Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Breakdown Analysis

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35 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Breakdown Analysis

  1. Are you going to play some of the older GTA games on your channel, and can you consider doing the side missions for GTA Chinatown Wars with cutscenes?

  2. I feel like the Story will kinda be like gta The main Character gets betrayed by his gang And he goes after them or The Main Character and His Gang try to Survive the outlaw life

  3. Would be fun if the world map is the same as in GTA V, just a lot of decades earlier, since that river in the teaser's beginning strongly reminds me of a Fort Zancudo's nearby swamps and overall terrain.

  4. Just one detail though about the interaction between animals in the first Red Dead Redemption… I definitely witnessed interaction between two specials many times. Cougars chasing and bringing down deer, wolves attacking bears and even domestic dogs at settlements killing, not the regular vermin, but the domestic chickens there! Believe me I have been a RDR fanatic!

  5. by the way guys who can guess the new name for money cards for Red Dead Online? one thing for sure, if u want that War Horse u better be ready to purchase 25$ card or spent 100 hours of playing.

  6. by the way guys who can guess the new name for money cards for Red Dead Online? one thing for sure, if u want that War Horse u better be ready to purchase 25$ card or spent 100 hours of playing.

  7. At 2:24 I always thought that kind of looks like the place beside the military base in GTA 5 but that's just my opinion.

  8. Ok not looking to far into it but I wonder will some of the animals have young and be male or female? Some of the buffalo look bigger and darker while others looked smaller and lighter colored. I know this is just a small trailer to the game but just a curious thought. God this game needs to hurry up and get here

  9. Dude just search THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN music theme. Their theme cover somewhat matches to the seven guys riding on horse in this game. It was an old movie i guess.

  10. Just imagine if this game would be set in world war 1, at 1917 the us entered the war, and somehow jack became us army and fight in the western front…
    IF this game is a sequel…

    But if its a prequel, i want to play as all the former dutch gangs and i want to know the backstory of all the gang member, also i hope, one of the gang member was fought in the civil war and spanish-american war…and play as him

  11. Got an idea for it(probably wont be tho since it says 1 protagonist): 2 characters: An outlaw and a lawnan. They will be the main boss of the game. At the end there will be a similiar scene such as in GTA V mission: Bury the hatchet. Trevor and Michael were aiming at each other. There was an angle where Trevor was on the left, Michael on the right and the camera in the middle. The sane scene would be the ending of that game: Outlaw on right, lawnan on left. The game tells you to press LT (shoot as the lawman) or press RT (shoot as the outlaw). If you would choose to kill the outlaw you would become the sheriff of the town.
    This would aroznd the end of the game. With the lawman (if u let him live) there would be maybe 10 more missions. As the outlaw maybe 5 more missions. Maybe even a 3rd character who is friend of both of them. He would be at both endings still be playable BUT if you kill the lawman, he would become a lawman later as well (the 3rd dude) and if u kill the outlaw the 3rd dude would still remain as an outlaw, taking over the place of the killed character. Whatever which ending you choose the 2 characters wont be friends anymore. Both ending could be canon endings unlike in gta v. There theres 1 real ending. The reason is for that is this: where u kill michael but Wei cheng+the fib will still want trevor and lamar could be killed by stretch. And if u kill trevor lanar could still get killed by stretch+ cheng kinda wants michael dead as well
    Let me know what u think about my idea about this game ending.

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