Recovery – Minnesota Problem Gambling Program

Music Plays ♪ Life in recovery is a way to experience the world. Does it ever get easy? Does it every go away? Well, yes and no. It’s easy every day and it’s a challenge every day, because we continue just to take it one day at a time. I am pretty sure I am not going to gamble today and I am pretty sure I am not going to take a drink. Recovery offers emotional, physical and spiritual health, okay. It’s a way to look at myself and say, ‘Now I can think about my relationship with my family, and think about my relationship with my
community and I can think about my relationship with God.’ I am just grateful that we made it and she stayed with me, and because there is not a lot of… we’re in the minority, those who are addicted to gambling and their marriage survives. We are definitely
in the minority. I just look forward to growing old with you. We have grandchildren now and stuff, and I look at… to me, I am a guy that the glass is half full. I just try to find the bright spot every day and I try to live every
day to its fullest. I am not real happy with the guy that I once used to be. I like the guy I am today a whole lot better. My marriage to Diane is selflessly giving, not selfishly taking. And that is awesome. And I will tell you that I am probably the most spoiled woman in Minnesota, and I like it that way. The most positive thing was the changing of the way I looked at things. You have a choice to be brand new today. You can start your day over whenever you want. Your brand spanking new. It doesn’t make any difference what you said or what you did in the past. The only thing that counts is today. In fact, the only thing that counts is this moment. You can be brand new. It’s your choice. ♪ Music Plays ♪

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