Rob Yong Brings The PAIN To John Duthie | S5 E30 Poker Night In America

– From Playground Poker
Club in Kahnawake, Quebec, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat jazz music) (chips crashing) What’s up, guys, and welcome
to Poker Night presents Party Poker Live at
the Playground Poker
Club in Montreal. We’ve got a brand new
lineup for you tonight, and everyone is in for 10 grand, a 25/50 with an
optional straddle. – [Dealer] Straddle 100. – It’s gonna look
super good on TV. – This is easy, big blind John. – What did you have
John, two sixes? – [Announcer] Action folds
to Jon Duthie on the button, and we have a straddle in play. – Straddle 100, yeah. – Chartier straddling it up
to 100 dollars under the gun. – Okay, okay. (upbeat jazz music) – And Jon Duthie’s
gonna make it 250 on the button with
ace five, off suit. – It’s the ’09.
– He doesn’t remember. He doesn’t know who you are. – Of course I do now. – [Man] Eight hundred. – Just be polite. – I’ll have a look. – [Dealer] Call. – What’s my range? (laughing )
– Pretty wide. – [Announcer] And
Duthie is gonna make a pretty late call here. – You’ve got the home advantage. – [Man] Six. (distant chattering) – [Announcer] Duthie,
having none of it, thinks he might be
up against a bluff. Gonna call and take it
away on some later streets. – [Dealer] Check. – You’ve played
some of that John, and now you’re gonna
try and nick it. (laughing) – You know me too well. – [Announcer] Duthie
bets 1200 on the turn. He’s essentially saying
that he either has a jack or some kind of stronger king. Those hands aren’t too likely. Chartier decides to call. – I like it. – Six pair is the
board and both players now have jacks and sixes
with an ace kicker. Why settle for half though, when you can go for
the whole enchilada? And Duthie’s firing
the river, 1600. – Sam, just do this. – Yeah. – You’re tryna pass, yeah? Too late then. – John, you’re a beast. – Duthie with a little power
poker here out of the gate, showing these young
guys what’s up. Poker night is brought
to you by Sit & Go 2.0. Go to and claim a free Sit & Go
2.0 Strategy eBook. (poker players chattering) Matt Glantz looks down at pocket
sevens, makes it 300 to go. – Twice on, twice on. – Can I get a cocktail? – Duthie looking to
ride the hot streak, ace, jack, just gonna call. Wouldn’t mind maybe
seeing a three bet here against Matt’s open, but
call is also acceptable. Yong decides to take flop
as well in the small blind. (poker players chattering) – Now we got a pot. – Five what, hundred
or five thousand? – Five thousand. – [Announcer] Always good
to let your opponents know how much you’re playing. (poker chips clicking) Jack, eight, three, two clubs. Yong flops the nut flush draw. – [Dealer] Five hundred. Call. – You and me, eh? – Heads up. (distant chattering) – [Dealer] Call. – Duthie calls once again. The ace on the river
improves both players’ hands, but it’s a much better card
for Duthie, who now is top two. Yong improves the top
pair and bets 2000, thinking it’s likely good, but unfortunately, it is not. – All in. – Tough spot right out of
the gate here for Rob Yong. Improved the top pair,
tried to get some value. And you hear the two words
you just don’t wanna hear. – I don’t think I’m winning. – Oh yeah. – You might be. – I’ll take a– – Did he hit your
ace on the river? Ace of clubs. – I have ace ten. – Ace ten of clubs? – No, just ace ten. – Just ace ten? – Is that winning? – What am I gonna say? Actually you have ace ten. You bet out on that board. If you don’t have
ace ten of clubs, what could you possibly have? I think you’ve got eight three. That’s more like it. – Are you beating eight three? – That’s more like
it, eight three. – Are you beating eight three? – Look at the board man, look. (poker chips clicking) Two pair. – [Man] Call. – Ace, jack. – [Announcer] Quick
early double for Duthie, making moves and the
hot streak continues. Yong won’t re-buy though to
get back into the action. – Matt Glantz straddles this
to 100 dollars under the gun. Yong wants to make it known, hey, I can stack anyone
of you at any point, reloads to 50K. – Gimme the 25. – I think if you miss the one,
you give it to the dealer. – [Announcer] And Elliot
Smith wakes up with ace, king here in the big blind. Matt Glantz looks
down at ace, queen suited in the straddle and
doesn’t even debate playing. That is a very
conservative play pre-flop. – Now it looks bad
if I play the hand. It looks like I saw the
hand before I straddled. I straddled each time. – [Announcer] We’re
taking a three way flop after we get two calls. If you’ve got ace, king, this is your worst
nightmare for flops. Middling board,
connected flush draw. – I’ll tell him I make sure. – I’ll tell him. I
like that sell but– – If he slows up the game,
we’ll just get rid of him. – [Announcer] This is some
Hollywood-ing from Mike. – You know that’s
my board, don’t ya? – I’m gonna get there though, but alright I fold. – [Announcer] Throw
’em in the muck! (upbeat drums music) – Guys, you can’t
win by folding, you let me steal too much. – Welcome back to the
Playground Poker Club, where Rob Yong is
double straddling to take us back
down to the action. (poker players chattering) Poker night is brought to
you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. – And then they’ll
start getting busy. – Mike’s just surveying
the situation. – Then he won’t have
any chips by then. – Then it becomes
like a mathematical genius thing.
(laughing) – Really? Okay thanks a lot. (laughing) – Oh, you’re re-raising? – Yeah, yeah. – [Announcer] And the
price of poker is going up. 2100 dollars to go. Certainly on the small
size for a re-raise. Yong reaching for chips. He’s coming in for the call
with the ace, queen suited. – [Dealer] Two
thousand one hundred. – Let’s go boys. – You get in the middle of this? – Well he’s in the middle of it. (laughing) – Interesting. This
is interesting. – [Announcer] Ace, four, deuce. Huge flop here for Chartier. Flops top pair and
the nut flush draw. – Check. – And Duthie, despite
having, by far, the best hand pre-flop, – Seventeen. – is drawing to only a
single queen now in the flop. Discipline check fold
here, though, from Duthie. And you know what, honestly, Yong’s hand in this spot
is certainly under-repped. It looks like he
has a weaker holding when he checks on the flop. Hard to imagine he has a
hand as good as ace, queen. Off suit nine changes nothing. In fact, this is one
of the most brick cards that we could even get. Basically no hands
have improved. (distant chattering) (knocks table)
– Check. – The board bricks off in
a very safe way for Yong. He has to know his ace, queen
is virtually always good and goes for some value to
the tune of 5000 dollars. – You look in pain. – I don’t think I can fold. – He might’ve hit your four. – [Announcer] See, ace,
queen can be played, Matt. You maybe wanna add that
one into your arsenal. – Sorry I’m not after you. I’m after him. (laughing)
Apologies. John Duthie bumps
up to 300 dollars and you might be
asking yourself, why don’t we know what he has? Well, the answer is, he doesn’t
know what he has either. – You don’t have to
play every hand Rob. – [Announcer] Not sure if
Yong picked up on this, but he’s re-raising
with a king, nine. – That could’ve got
brutal from here. I would’ve got hurt. – I’ll let you hang yourself. Careful, I don’t
wanna see your hand. – And Duthie taking a flop. Still has not
looked at his cards. Not a good flop for Yong, but when you’re up
against two random cards, you can’t feel that bad. – [Dealer] One
thousand five hundred. – We still do not know
what John Duthie has here. – Did you win that hand? – Now would be a pretty
reasonable time to check, but Duthie is a man of instinct. Sometimes you just have to call. – I would’ve tried to
peel a card out but– – Six of hearts on the turn. Will Yong continue firing? (poker players chattering) – [Man] Check. – You checking or you raising? – Now would be a nice spot
for Duthie to go for a stab. – I check, I check. – [Man] Check. – I know what he’s like. Usually I’ll bet
with marginal hand, then he’ll just come
straight back at me. – [Announcer] River
jack pairs the board. Yong has not improved. He still has just king high, but will he take
a stab at the pot? And honestly, we don’t even know if he has the best hand or not, because we still
do not know what John Duthie has and
it is the river. – [Man] Check. – Yong checks it over to Duthie, – Three and a half. – who bets 3500. (distant chattering) (poker chips clicking) And Yong makes the call. – I don’t know.
I haven’t looked. – Well, let’s find out
what you’ve got, Duthie. – Four. – Okay, that’s not good. – And a three. That’s also not, I
believe we have a term for that in the biz, it’s called the nut low. – Wow. – Yong must have
immediately picked up on the fact he
didn’t see his cards. Otherwise there’s no way you can make that call with king high. Pretty bold play to not
look at your cards pre-flop. Don’t know if we’re gonna
see too much more of that, and Matt Glantz
wakes up with the second best hand in no
limit hold ’em, pocket kings. Now, Duthie has
seen his hand here, and it’s not a
particularly good one. – [Dealer] Raise nine hundred. – He’ll never fold. – Never. He’s coming after you. – We’ll have to get a heads up. – Yong cold calls the
three bet with big lick. – That may seem it
would scare us away. You really don’t wanna
play this hand, do you? – He makes it 3300 to
go on a stack of 10,000. Now Matt Glantz
has a tough spot. Does he ship quickly,
does he celebrate now? Does he celebrate later? He looks almost happy
to put his money in. You can’t feel good about
that with the nines. – [Dealer] Six
thousand five hundred. – Well now I know you’ve got
nothing, I’ll fold as well. – Sorry, Duthie, but
your ace, three garbage has to get out of here. You too, Yong. – Six point five. – Good luck guys. – Just call or are you all in? – I’m all in. – Ace king or– – That ain’t gonna mean
(bleep), you (bleep). – Kings against nines,
the classic flip. Good flop for Matt Glantz,
doesn’t have a nine, but Lefrancois did pick
up the backdoor diamonds. Not gonna matter
on the turn eight. He’s dead to a nine only. Matt Glantz’s kings hold up here against the pocket
nines of Lefrancois and now he is up over 10,000
dollars on the session. Matt Glantz doubles
through with kings and we’ll be right back
to Poker Night after this. (upbeat jazz music) – Duthie straddles under the
gun to a hundred dollars, and Mike Dentale wakes up with
pocket queens under the gun. Now we see some of the
signature aggressive style for Dentale coming in
with a limping to the pot. Yong, sensing weakness,
raises to 400 dollars with complete garbage,
eight, three suited. Unfortunately my friend, you have fallen into
this man’s trap. – Call that, call that bluff. – Duthie makes the
call on the big blind. Now, Mike has a
great spot to raise. (poker players chattering) He makes it 1200 to go and Yong has to realize now
that this was a mistake. Well, apparently
not, what do I know? Let’s just take a
flop, guys. – I’ll arrange it so wide. – Matt, I gotta get snapped off. They both called twelve hundred. – [Man] Twelve hundred? – Oh (bleep). (laughing) – Mike runs worse than
anyone, so give him a break. – Matt needles Mike before the
flop about how bad he runs, and then both of his
opponents out flop him, including the
eight, three suited. That has to hurt. Action checks to
Yong who fires out a huge bet here, 3500 to go. Stacks aren’t too
deep, he might decide he just has to go
with it right here. Meanwhile, you can see the tilt setting in on Dentale’s face. – Make it nine thousand. – [Dealer] Raise, nine thousand. Fold. – I noticed that. It was a hundred
percent that hand. – [Announcer] And this is
all Hollywood from Yong. – What’ve you got? Eight nine? Suited? – [Man] Not much. What can you have? – I could’ve flopped
a set of threes. I could have a straight draw. (distant chattering) – Okay, I’m all in. – [Man] Wow. – [Dealer] All in. – Here we go boys. – If it was a slow roll, you’ve got most of them. – Let’s show. – They both flopped me dead. – You wanna spread
em in front of ya. – You play with some
(bleep), you do. – Exactly. – Great. – Nice hand. – No king. – Duthie now needs a jack, a
king, or a running board pair to take this one down. Dead to now only a king. – Put a king down. – He’s got an ace. – Put a king. If you can hit that,
I can hit a king. Oh, now that hits it there too. That’s so sick. That is so sick. – Yong quickly back to
even on the session, which reminds me of
the proverbial saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, buy and buy in again.” – Mr. John, I’m gonna
be your favorite, yeah? – Shut up. – Nah, I’m being
straight with you. (laughing) – Literally. – There’s a phrase in poker. Never go broke with
one pair, yeah? Just remember that, okay? – He made two pairs
on the river though. – I mean, how can you
re-raise me on the flop. He’s only getting
called by bet up. I mean like. – Go ahead and show. – You could have so much there. – [Announcer] Duthie
re-buying, fresh 10K in play. Getting his massage on. – Two hundred, two hundred. – Opening it up with
the six, four, off suit. Classic John Duthie things. – It’s just bad play. Everyone’s tryna
put their change in? – Duthie made it 200. Dentale comes along with
the nine, seven, off. Yong, of course, getting in
the mix with jack, six, suited. We’ve got a lively table here. Elliot Smith also makes the call on the big blind
with queen, six, off. – I’m glad you guys invited
me to this game now. – [Announcer]
Queen, eight, seven. A little bit here for everyone. – That’s a great
expression, look at him. – Shut up. – (Laughing) Look at
the expression there. – Five hundred. – [Dealer] Five hundred. Call. – What the hell. – John bets out
500 with actually the worst hand of
all four players. – I can’t. (laughing) – I feel so sick. – People who watch this will go, thank God I’m here. – Turns a ten,
giving Yong a flush. Everyone’s stone dead. The question is, how
much will they lose? – Fifteen. – [Dealer] One
thousand five hundred. Call. – I give you some
money back, yeah? – [Announcer] And
Yong makes the call. – I feel bad. – No you don’t. – Don’t make it too
expensive on the river. – Alright, I won’t. – Weird river for Duthie now. He hits a straight, but
it’s the bottom end of one, and the flush is out there. – I call. – I’m not qualified to say
what that was on the river. It looks like it might have
been a bluff or a value bet. I’m really not quite sure which. – Lesson number four. (laughing) – Oh my God. I just hate this guy so much. I have to work with him as well. – When there’s three of the
same color on the board, it’s called a flush.
– Stop it, stop it. – And the flush
beats a straight. – Oh my God. – I’m straddled, yeah? – I understand why
it happened because– – [Announcer] One more,
Duthie back in action. – Take a long time. – [Announcer] How much
pain can this man take? He’s gonna have to slow
it down a little bit. (poker chips clicking) Duthie raising it up
with king, nine to 300. – [Dealer] Call. – Oh I can’t bear losing to Rob. I can’t bear it. – Ace, queen, off suit
here for Lefrancois. And he makes it 1100 to go. – [Dealer] One
thousand one hundred. – Duthie not going anywhere
with a king, nine off suit. I hope he’s ready
to pump the breaks because he’s been
playing pretty fast and pretty furious
so far this session. Ace, three, deuce, top pair
second kicker for Lefrancois. And nada for Duthie. Seven hundred to go. Duthie’s having none of it. Now, he might think
that was a good card. But sadly, he’s only
eight percent to win, and his opponent
is about to drive the value hammer into a stack. Even though Duthie has
improved on the turn here, I think it would be a
pretty solid play to fold. – [Dealer] Raise, all in. – But what do I know? All in it is. – I gotta win some
money back somewhere. – Call. – Nice hand. – Duthie is doing to money
what Dentale does to T-shirts. – Oh those pairs
are after all you. (uptempo jazz music) John Duthie felted
again in a bad spot. I feel like it’s time for
high tea and a breather, because Jonathan is steaming. We’ll be right back to
count stacks after this. – So far this session, our
big winner is Rob Yong, coming in at plus
37,000 dollars. Matt Glantz also up 11,000. Jon Duthie down
30, our big loser. With a couple other people
down seven to 10,000 dollars. If you want more Poker Night, you can find us on social media, including Twitch and YouTube, where you can find
full episodes, live streams, and
exclusive content. Also, do not forget to
download our free poker app. You and your friends can have
your very own poker night as well as a chance to
win a seat in our show. Search for us in the app
store and download it today. Search for us in the app
store and download it today. For everyone here at Poker
Night, I’m Doug Polk. – I limp, raise three,
call twelve hundred. Snap, snap. And I was dead. – I can’t think
of a better flop. (chips crashing) – [Announcer] Brought to
you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal and Sit & Go 2.0. – Nah I’m being
straight with you.

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  1. Yong shouldn’t talk during the game for other players and then gets schooled by Duthie. More money than brains Yong

  2. "always good to let your opponents know how much you playin" – i think torelli isnt your opinion dude 😉

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