Real-time Poker software Advisor PokerReader. Initial setup. (subtitles)

Hello. I’ll show initial setup in the PokerReader software Because many people have a misunderstanding with this In order for the program to know the situation on the table and show the necessary preflop charts or gto postflop solutions or save the hand history … first you need to specify the coordinates of the screen areas from which the program will read data, i.e. stacks, bets, cards, etc. Open Table Settings and leave one checkmark, for example, only read stacks so that it is easier , save. Open Table map. On the screen we see a drawing of red rectangles that indicate the read zones. The first stack is ours necessarily and further clockwise, with bets or names similarly The coordinates can be set manually, after that, click the OCR debug checkbox to redraw the coordinates on top of the screen. Or you can use the pointer form, for this we click on the desired field, it should be highlighted in red, then click on this button At the place of coordinates, a pointer form appears, which you can move and resize, then press the button a second time to save the coordinates. When the coordinates of the stacks are indicated, we check in the program window that everything is recognized correctly. Further similarly with bets, cards, etc. The program can simultaneously read up to 6 tables, which tables are read marked with ticks here If you need to adjust the coordinates for another table, mark only this table, then open the Table Map and similarly configure the coordinates for it. Naturally, the next time you play, the tables should be in the same places. if nothing read, check scale display settings. It must be 100%, otherwise the program will not work. In different rooms and on different computers, the cards, fonts of stacks, bets may vary, in addition, there may be different interface modifiers and layouts. if something is not recognized – you just play with the OCR log checkbox, then send me OCRlog file in which unrecognized characters will be saved. file OCRlog.bin will appear in the program folder after closing it And I will add new characters to the program memory and everything will read ok. Play with OCR log checkmark until the program sees most of the cards or numbers, well, about half an hour is usually enough. And press OCR debug so that the coordinates are visible and send me the screenshot where the table and the PokerReader window are visible. These checkboxes are needed only for tuning, then we play without them. If the charts are not shown or the history is not saved, etc. or it is shown incorrectly, almost always the reason is that something is not correctly read, we check this first of all The second question that is often asked is how the program can work from another computer and why it is needed. Rooms such as PokerStars, PartyPoker, GG Network, 888 automatically check which programs are running on your computer … and if there is a prohibited program, then you can easily get banned, such bans have already happened. In general, in these rooms it is better to never run this program on the same computer with the poker room Well, if the program is on another computer, then of course no one can find out about this. In all other rooms, you can probably use it on the same computer, at least there was no one reporting a ban or warning for this software To work with another computer, you need to connect from the computer where the PokerReader and other programs to the one where the Poker room. It uses a remote desktop, which is the most convenient, well, or you can use any program for remote access. Those. here we see the screen of another computer in this window, from there the program reads the data. Try not to overlap tables with other windows. If you don’t have a second computer, you can use a virtual machine or a rented server. Well, or play in other rooms, where they do not check and do not ban for it. Thank you for your attention, I hope it will be useful, my skype and link to the trial is under the video.

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