, what was presumably included solely for how good of a single
player game it is. My favorite game of all time, number two, I bumped it to number two, that’s how much I care about you, I
put this at number two. I love it for its simplicity. The way the game subtly teaches you how to play without saying a word. It’s the easiest game on this list to just pick up and play. There’s a lot you could do here. You can play the game very linearly and defeat the enemies one at a time to get from the left side of the screen to the right side of the
screen without dying. Or, you can find secret
power-ups and shortcuts. Sometimes, it’s even more
rewarding than beating a level. Try to beat the whole things as normal, then go back and find some
secrets to make the game faster. Unfortunately, it only has
take turns multiplayer. Mario wouldn’t get co-op in a
mainline title until the Wii. The original Super
Mario Brothers came with nearly every NES console. But, if you didn’t grow up with one, then this is a must play. But, not nearly as much of a
must play as this next title. Not my personal favorite
Mario Brothers game on the NES, but it’s
clearly the better option. Super Mario Brothers 3 improves the Mario formula drastically. This game pushed the NES
to its absolute limits. It’s by far the best looking
game on the platform. It also controls better. The jumping physics work better. There’s so much more to explore in these different themed worlds. Of course, you could also just beeline it for the end, if you uncover
all of the shortcuts. There’s even a primitive inventory system that allows you to
power up before a level. This might be the best NES game, period. It’s certainly the best
Switch Online has to offer. Unfortunately, again, it
has take turns multiplayer. But, as a single player
experience, it can’t be beat. Hell, I’d pay $20 for this game alone. If you’ve never played an NES Mario game, and you could only play one,
this is the one to play. Obviously, I recommend
playing the original first, so you can truly appreciate both. There’s some debate online whether or not Super Mario Brothers 3 is better than Super Mario World, it’s
Super Nintendo successor. I think both sides have
some valid arguments. I think Super Mario World refines the formula a little bit more. But, you have to give
Super Mario Brothers 3 a lot of credit for even
being able to compete with such superior hardware. Every Switch Online owner
owes it to themselves to check this one out, no
matter how old you are, no matter how you were raised, no matter what games
you played as a child, maybe you still are a child. Go and play this game. If you got it on your
Switch, why the hell not? And, that’s not all. That’s just the games that
we’re getting at launch. In October we’re not really
getting anything good. But, in November we’re getting Metroid, which is also one of the best games that the NES has to offer. In December we’ll be getting Ninja Gaiden, or what I used to call Ninja Gayden. This is a must play if you’re a fan of the Switch game The
Messenger, or games like it. There’s plenty of great
stuff coming our way. This is a great collection of games, and I understand that not
all of you are NES fans, so this doesn’t exactly
justify forcing you to pay $20 a year to play
multiplayer games online. But, I’m happy with the offering. If you aren’t an NES fan
and you’re still getting Switch Online, check out the games that I just recommended to you. You might as well, you’re
paying for them anyway. So, what do you guys think
about these NES games that we just got, or
Switch Online in general? Are you passing for some reason? Are you happy with what we’re getting? Leave it in the comments
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