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Church: Hi, I’m Private Church from the popular web series Red Vs. Blue. Sarge: And I’m Sarge, from the same show. Y’know, back in my day, multiplayer gaming used to be a little different. Church: Now, in the modern days of gaming, you don’t even have to know a single person to get together an awesome match. Sarge: However in some point in your life, you’ll find yourself sittin’ down on a couch, next to some other people, for some good ol’ fashion gamin’. Church: And these in-person encounters can be rather awkward. If you’re not prepared. Sarge: That’s why we would like to present our handy guide, The Gamer Etiquette! Church: The place where you’re most likely to run into problems, is the dreaded controller hand-off. Sarge: When your friend hands you a controller, you are likely to run into a few possible problems. The first being what’s known as: The Hot and Wetties. Church: Intense gaming can produce higher heart rates and thus, higher body temperatures. Sarge: And thus sloppy, sweaty palms preheating your controller into a steamy, moist smush factory. Church: This may be a level of intimacy for which you are unprepared. Sarge: To protect yourself, we recommend packing a set of fingerless gloves to any LAN party. They’re fashionable, and they’ll leave your fingers free for successful playing! Church: Annnd more importantly to prevent the unwanted transfer of human warmth from your friend, to you, thus fueling your body using his metabolic process. Which when you think about it, is kinda gross. Sarge: When you say it like that, it IS gross. Church: And also so you don’t have a situation where you get covered in your friend’s moist hand slime. Sarge: Also it’s possible that your friend will let you borrow their own controller to play the game. This may also cause an- unfortunate situation. Church: The existence of shitty third-party controllers means that your friend will be faced with a choice: He can give you the nice, first-party controller, Sarge: Or he can settle you with the extra-small controller made of some kind of- plastic-paper-hybrid with four triggers and rhythm game attachments. Church: But, even in a situation where the controllers are the same and equally as good, you can still encounter some uncomfortable situations. Sarge: The worst of the scenarios is the dreaded inversion discovery! Church: Let’s just say you like your controller to be the NORMAL setting, where up is up, and down is down. Sarge: And why wouldn’t you? Church: Sarge, we’re not here to pass judgement. But let’s just say your friend, prefers an inverted controller scheme. Where down is up, and up is down. Sarge: What is with some people?!? Church: Sarrrrrrge. Now, discovering that your friend prefers the opposite controller scheme, can be one of the strongest tests of any friendship. Sarge: It may cause you to question everything you know about the person! How can they think in this backward manner?!? Are they retarded? DO I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEM AT ALL!?! ARE THEY RETARDED!?! Church: The important thing is to not react too quickly. This is no good for anyone. Sarge: Butttttt, take some time, contemplate what you’ve learned about your friend, and yourself, Maybe the way you looked at the world has been wrong all this time! Church: Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that, uh, an inverted controller just makes sense. I mean, that’s how planes work, right? Sarge: Most games aren’t flying games though. What about driving games? Church: Driving games don’t have an up and down. Sarge: Yeah! But they could! Church: Then they would be flying games! Sarge: What about FPS? You don’t look up in real life to look down! Church: You don’t use a controller in real life! Sarge: Shut up, Blue. Church: Oh hey Sarge, this is for you. Church: Check it out, buddy. Sarge: Ah, flipping me off, huh? WHY DIDN’T YOU POINT YOUR FINGER DOWN!?! THAT WOULD MAKE MORE SENSE! HAH! Church: Oh, shut up.

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  1. i use invert well…cause imagine your looking down at your head like its a controller toggle, if you pull it down then your pulling your head back and looking up, likewise, if you push it forward, your tilting your head forward and lookng down…make sense?

  2. The main reason why some people use the inverted Y axis, is because they dont see to control as a tool, but also as an extention of their bodies. The brain take the stick of the control as if it where the spine. If the stick goes "down", the brain says that you must look up because is the natural move of the spine. In short the people that play with inverted controls should be considered normal because of their perception of the world with their bodies… btw also use inverted

  3. They left out a key thing…something SO important, but is ignored by everyone nowadays. Anyone know what this is? You probably know…GAMES THAT ARE MEANT FOR TEENAGERS WHO ARE 17 YEARS OF AGE AND ABOVE CAN ONLY PLAY THOSE GAMES! KIDS WHO ARE 12 SHOULD JUST STICK TO MINECRAFT AND MARIO KART! Thank you.

    P.S. I realize I put that in Upper case letters, just to show how much I hate squeakers….

  4. Or when your friend wants to play single player online and doesn't want to give it to you.

  5. Well, what if I'm on PC guys? What then?

    (and to answer the community, yes, it is possible to convert Halo to PC. I haven't done it, but many of my friends have.)

    Also, Xbox has you pay for multiplayer. The internet is free for gaming use here. No money required.

  6. inverted controller? Caboose's gift to the world, besides incredible stupidity combinded with non intenional humor.

  7. My controller scheme is pretty weird. For most games I like it standard, but only on games played in 3rd person do I like an inverted X axis and normal Y axis.

  8. i used inverted controls because i was in to flight sim's way before fps's also most ps2 era fps's inverted is default. honestly i dont see how you could get used to non inverted.

  9. The y-axis for planes is inverted for a reason, it would be difficult to maintain let's say, a dive when you have to push the stick further towards the ground. This is because of gravity and unless you fly upside down 24/7 whenever you fly well then it applies.

  10. it said gaming online, but they only talked about a few things for local. And those things only involved controllers

  11. The closed captioning has an error here. Sarge says "it'll leave your fingers free for successful fragging". Captions say "playing".

  12. Until games stopped having the option I used to play inverted legacy. People didn't like taking my controller.

  13. The situation of inverted controls was my biggest gripe about no man's sky. I realize I fly with inverted, and walk using normal. I had to switch constantly.

  14. Actually with what Sarge said at the end that humans looking isnt like inverted controls isn't entirely true since the way our eyeballs work we see everything upside down but our brain helps us flip the images to bring it so down is the way gravity is going towards, like say if you stayed upside down for a few minutes your brain would make it so you see the right way up but when you stand up again everything will be upside down and will change back to normal in a few minutes. The point is im trying to make is we see everything technically upside down so human do have an inverted looking control…somewhat

  15. isn’t that Epsilon and not Church…? Ahh who cares they are basically the same (since they were both Alpha A.I)

  16. This tips would have been helpful if actually owned and played a Halo game and owned an XBox so as to not wait till I see my friends.

  17. Inverted is the only thing that makes sense. You are moving a head/ view window up and down, not pointing at something. The fact that they ever added non-inverted to video games is a travesty (all old games were inverted by default because that's the only way that makes logical sense).

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