Sample Hands in Omaha Poker : Sample Jacks Hand in Omaha Holdem

The hand before us now is some way similar
to the hand that we just looked at and in some ways different. What it is is jack, ten,
nine, eight, again is a gap straight draw and we’re double suited, but here the suited
cards have a gap. The jack and the nine are of hearts but they are missing the ten and
then you have the ten and eight which would have the nine between them. There are many
things I can make with this hand which are good. I can make a straight in a number of
ways as you can see. I can make a flush, I can even get to a straight flush. Now one
thing to remember is if I make a flush with either of these hands I need to put on the
brakes a little bit. Because it will not, the nut flush unless it is a straight flush,
so if you make a flush be careful definitely by all means see a flop with this hand.

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