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what’s up guys Jeff Boski here! going
forward I’m gonna start including a special segment into my vlogs which I
like to call Boski’s favorite things I’ve done a lot of research on a lot of
different things when it comes to household products foods and I really
found the best thing in the category what I mean by that is the best bang for
your buck the best for you health-wise or economically today we’re going to be
reviewing health aid kombucha you might have heard of Abuja but a lot of you
aren’t familiar with what it does it’s a probiotic tea with many many billions of
particles in it which happened to be yeast and bacterial cultures may sound
scary but your gut really needs these things it may not taste great but of all
the moochers out there I believe that the Health Aide pink lady ample is the
most palatable let’s give it a try before you drink this kombucha make sure
you give it a good shake most of the contents really go to the bottom so
shake it up and then wait a few minutes before opening it because it is
carbonated do not slam this kombucha take maybe one ounce drinks of it for
about an hour until it’s gone oh yeah Cheers kombucha your stomach will thank you the
Boski’s favorite things segment was brought on by a lot of viewers that I’ve
met in person or have contacted me through email that said they really
appreciated my filet mignon cooking tutorial I’m not a cook I’m not a
professional chef I don’t know what I’m doing in most capacity when it comes to
cooking food but I did a lot of research on how to make a great filet mignon at
home of course there’s a lot of snobs out there that are set in their ways
that say oh no you need some basil you need some time need to sous-vide it with
the bag and some water no Cyril sides throw in the oven a little bit of butter
it’s all about timing it’s all about temperature it’s just chemistry people
if I can pass on these things and help a lot of people out I think it’s worth it
so thank you for your one minute of time hopefully you learn something on this
segment of boskie’s favorite things no tournaments today instead we’re
hosting a meet-up game that’s right at the Encore slash win property my
favorite poker room in Las Vegas special guest star Ryan Depaulo degenerate
gambler the collaboration he’s in Vegas he can’t
stop cashing tournaments I can’t stop breaking tournaments let’s play some one
three No Limit Texas Hold’em at the Encore win poker room potentially I mean
you could beat me at this meetup game every 30 minutes we
do a $10 per man bomb pot and I throw a little something special in the mix
that’s right a different hat every time really juice in the pot let’s see some
action you ready for this action bomb pause number two will Joe hit a set
again and Jack’s ever close all right already the hacker carry over
with blinds at $1 $3 under the gun plus one opens – $10 I’m next to act under
the gun plus two with pocket jacks great spot to 3bet isolate the original RAZR
we don’t want to play a four way pot with jacks there’s gonna be a dam over
card every time so we make it 35 to go next to act is Ryan Depaulo who puts in
the cold for bet $85 what’s here Evan action folds to the small blind my buddy
Smith and he says two words all in two hundred and sixty four dollars a very
rare cold five bet the game is pretty crazy a lot of action people are here to
gamble original RAZR folds its back to me and what do you do with pocket jacks
here I’ve about 450 dollars in my stack Oh and sometimes you just got to know when
you’re beat jacking come I fold the jacks Ryan de pollo isn’t happy about it he
puts in the call he has ace three of spades
Smith has pocket queens the flop comes King Jack deuce we would have flopped a
set the turn in river our bricks we would have busted both of them I blocked
pocket threes and all types of stuff we made a good fold you can’t be results
oriented and our DP is now stuck basically seen it as the Colossus there
it is all right the meetup game has gone from no limit to dealer’s choice
this hand is a pot limit Omaha hand I see a flop with the ugly 10 10 8 3 King
at 10x all Spade flop so we call a bet or three ways to a turn it’s a brick I
check RDP bets get shoved on can’t really call with middle set here we
could be up against pocket kings or definitely some sort of made flush we
lay it down our DP calls they both have a flush and here’s the river everyone’s get your shirt today I got
custom-made little break from the meetup game going to get some food at tacos el
gordo many hats for one many stacks were lost now it’s time to nourish ourselves
and bring back some fur Ryan de pollo beef brains for Ryan Depaulo he said
give him anything I said beef brains twice he said sounds good zoned in when
he wants the gamblers like yeah so we’re gonna get we’re gonna give him a special
taco and no one laughs when he bites into the beef brains thank you right what taco are you eating the cat
taco as close it’s called Sesos it’s Spanish for brains after eating some
tacos I come back to what is transpired into a $2 $5 half triple draw half pot
limit Omaha game so the action is gonna be fast and furious it’s about midnight
we see a flop with the king queen 10 7 the flop is 10 10 3 with 2 clubs I put
in the sea bet and get raised pot what is he repping ace 10 pocket threes a
flush draw all possibilities we do have the king kicker we definitely a boat out
we don’t block any flush draws so I decide to go for it and stick my $500 in
the middle he snap calls he has Queen 10 with two clubs the turn is a seven
boding us and the river is a brick and we scoop a $1,000 pot this guy popping the champagne just one
50k or so in the wind $1,000 pot limit Omaha event baby
short stack and didn’t ever do work because other people do the work for me
he loved it thanks to that big pot limit Omaha hand
we booked a win of three hundred and fifty seven dollars really appreciate
everybody coming out it was a great time can’t wait for the next one when RDP
or Ben Deach or whoever’s in town let me know in the comments below when
you’ll be in town and maybe we can make it happen
stay tuned for the next vlog it’s gonna be epic

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