Sample Hands in Omaha Poker : Sample Nine Hand in Omaha Holdem

Now we said that Omaha is a game of optimism,
it is good to see the flop in Omaha a lot of the time. With hands like this one you
want to see most flops but if there are raises in reraises in front of you, even your straight
potentials here and your straight flush potentials are tenuous at best I say. There are probably
somebody that has you dominated and probably there is a raise or reraise both hands have
you dominated. But let us look at this hand; you’re playing the ten and the nine which
are suited so we know that we can make a flush or a straight flush which would be great.
We also know that we can make a straight with this hand on the low end. You would be the
bottom end if you go nine, ten, jack, queen, king. You would be the top end if you go six
to the ten and then the rest of these cards can make a straight. Again what is working
against you is that you only got one suit and there is a gap between the nine and seven
so be cautious and see the flop.

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