Review ESBC masternode PoS coin and Betting Platform for Cryptocurrencies

Hi there today, I’d like to pay attention to eSport betting coin project, which is a very prospective blockchain based ecosystem Now this online betting has quite drastic issues in particular major members of the market don’t want to adapt to new trends and technologies Neither do they want to perform open and transparent operations? That is why is ESBC team is working on a brand new project Their direction of development has been formed in such a way that they can provide the average battery with the following conveniences Anonymity minimal number of said part is betting speed and decentralisation Low commission due to rejection of traditional financial systems All of these conditions are successfully implemented with the help of the blockchain technology can sequenting create in ESBC They also set up the best conditions for those users who already defensive bets and cryptocurrencies Also ESBC presents 4 tiers masternode system Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum The 4 masternode deposit system simplifies the own nas launch for the users minimizing expenses for extra resources and time during launches of further nodes We will go even deeper and test the betting platform using ESBC native coin for betting on a random odd For convenient use of the betting platform. There was implemented the possibility of registration and login in with the help of social network accounts such as Vkontakte, discord, Facebook ,steam in contrary to the other popular online betting companies Identity verification on the platform is not required. Let’s deposit. Our coins to ESBC platform from Graviex. On ESBC go to deposits Copies the wallet address and just paste it in the address line on graviex I’ve already managed that, we will deposit the whole amount of ten hundred coins. And of course your 2factor code You can see the money is gone and the transaction status is seen below, on ESBC in deposits You will see the pending transaction give it 10-15 minutes to go through Okay, so now we’ve got our coins and let’s make a bet, for example DOTA We have two teams Keen Gaming and Navi I will bet on Navi they were given some hope lately I’ll put 500 coins and to the right hand in the green box You will see the amount of money you will get if your bett place successfully my case It’s 2000 coins in that section You can now see the bets you made The game has ended and we now see a pleasant surprise in our balance In that section, you can see that our bet played successfully. Thanks Navi Let’s now withdraw our coins Go to graviex copy the wallet address paste it in the pop-up and this amount of coins it was withdraw Here you also have to wait for transaction to go through And basically guys that’s it As You see the service works fine all transactions go smooth, and I really like the convenient interface Also ESBC pays a lot of attention to community orientation, which is cool who doesn’t like to be heard, right? The platform is transparent and anonymous at the same time, which makes it rather safe and with such a quality I can clearly see the potential for future growth of this ecosystem Thanks for watching guys. Make safe bet and stay cool. Bye

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