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Hello everybody. So you wanna build a gaming PC that costs
30,000. Well, this video is for you. SO believe it or not, 30,000 is actually the
sweet spot for gaming. Most Indian gamers prefer this. To be precise, 79.8798% of gamers. Ok, that’s not true. I just made that up. Please don’t dislike this video. So as I was saying, 30k is actually a sweet
spot because you don’t spend a lot of money and you do get some good value for your money. So without any further ado, let’s go ahead
with this video. So for the processor, I’ve picked the Intel
Pentium G4400. Now this is based on the latest skylake architecture. This is a dual core processor. Now I know what you are thinking. Why would I pick a dual core processor? Well this processor may be a dual core but
it actually smashes all the performance charts. It actually beats most quad core processors
from other manufacturers. Believe me, this one is amazing. The single core performance of this processor
is equivalent to that of the i3, i5 or even the i7. So for the motherboard, I’ve picked out the
Gigabyte GA-H110M S2. You may want to write that down. Honestly, please write that down. Anyway the links to all of these parts will
be in the description so you don’t need to worry about it. So this motherboard supports our processor
with the LGA 1151 socket. This has USB 3.0, it supports DDR4 RAM, it
also has 4 SATA connectors and it also has an option for front USB 3.0. SO if you’re cabinet has USB 3.0 ports, you
can actually connect those to this motherboard. Now, for the RAM, I’ve picked the Kingston
8gb DDR4. Ok, all of this stuff is a mouthful. I really have a hard time keeping up with
these. Believe it or not , the RAM also affects gaming
performance. You can check out videos made by DigitalFoundry
and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Now coming to the main component of our build,
the graphic card. For this, I’ve picked the Zotac GTX 750Ti. In one take… WHAAAT!!! Anyway, the reason I’ve picked this card is
because this card is Legendary. LEGENDARY!! OK, sorry for that, I got a bit carried away. Anyway, this card is a total bang for buck. This card costs 9-10k and it’s worth every
penny you pay for it. So just go ahead and pick this card up for
yourself. Now for our storage, I’ve picked the WD Blue
1tb. If you see the current generation games, most
of them are very large in size so you definitely need 1tb of storage to actually store those
games. Now, for our PSU, I’ve picked the Corsair
VS450. Now I know that this can be a bit overkill
because we don’t actually need a 450w PSU. But please don’t cheap out on your PSU. The PSU is actually the heart of the build. It’s what powers the whole system. If you cheap out on this and the PSU gives
up, it could actually blow up your whole system. So not only would you lose the PSU but all
the other components as well and that would be a big loss. Also having 450w is actually future proof
because if you decide to upgrade in the future, you won’t have to swap out the PSU for a new
one. And coming to the final component of the build
is the cabinet. For this I’ve picked the Zebronics Storm. Now I know that this is a bit of a cheap cabinet
but we really are on a budget here and this does get the job done so I said, why not. So now that we’re done discussing all the
parts, lets actually see how this PC performs. So if you’ve played Crysis 3, you know how
beautiful it looks. With the rig that I’ve currently recommended,
you can play it at Med settings 70 FPS. Next on the list is Ryse: Son of Rome. Again, a beautiful game. You can play this at Med to high 35-40 FPS. Then comes AC Unity. You can actually play this at High 35FPS. If you plan on playing Witcher 3, you’ll have
to tweak with the settings a little to get a custom config, but you can play as high
as 50 FPS. Next on our list is Battlefield 4. Now this is an amazing first person shooter. You can play this at almost high 50FPS. And last, who doesn’t love GTA. So you can actually play GTA V with med to
high 45-50 FPS. Now I actually wanna give a big shout-out
to Gaming for fun. This guy has the exact system that I’ve shared
and he’s been uploading vids of gameplays to show how the system actually performs. That’s where I got these stats. So definitely go check him out. Now, something that I’ve been reading about
is that some games like Far Cry Primal just won’t run on a dual core processor. So you may need face an issue with the G4400. Now actually this can be fixed with a patch
and I think it already has been, but if you still don’t wanna take a risk, you can actually
buy the AMD FX-4300 instead. But keep in mind, if you the FX-4300, you’ll
actually have to change your motherboard as well as you RAM. Alright, that’s it for me in this video. I hope you liked what you saw. If you did, make sure you hit that LIKE button,
if you didn’t, dislike. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT and
let me know what you’d like to see next. Until then, Goodbye!

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100 thoughts on “Rs.30,000 (30k) Gaming PC build with gaming performance – TheBrirontech

  1. for 30000 man get a g4400 costs 4200 h110m s2 from gb cost 3800 2 kingston 4 gb sticks costing 3700 and get a 120gb ssd 750evo to be exact for a boot drive a vs450 from cosair costs 2400 any case with 1 intake and e xhaust fans 120mm to be circle cc819 from 2400 and get a 1 tb 7200rpm hdd from Seagate for all games and gtx 1050 for 9700 and hdd will cost 3200 and ssd will cost 3400 and u will build an outstanding pc for 35000 because i made it myself and i buy all stuffs from mdcomputer instead of buying from amazon and just from all those will cost 37000-40000 on amazon and my total bill on md was 34583 so i saved quite a lot of money

  2. hey can I play gta 5 and call of duty series in this pc?if I can then which fps or resolution it should be.plz reply me,thank you.

  3. pls someone suggest me for a good monitor+ good sound card……

    i dont know if im wrong,,, but pls do provide me with this information…. thanks.

  4. bro your information about fps is wrong
    in gta 5 high settings with 900p gives 57-60 fps and even more . I can't say more ask my monitor is of 60hz.

  5. +brian rumao will it be fine if i replace the graphic card with asus rog strix rx 460 oc with this build or should i use the one in the video or can u suggest a better one

  6. DONT CHEAP OUT ON POWER SUPPLY and then say use corsair vs series #facepalm dude . idk why none of the indian PC building guides use that power supply and probably nonce of them see the PSU tier list or anything of that sort and just pick a power supply from corsair as it is a famous and reputed brand but th VS SERIES SUCK so better spend 500rs more and get a decent PSU even tier3 goes well for us atleast

  7. hey Bro! I just wanted to tell you that the case that you told us in the discription is currently sold out and I'm planning to build a PC in feb end..pls give an alternative..anyway thanks bhai

  8. can I use msi gtx 760 2gb oc edition instead of zotac? will i get the same gaming experience as in gaming for fun channel or better or lesser?

  9. Hi nice videos of you thank you for giving help to builg gaming pc and now i am asking that can u build for 25000 gaming pc for gamers

  10. Nice video man…😊

    Helped me a Lot!!!
    Maan F**k the typical judgemental Indian stereotypical MotherF**kers and rest of em!

    I think your English is pretty good and soo is your Presentation!
    ya kno what they say…
    "If you ain't got no Haters You ain't Poppin Nigga!"

  11. Hey. loved the content. nice editing.

    I'm planning on building this exact pc for my parents. ( overkill much? lol) the reason i'm picking this is because I want it to be futureproof for a decent amount of time.
    the questions i had were:
    Im planning on using a dual storage setup with an ssd for the OS and a sata hdd for storage. would this cause compatibility issues with the board you have suggested?

    also, will all the cables be included by corsair to complete the build?

    and finally, are you running the stock cpu heatsink? would you recommend an after market one?
    and which thermal compound would you suggest?

    thanks in advance.

  12. you told that far cry primal can not be played in a dual core processor. but the gaming for fun guy had played far cry primal. how it is possible. he had made gameplay of farcry primal with his dual core cpu

  13. hello!! i want to buy another cabinet..but i am confused ..i want to know if any other cabinet can be used for the configuration…if possible plz suggest me a slik and beatifuk cabinet under 3500

  14. I liked your video because your'e the first person to mix some funny comments with tech. I subbed. Also you may check my channel.

  15. Can u give me some more names of games that can not run on a dual core & dual thread processor……Reply fast please

  16. Fuck dem haters. I dont know much about these pc stuff (but I like to play games) you've explained well for my understanding. 👍

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