Should I Quit Poker?

if you’re really looking for that next level? So, my next question is should I just quit like my part-time job and my business and eBay and just
focus on poker? Yeah that was the real, that was the real question
for you to ask and I’m glad that you brought that up. So.. The real question I have for you is why are you working for $18 or $20 an hour when you have a business making 50k a year? Why don’t you scale the 50k
your business to 100k? and just play poker, I don’t understand, and just
play poker on the side Why don’t you scale business from 50 to 500? I’ve been scalling that buisness, but never
thought about this Because, I mean, I got my masters and I was
hired by the same time I was in school, and that’s how it
started I was full-time engineer at school and then I found like this side business at eBay and Poker
at the same time so I had to like put some of my time into those two I mean the business on eBay and the poker so I
had to cut off the time from the my real job which was being a boss engineer That’s why it started to be a part-time and of
course it’s Yeah, you are right! If I’m only making that much
an hour I should quit that job but, I wanna make I wanna be sure that’s not the the wrong decision
that I’m making If I can only be sure that if I can go pro or semi-
pro and make i living out of poker, you know?
Can I just tell you what would I do if I was in your
spot? I would..
I would stop playing poker and I would focus intermittently meaning short-term, on my business and I would go all in on my business.
I would keep my job until I stabilize the business but my first priority of life
would be stabilize that business and I would get that business to
making 100k a year as fast as possible I would
spend all of 2019 doing that and I wouldn’t do anything
else, I wouldn’t watch Netflix, I wouldn’t listen to the AskAlec show, I mean you
should listen to the AskAlec show on SM, that’s the only thing you should do, is listen to
AskAlec and scale your business and I would focus on all my attention on that, I
would have no distractions, I wouldn’t go out like I would just do nothing except that,
because that is your ticket to complete freedom in your life.
You can do whatever the fuck you want in life if
you make 100k a year online and I mean that honestly, like
people look at my life and think like you have to make a
ridiculous amount of money to live a life where you’re traveling the world full-time,
like, if you make a 100k a year, and you control your time you do whatever the fuck
you want, if you’re smart with your money so I would focus all my attention on that and when I hit that benchmark, I would set goals
for myself, I would figure out exactly how much my ideal lifestyle costs which you can
download these sheets at to use the exact financial system I use to figure
out my ideal cost of living and get my finances in order, it’s totally free and I would focus my energy on that business and
then I would quit my job when my business was stable, and
then I would play poker on the side and I wouldn’t I would make extra
money playing poker but I won’t need to because my business fuel is my
life but that’s a really great spot to be because you know what’s cool?
it’s cool to be able to play poker but it’s not necessarily cool to have to play poker and I think people think that it’s cool to be a
professional poker player, but it is a lot of stress relying on a high variance job to pay
bills if you’re grinding it out at 2/5 and 5/10
It is a lot of stress if you’re not willing to go all-in on your business
that’s stable making 50k a year, you are not going to be willing
to go all-in on playing poker.
So poker is always gonna request a responsible
play from you when you have a business that’s making a 50k a
year, I would do everything I can and make that business make 500k a year
because the difference, the hardest part of a business, they asked the billionaire
What the hardest part of becoming a billionaire
was? Do you know what he told them?
The first 100k The hardest part about a business is making it profitable, scaling a business from 50
to 500 is so much easier than 0 to 50.
So you should focus all of your
fucking energy on that in my opinion. Okay, that’s not what I was expecting Yeah.
That’s the truth. So you mean just completely quit poking for
Yes it’ll be there when you’re done but you will be you
will be so much happier when your life is completely
financially free and you’re set up for the rest of your life because
you have a stable business that’s providing all all of your income and all that time that you have
channeled towards your job you can channel towards poker in the future if
your business gets to where it needs to be, but the business is the golden ticket.
You have an asset that 99 percent of people in the world would kill for.
Don’t waste it. What is your business? What are you selling? You are selling shit on
eBay? Oh, yeah. I sell electronics and laptops on eBay.
Yeah, there is absolutely no reason you can’t scale what you’re doing 10x
I don’t know what you do or how you do it, but if
you’re making 50 there’s enough people in the world
that wanna buy electronics that you can make
500 You just need to figure out how to do it.
You should spend all your time on that business,
my man. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is possible, but, as you
mentioned I have to figure out the way to scale it.
Then you also have to not give a fuck about
anyone what anyone else thinks, because there is
probably a lot of societal pressure on you being an engineer and you quitting your
job and having a degree and…
Hooow, sorry, I have to interupt you, but How did you know?
That’s my main reason that I kept that part-time engineering job.
Yeah, because I study people for a living My mother, she’s asking me that you got like a graduate degree, you should stay
with like engineering, stuff like that, you know Yeah, because you probably care about the
opinion of your parents more than you care about the opinion of yourself.
Am i right? That’s why. In order for you to do that, the voice, the opinion that you have in
your head has to be louder than everyone else’s in the
world combined So when I wanted to quit, dude, when I wanted to drop out of
college to play poker I was 18 years old You know how many people told me that I was
making the right decision? Zero.
Zero people.
Zero. There wasn’t one, there wasn’t a single person
that was like YES it’s a great fuckin decision, you should drop out of
your scholarship at SMU and go play poker for a living
This was like 15 years ago when nobody was playing poker either, there wasn’t like, there was
a few people on TV playing poker but it wasn’t like what it is today, but even today nobody would say
that was a good decision, cause most of the time
it’s pobably not, but I knew that I had an ambition to
be the best in the world and I knew that to get there I had to take
this leap right now or I would never do it I also knew that in a year I could go back to being a college student as
easily as you could go back to being an engineer and I knew that the only reason
that I wouldn’t take this action is because if I was afraid of what other people would say about me if
I failed and that’s when I said fuck it and you’re still living in that fear more than you
wanna do what you wanna do, so you’re not taking action but whe
that pain gets big enough or when you actually
get to a place where your confidence is high enough in yourself
and you don’t give a fuck what other people think because you live only inside your own head.
I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, I just mean that in in an intuitive positive place that you’re
coming from, then you’re gonna be in the position to make that leap,
but you’ve got to get to that place man Because you’re afraid about the opinions of
other people that you don’t know or that you people that whose opinions don’t really
matter, like I love and respect that you have a great relationship with
your parents or that you you’re close to them, but
like what they want for your life doesn’t matter as
much as what you want for your life That’s that’s the game, and you have to be able to
execute on that Alright man… Much love to you brother.
Watch GaryVee, his content is great Keep doing what you’re doing man, good luck to
you buddy!
See ya! Maaaan… I felt like it was that societal pressure.
So many people I talked to deal with that in poker I get that so often where people are like oh I want
to do this but, what if this and what if I fail, and what if that man there’s so much of that going on that I was
just lucky that my parents really instilled into me self
confidence that I could do whatever I want.
Actually when I was a kid my mom gave me this little plaque to read and it
said I am the only unique me that will ever be, I have
a power to make a difference in this world and I listened one other phrase and I just read
that every single day and like that really just instilled confidence in me that I can make it with
whatever I wanted in life, and I think that it’s like the best thing that a parent could instill in
a kid is this idea that to believe in yourself, because
ultimately like you have to have that conviction in yourself, because no one’s gonna
have it for you.
In fact everyone’s gonna tell you you shouldn’t do The thing that you want to do because it’s too
risky because they’re all afraid but they’re living in their own headsthat they’re not doing the thing
they want to do so they’re doing the job they hate
or the things that they feel like they have to do, because that’s
what society tells you to do and it’s all just a load of bullshit

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26 thoughts on “Should I Quit Poker?

  1. Torrelli professional poker playing is not for everybody….I wouldn't recommend it to anybody…just play for fun and extra income if you are good….

  2. Even if I'd heard this 30+ years ago when it would have done me the most good, I don't know if I'd have had the wherewithal to follow it.

  3. Man I love your analysis of poker hands and think your'e one of the best players out there but… ur comments here are absurd… 1. 100K per year is enough to have financial freedom? Maybe if you live in a third world country and have no wife, kids, cars, rent or saving plans… in any major city on the East or West coasts of the U.S. or Western Europe that is barely enough to live by yourself… 2. Scaling a business from 50k per year to 500k is easy? Really? Easier than from 0 to 50? Increasing revenues / profits by 10x? Have you ever tried that? Everyone I know who has done that says it takes years (like 5-10) of ball busting effort to even have a shot at that. 3. The quote is not "the first 100k was the hardest".. it is "the first million was the hardest" this quote has been around forever and they asked multi millionaires not billionaires… You shouldn't be giving potentially life changing advice to some random guy you don't know at all about whether, for him, poker or his business is a better option, because you don't know how he plays poker nor how good of a businessman he is. The general point that poker is a massively high variance, and often undependable source of income is a good one, yes, and if in doubt NOT choosing to pursue it for a living is probably a wise choice. I play and I agree. And to be clear I think you are one he** of a poker player, so no disrespect meant at all… but this is a guy's life you are commenting on…

  4. Simply put a person either has the drive to do this type of thing be it poker or grow a business excel at a career etc or they do not. I have never seen a person who is a not driven at all turn around and become driven to do anything. This guy seems to have the drive but no focus for that drive thus why he is doing half a dozen things at once. The advice I would give him is pick ONE thing to focus on, be it the engineering career, poker, or the business and focus on that ONE thing and drop the rest.

  5. Alec, a late comment here – I own my own insurance business, been at it for one year. I learned recently that I can win at poker beyond my home game – I won a local live tourney as well as a few online. This vid strikes at the core for me. I think many times we look for the distractions to keep us from doing the hard work, not realizing that going pro in poker is harder and more stressful. I am going to take your advice, go all-in with the biz, get it up to stable and keep poker on the side. I believe you when you say I will be happier. I also believe my poker will be better with a stable income from elsewhere. Thank you for doing what you do.

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