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Hello, and welcome to Rounder University,
I’m UnexceptionalRounder and thanks for taking a couple minutes to find out what this poker
community is all about. Rounder University is a community focused on Texas holdem poker
strategy and training. While the focus is online poker, all the principles here apply
to live poker just as well, and many current members play live poker. The value proposition I am committed to offering
through Rounder University is that it is and will always be 100% free poker training and
strategy information. I fully disclose all my affiliations and never let them influence
poker software or poker book reviews.Channel Trailere Weather you enjoy reading articles, watching
videos, or just chatting about poker in the forums there is something here that you can
benefit from. I always try to add value to my YouTube subscribes and website members
experience through free coaching, giveaways, and high quality strategy videos. I love taking
suggestions to improve Rounder University so please let me know what you are looking
for. If you are new to poker or even if you don’t
know how to play, all the resources are available here to teach you the game, and get started
on the right foot. I am constantly trying to improve my own game and pass the information
on to you, so click the subscribe button and head over to to register
and start getting involved in the rounder community so you can start crushing your Friday
night home game, become a force at your local card room, or make a career playing poker
from your lawn chair. This is UnexceptionalRounder, thanks for checking
out Rounder University, head over to the forums and introduce yourself, subscribe, be sure
to check out the poker show Friday nights, and get grinding!

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