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if you guys don’t follow me on Twitter
now is the time and I see you are a rook I will be giving away one to five
percent of every tournament I play for the next two months all you have to do
is follow me on Twitter follow these instructions on the tweets
and you will have a chance to win hundreds or thousands of dollars for
free that’s all you got to do follow me on Twitter wait for the tweet I’ll
randomly choose a winner it could be Threepio frequencies and back Congrats to today’s winner it’s 5% of
whatever I cash for in this event good luck us be encore $230 30k
guaranteed it’s Saturday starts every Saturday at noon we’re getting here at
2:45 lay your edge till 420 blaze it this is a one-day event
let’s win all the chips around 4 o’clock in the morning we’ll be tired but the
adrenaline will be pumping and it’s gonna feel great let’s get it see three
with line sets 100 300 300 cutoff opens to 700 small blind calls I have Jack 9
offsuit in the big blind pretty easy defend flop comes eight eight four two
of spades one heart I got the jack of spades small blind checks before I can
check original RAZR bets out eight hundred he’s informed he’s betting on a
turn I check letting the bet stand he says I don’t care small blind folds and
I put in the check raise to 2500 started the hand with 15000 revit and eight
pocket fours flush draws straight draws mainly 1/8 he makes it 5500 he’s saying
he’s got an over pair and doesn’t care if I have an eight and I lay it down I
asked to see the bluff and he shows me king 10 of clubs all right
playing some Street poker here the blinds at 200 400 400 action folds to
middle position and makes it 1,000 local reg2 calls behind him I’m in the small
blind with King jack off and twelve thousand five hundred chips I put in the
call the flop comes Queen ten eight with the ten eight of Hearts I believe checks
to the original raiser makes a 2500 both players call good jam definitely can’t
fold I’d like to call this time we’ll see a turn turns the ace of diamonds I
believe very wet action-packed board don’t want it to check through so I
shove all in for 8,000 original RAZR folds fun player jams 16,000 other guy
goes deep in the tank having him covered and eventually calls with East 10 and we
have video all right fresh off a rebuy we went a
few small pots I still have our eye on the fish who’s
playing real fish he opens to one thousand button calls were in the big
blind with King nine off definitely Colin vs. guy flop comes nine six three
all hearts I don’t have a heart but we do have top pair I checked to the fish
who bets seventeen hundred other guy calls and we put in the call the turn is
a black deuce a beautiful card unless he has exactly four or five we checked the
fish who shoves all in twenty four thousand big over bet other player folds
and actions back to us I have twenty two thousand chips facing this over but can
I fold top pair of course I can’t fold top hair I call he shows East King with
the King of Hearts let’s hold the river is an eight of hearts a nice taxes weary
by again with blinds at two hundred four hundred four hundred action folds to the
cutoff big stack loose player makes it twelve hundred
I got a fresh fifteen K and I looked down it pocket queens in the small blind
make it five thousand ago elderly gentleman on my left
snap shoves thirteen thousand original RAZR folds and we put in the call old
Caucasian has pocket kings the board runs out all bricks and we double him up
with a stack of 6,400 blinds are two hundred four hundred four hundred local
reg Mike opens to 1k fish calls I’m on the button with East five of diamonds
the Nueces so of course I Jam all in for sixty four hundred Mike folds and fish
calls with pocket fours the flop comes ace ten eight we got them two hearts
turn is a nine of hearts the fish says give me a heart he does
not get a heart but he gets a four and we bust again 200 more dollars please
floor man at the win we’re now in for eight hundred and thirty dollars win
will the paid end the one good thing about having to rebuy it repeatedly is
at the wind the floor man will come around take $200 cold hard cash from you
you don’t have to get up and they just give you 15k more chips very convenient
really stops people from people from just busting out of the tournament and
going home you’re in the seat there’s no additional rake except for the three
percent dealer fee on this rebuy so it’s a great value let’s win some races and
bill the stack I have exactly ten thousand chips at the
end of rebuy period with the wind Reba rules if you have 10k or less you can
rebuy $200 for 15k chips and at the end of late reg you can add on 7500 chips
for $100 I like to do both Max Payne I now have a stack of thirty two thousand
five hundred and I’m in for one thousand one hundred and thirty dollars an
all-time-high were setting records at the wind more dedicated than ever to
take this down and win my money back with blinds at 600 1200 1200 I get moved
to a new table right in time to be the big blind that’s okay middle position
limps button limps small blind shoves 9k I looked at pocket sixes and a 40k stack
don’t think the other guys are too strong let’s call it off with a pair the
other two players fold them up against ace Jack he flops a jack and we double
him up we now have 30,000 chips I shove ace eight suited on the button
for just over ten blinds the small blind Paul MacLean suited and we hold the blinds that 1000-2000 get back from
dinner fold a few hands and then I looked down at ace Jack of Hearts 55,000
starting stack we’re gonna go with the men raise four thousand ago action folds
to the button a Caucasian male aged thirty with some air pods in names Chris
makes it 13,000 to go action folds backs me and I have a decision do I shove call
or fooled I think all options are reasonable I’m leaning more towards
sharper or fold being out of position with a relatively short stack dips I
haven’t seen him three bit light so far so as much as it hurts I’m gonna give
him credit and fold I asked him to show the bluff and he doesn’t show but I
don’t think he was bluffing shout out to Chris nice hand one orbit later I open
to 4,000 width East 10 off suit middle position action folds the big blind who
puts in the call the flop comes Queen 9 for two diamonds he checks I bet 4,000
and he quickly puts in the call I have some somewhat of a live read on him
don’t think he’s very strong at best he has like a 9 maybe a straight draw flush
draw type of hand when the turn brings in offsuit 3 he checks and it’s time to
earn the pot ace I might be good or he might be able to fold them off his
equity I barrel 10,000 setting up a river jam allegedly he quickly puts in
the call the river is a four he checks and I don’t see a reason to keep
barreling if he missed one of his straight or flush draws a size good or
he’s gonna be sticky with this 9 or queen we check behind and he shows
pocket eights good read blinds at 1 mm I’m under the gun with
Jack ten suited a pretty hand pretty thin open here but we got to make
something happen I make it four thousand action folds to a sports betting guy who
makes it 16,000 in the cutoff I fold and he claims he has Queens good for you get
a few marginal shoves through to pick up some blinds got to survive with blinds at two thousand four
thousand I’m in middle position seven handed and look down at East eight
offsuit a premium I shove all in african-american male in the small blind
puts in the call after getting a count he shows pocket threes we’re off to the
races the flop comes ten ten deuce rainbow I
feel a double board pair counterfeit coming the turn is a deuce there goes
that and the river is a jack and we’re out of the encore two hundred and thirty
dollar rebuy over sixteen thousand dollars her first we’re in for eleven
hundred and thirty dollars a record for me feels really really bad man congrats
to the five percent winner just kidding you get zero dollars stay tuned for
future giveaways the field was very soft so that’s a good reason to keep repaying
Plus I’m here if I have an edge on the field I should keep putting money in
it’s just two hundred dollars at a time it’s not that big a deal in the future
though I could avoid Masri buying by Mac slate Reggie at 420 getting in for 230
plus the $100 add-on for twenty two thousand five hundred ships going to
four hundred eight hundred also a valid strategy but being that short stacked
the pressures on to double up quickly win some pots or else you’ll kind of
just be blinded out until next time make sure you hit the like and subscribe
button it helps the channel a lot

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