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TDCSH now show you how to make a
cansino roulette … Casino say … A homemade roulette with half the numbers
a real, but just as fun Place your bet, spin the roulette and crosses
fingers especially tailored for use with
a marble, This casino game will give you hours of fun Build your own home roulette casino Today TDCSH To manufacture the first casino roulette
You have to download the templates you have left in the video description You can also download this and all
templates our videos, totally free on our website: Start cutting white edges
Insoles board Straight with a knife and a ruler Curves with scissors Templates board will thus The paste on a cardboard in this
order Then we cut the cardboard is left with a
knife And that’s how we have With roulette do the same First stick one half Then the other and cut But we stuck in a square cardboard
A little bit bigger To take advantage of its outline Mark a line 2 cm. the hollow
Roulette has left We cut for a cardboard ring
like this And booked for later To give some weight to the wheel and
rotate more will use a piece of wire We rounded to surround the
template So We turn and stick to the wire
cardboard instant adhesive Then we perforate the center of the
wheel brand that has And we enlarge the hole to fit one of
these pens Roulette turn to need a bearing
or bearing as this You can get it from an old skate,
Spiner an old fashioned or a skateboard We place the right bearing in the center
circle board And mark its outline Then we draw a square inside
circle In this way When we cut us mark the square Thus the bearing not rub with carton
round We have told you to use one of these pens
because we will use the outer housing to the axis of the wheel But we only need 8 cm. So we will cut the rest The axis set to enter the center
tread And with instant adhesive will stick
careful not to stain the rest When we dry sized washer
wire ballpoint And we introduce well We place the shaft in the mark made in
the board And stick to this with instant adhesive Just outside, so that the bearing can
turn right To verify that everything is fine, we introduce
wheel in place and turn But still stick to the axis Before we will make some changes This template is in the center of the wheel But first stick to 2 or 3 layers of cardboard To have 1 to 2 cm. thick Cardboard cover with a strip of cardboard
so you will not see To stick to the wheel we open a gap
as ballpoint We put glue on the bottom I introduce all on the shaft so that it
well aligned But still not hit the wheel Before we take four rectangles of construction paper 4 cm. wide and more than 10 cm. long We join with glue the four rod
this way For a more rigid plate Then we make marks to 1 cm. one another We connect brands making zigzag lines And with a knife cut by lines We need 19 of these triangles Each of them will stick in one of the
lines between the numbers And the central cylinder We will wheel well And we can stick on the board Then we will cut these two templates Sticking to a card first And cut two equal pieces also
cardstock One of these parts will stick half
one of the templates well aligned In the other half will stick the other template The union should be best No potholes Then we joined the other two by overlapping ends
about 2 cm. the align And we cut two at a time So the board will be perfect We will stick to unite them behind the other
piece of cardboard We will look something like this A ring with a slight tilt inwards We place upside down on a flat surface And we put up cardboard ring
Subject to top will be left over an edge of cardboard inside
carton We will serve to align the two rings We glue the carton cardboard for this
silicone interior edge thermofusible Outside the rings will be separated
by tilting it has the cardboard This will make the marbles fall inward This is the position of the ring But separated from the wheel so that it can
turn To give just separation will measure
the wheel height And cut a strip of cardboard 2 mm. Far higher than We cut a few squares of this
strip The stick to the outer edge of the ring cardboard
in this way Then stick to the board so that
rim and wheel are well aligned For wall cut a strip roulette
cardboard of 5 cm. high And long enough to surround the roulette
full The adjust the board and attach it to
ring inside We have a wall to turn the marble But it’s too thin So we go round a cardboard strip
the same size And with wavy in this regard To make it much easier to shape
rounded We stick to the cardboard carton leaving
as tight as we can After what we line with color cardboard
we want To top it off the top we use a
piece of thick wire As we cut and paste both ends
to form a ring Others us we will paint Then we stick to the wall cardboard
silicone To cover the joint between the cable and the wall
We use a cardboard strip of another color The stick just under the wire We can also lined with cardboard the
edges of the board And finally stick the logo of Club TDCSH
in the pen tip Our casino roulette is finished You can play with poker chips Real Money Or you can do like us and play with sweets If you bet on red, black, odd or even, and
guess right, you get twice what you bet If you bet on a single number you will take you
18 times your bet, If you do numbers 2, 9 times the wagered And if you play 3 numbers, 4 times what you bet You can not bet more than 3 numbers
Same time Place your bet Spin the wheel And kicks the canica If you liked our share them Roulette
in your social networks, leave us your LIKE And do not you channel We have many videos that are sure you will like

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  1. mi numero que me da suerte es el 7 por que siempre gano y porque nadie de mis hermanos los elije y eso me da oportunidad de elegir el 7

  2. Muchas gracias me ayudaron a salvar una tarea de mi hermana, quedó super!!!! Que pena q no se pueda subir acá la foto.

  3. Hola excelente video.. ¿como puedo obtener las plantilla …el link me muestra un error … gracias

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