Roulette Anka Program – 1080 p YÜKSEK BAŞARI !!!

Hello friends, we have gone to our room now,
and I have done the analysis before, we have made our first login analysis, now friends
have come to our first part, I have analyzed in my program, we have come to the point where
we will make the first bet, now my friends, I have 2 4 6 8 9 numbers, I will bet 9 numbers,
see friends, I am increasing the bet a little like this 9 I bet on the number and I say
friends, I have tested it in about 100 games and I got 100% success and I say that I will
win the worst 1 spin in 5 spins so one of these numbers will come, I claim this and
now let’s spin the spin, let’s just spin it back and let it turn slowly. I claim that I got success 10 came, we lost
in the 1st spin, now I am spinning the 2nd spin, now we pressed 90 TL and we lost now,
now I will enter the 3rd spin, now I am increasing the stake to 10 TL. let’s make double again
26 came and we have won friends see I said about 100 games what happened in 1 game this
strategy has won now friends will be what we will do after that I will continue to take
these bets but I will get a little less 5 11 there is closed okay friends like this
less I will continue to take these bets with the amount, I will continue with another 10
spins. Yes, we got our winnings. We already had a profit of 800 TL. 19 came. We did not win in this. I guess we will win in 5 spins. 14 came. We could not win in this. Let’s do not lose time too much, we have won
11 won, we have won again in the 3rd spin, friends now I will enter my latest numbers
into my program, let me give some friends friends yes now we continue without betting
yes right now I’m going to hit the numbers 27 and 22 right now yes right now friends,
I will press the numbers 10 and 25, I will press the numbers 19, I will also press the
numbers 9 yes, now it has risen to 672 again and again I continue to get the same way yeah
right now we have won once again 21 came 21 I am entering 21 I will bet on the number
21 I will bet 2 friends hello, now there are the numbers my program has given me. 27 programs gave me 27 points and says to
me, my brother says before that I give an example when this analysis comes out. In 20 games, I won at 20 in 20 spins. So the statistics tell us that there are 27
points you will win the bass, now we will print together. Let me give you another explanation, you know,
I am a programmer, I am a statistician, I am escaping to the mathematics of this business
and I am not a gambler. Do your job logically and base your work on
a foundation. I base it on mathematics and statistics. I base it on algorithm. I do not know what you base it. Don’t just act with your luck. Test it before playing. Test yourself. If you succeed many times, then whatever you
do, you load your balance, you risk your money, but do not do anything without testing, do
not go to nothing, do not do this, do not do this. How do we test this with our friends? In the meantime, friends will enter with the
real balance day is March 7, we bet with our real balance on March 7 with 5000 TL. I can even make a live broadcast, we can even
broadcast the live video and play our game together with this 5000 TL.
now we turn it 1 in 1 we have to shoot it, we have to win directly, let’s see, let’s
dig it blessed and I say, I translate it, I hope it will win 100% before that, when
I get the analysis in this way, all of them had won, they added one more to them, I love
you very much I base it on the algorithm I do not know what you base it, just do not
act with your luck and test it before playing, test yourself, will you test it, test it? Do not go directly and do not go in vain without
doing anything. we are making a good balance with our test
balances. We will play our game at the same time, we
have a lottery, if you want to join it, let’s know, let’s turn it now, we have to shoot
1 in 1, we have to win directly, let’s see, let’s dig it blessed and I translate it, I
give it a chance that it will win 100%. We have added together, I love you very much,
take care of yourself

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