Ryan Fee Faces A BAFFLING River Bet. What Could This Wily Old Man Have?

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23 thoughts on “Ryan Fee Faces A BAFFLING River Bet. What Could This Wily Old Man Have?

  1. Looking at these comments no wonder Polk and Fee are millionares while the commenters play 1c/2c for 0.5$/h.

  2. Watched this hand again and it's a very bad fold on the river.. if he bet the turn and u wanna fold sure. but since he checked the turn and put out a small bet on rivers have to call. ace king would always bet the turn not wanting to give a free card. Total fucking fish fold on the river

  3. I forgot about this episode and just rewatched it. I'd love to see more cohosted poker hands – especially with fee

  4. Is KK not even a read here? Especially with the idea that the "old guy" has a nit range. It was a min 4 bet wasn't it? If I got 4 bet pre with JJs for me there are three hands: KK, AKs, AKo, AA. Since it was a min 4 bet (in my opinion) you can eliminate AKs and AA thus putting him on KK or AKo. Feel like the fold isn't awful, but at the same time sometimes you gotta just gamble (especially in a straddle pot). His line suggests that he was either nutted Pre-Flop or he was trying to grab the dead money in pot and he continued that story. I prob would have called but for sure a tough spot.

  5. What I do Know after hearing "You Know" said like 107 times is that just because you have a hand like AK or AJ doesn't really mean that you "Block" AA or JJ, KK ect with just that one "Blocker" card. "You know" how many times in my 16 years of playing NL that I've seen AA vs AK or /AK vs KK or/ AK vs KQ or /KK vs KQ or / AJ vs JJ or / AK vs AQ or /A10 vs 1010 ect ect ect…Analyzing this way every time isn't the best to approach it. Your opponent can literally have any 2 other cards at any given time. Its best to use a range of information when deciding on a call or fold, not just one piece. And if I have a gut feeling I'm beat or good, I'm usually going with that feeling regardless of pot odds because its been the most reliable for me personally. And most Older players are starting to play wider ranges that they never would have before 10-15 years ago. Evolution is a crazy thing…

  6. Dude, ya folded to a post oak bluff! Seriously though, if it looks like your opponent wants you to call, do the opposite. Can’t blame ya.

  7. I would probably be most scared of Barry having QQ and making a thin value bet. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if you call with JJ and that hand gets flipped over?

  8. Ya its a tricky river bet but crap most of my money is in there so i can fold and lose it all or i can call and lose a little more. ………. Or win it all, i know im a chump but i call, plus if i do lose, what r u gonna do next time this happens and i have the nuts and raise u?

  9. Ryan didn’t pay attention, Barry messed up by betting small at the flop. Someone who is willing to check/4bet pre flop and then has the nuts usually isn’t going to make a small bet there. They would wait till the river. The problem with smaller pairs like jacks is that you can easily be beat by higher pairs. Also, Ryan psyched himself out at the end by assuming that Barry was value betting. If Barry really had the nuts after the river, he would be willing to bet more money

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