Should You Check or Bet for Value?

what’s up everybody throwback Thursday went through the archives see that some of the stuff we got some old school stuff and I went through this entire video and you know normally like I like to dissect what didn’t work that what doesn’t work today that worked back then and whatnot but I think this is pretty solid advice and we’re going to cover the river play where you know there’s spots where you either think okay don’t want a value bed here and get called by a worse hand or do I want to check and induce a bluff right and there was a game way back when called ace to five lowball single draw like a really gub game like you they used to play to commerce and you had to be like 85 or older to play it I think it was like the oldest people in the world right and it was basically a game where you couldn’t check raise and you had to bet a seven or better which was like a really strong hand so there was a lot of situations in this game where if you have like an 8 or 9 do you check and hope the guy Bluffs or do you bet and hope that he calls or raises you and I think about that because I think about how that applies to these types of situations in No Limit Hold’em or sometimes you’re on the river and you know maybe the hand got bet on the flop and it’s you know checked on the turn and you’ve got top pair well do you go ahead and bet it or do you try to represent yourself maybe some sort of bust to draw let your opponent bet it which is more profitable and in this video I think you know even though it’s old-school we did a pretty good job of covering that so hope you enjoy the video the video the video I’m gonna leave that in because what the hell bloopers right I was just talking about people over there so we can we need more blur per bloopers but the blooper that we had before this one not PG at all so we can’t add that one hope you enjoy this one see you next Thursday maximizing your profit on the river isn’t always about how much you should bet but in certain situations is about the following is my opponent more likely to call my bet or bet if I check to him the standard situation for this ploy is when you have a marginal – strong hand but feel as though your opponent either has you crushed or has missed his draw in these types of situations betting the river won’t do you any good since your opponent has you crushed he’s going to just raise you and when he missed his draw he’s just going to fold anyway let’s take a look at an example where checking a strong hand might earn you extra value where a bet would be less effective okay so you’re playing in a 10 $20.00 blind No Limit cash game and decide to limp in from the small blind with ace three hearts the big blind makes it 60 to go and you call the flop comes ace 10 4 and you check your opponent he makes continuation bet as expected and he bets $80.00 you decide to just call the turn card for our clubs both you and your opponent check the river compensated diamonds now this is a close call as to whether you should better check the river with your aces your ultimate decision should depend on your read of your opponent if your opponent is one that doesn’t really Bluff and you don’t think he would value about a hand like Jack’s queens or Kings then you should probably bet about 120 and hope to get a call however most players don’t fit that category and we’re not only value bet I have my queens they may also decide to try and Bluff the river by betting with a hand like Queen Jack I miss straight against the player like this checking will often be the more profitable play as your opponent won’t call your bed but he may see your check as a sign of weakness and decide to take one more stab at the pot now eventually your opponents are going to pick up on the fact that you’ll often check marginalist wrong hands in the river looking to induce a bluff but that’s also something that you should be able to exploit in another way if your opponents are on to your tendency to check some good hands on the river they will now think twice about making thin value bets against you which could earn you some free showdowns in situations where you were actually going to pay off of it for example you’re again in a ten twenty dollar No Limit Hold’em cash game and this time a player raises 60 bucks for middle position you defend your blind with ace four spades the flop Queen ten for giving you bottom pair and a backdoor flush draw okay so you checked called a flop bed of $80 the turn the ten of diamonds in both you and your opponent check the river meaningless three okay this is a situation where there is little to no value in making a bet yourself although it looks like you might have the best hand you’d much refer seeing your opponent check the river behind you let’s say your opponent has jacks with the ten pairing on the turn he can’t beat you if you call with a 10 on the flop and he also can’t beat the Queen however if your opponent bets out 150 you very well might call the bet thinking you know he missed the straight or flush and has nothing but ace high if your opponent is perceptive though and has caught on to the fact that you been checking some hands on the river that you could have bet yourself he may decide not to value about the river since he may feel there’s very little he could beat if you did call see that’s actually where you want to get to eventually you want your opponents to think twice about making thin value bets against you playing small ball is a lot about you know keeping the pot small especially out of position in marginal situations since those situations are much more common than you having a monster hand on the river and looking to play a big pot it’s in your best interest to have your opponents play cautiously against you on the river obviously if you know if your opponents begin to make this adjustment to check in hands they may have otherwise value bet that means you’ll have to start betting your own hands for value a little more often since your opponents won’t habitually do it for you anymore you know I have a real-life example of this exact scenario playing online poker stars that I’d like to share with you okay I was playing heads up with a player who I knew little about outside of him being a winning aggressive player okay well in about the first thirty minutes to play a pattern kept developing I would check the river with top pair middle pair and he would value about a worse hand on the river for example you know I would check call a flop of Jack nine four with Jack 10 the turn came a deuce and would go check check the river comes a three and I checked again hoping for my opponent to Bluff at the pot he didn’t Bluff but he actually value bet his queen nine assuming it was the best 10 second pair with a queen quicker now there was absolutely nothing wrong with this play at all that’s a pretty standard value bet on the river for him as you can see though checking my jack 10 didn’t cost me anything since if I had bet the river he would have just called the bet the money still went in the middle but my place at my opponent a clear message just because I checked the river it doesn’t mean I have nothing okay I continue to play that style against them out of position and eventually he did make an adjustment that’s precisely what I was hoping for he had picked up on my tendency to play cautiously on the river by checking and calling which forced him to change his strategy and avoid making value bets with hands that he’d normally bet the adjustment he made actually saved me lots of river beds in situations where I would have called but didn’t have to since he checked here’s a hand from later in that same session he raised before the flop and I called with 10-8 the flop came Jack 10 six I checked he made a small bet the turn was a set and I checked as did he the river was another six and it went check check on the river I showed my pair and he turned over king ten now this is a hand he clearly would have bet for value earlier in the session but I trained him not to the strategy isn’t complete though unless I also make a minor adjustment myself knowing that I’ve lulled my opponent to checking down marginal hands on the river I had to now bet my own Hanser value at a slightly higher percentage of the time on the river it’s like a cat-and-mouse game that’s played on a regular basis more specifically when playing heads up in sticking with a small ball concept though you always want to try and tame your opponent into keeping the pots smaller especially when you’re out of position that generally means that you’ll be playing a little cautious or weak when out of position and that’s really okay remember your goal out of position is to minimize loss while in position your goal is to maximize profit [Music]

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  1. thanks for free content daniel, i'm from brazil , AndreAkkari Recommended your channel, and I loved it., As well as your tips, now i Grow the bankroll.

  2. Cool points – thanks! Especially cool point about "Where you wanna get to is to make your opponents think twice about making thin value bets on the river vs you."

  3. Hey old timer, thanks for the Phil Hellmuth-esc 2003 Poker Training Video. When you have time could you please try to analyze the hand where Torreli flops a set of 5's and min-raises your cbet into 4 players with AJo. I believe Doug Polk had it on one of his Polker Hands episodes.

  4. Dan has been hitting weights and making gains, insta vest and flex, haha, looking sharp tho kid/man poker wsop or worlds strongest man, decisions decisions

  5. The negativity is quite appalling.. But you always get those keyboard warriors. Being 20 and unable to play in most tournaments here in Wisconsin I'm enjoying all of your tip videos to somewhat prepare me for what I may encounter (nothing will beat the real experience of playing hands) which is why I play as much as I can online. You've helped me enjoy the game as well as learn what to look out for so I don't hang myself out to dry whenever I finally sit down at a real table. People can keep talking down on your videos, but I for one will always be eager for every video you release. Thank you Daniel 😀

  6. Daniel,

    Sometimes I try to practice strategic patience.

    I guess that means playing tight for a while, then blending bluffs between pairs.

    Any logic to that?


  7. dont u guys think daniel aged pretty well last years!! he is actualy looking much better than before.( no homo)

  8. Wtf, you literally just re-link an old video of yours? In the poker game of poker youtube channels, Daniel Negreanu is the rake.

  9. If it's one thing I've always enjoyed about Daniel's game, it's how positive he always is. He delivers all kinds of poker knowledge, tips, strategy, and info all really well and easily understandable, but I think it's his spirit of the game that I appreciate the most. Despite perhaps a bad run in a game or even all this negativity that seems to be surrounding him lately in the world of YouTube, he maintains a level and positive mentality. That's a trait maybe more important than any other in the game of poker and he leads by example.

  10. I love you Daniel !! You are a great player and a great person ! I hope I play against you one day, even if I'm gonna lose

  11. I'm trying to find the leaks in my game and what recently stroke me is the quantity of hands that I lose floping a set with a small pair vs someone flopping a set w/ slightly bigger pair. Is there any recommendation you can give to try to sniff these situations out? It is not like I play aggressive w/ these hands but I end up setting a trap on myself many times.

    Today I actually had a fun hand (fun for me), it was a tournament (multi-day) in Pokerstars, I was 100k when av was 40k, I get 44 on the small blind, UTG raised 2xBB so I limped in on 4 way pot. Flop is 4K7 rainbow, I check, everyone checks. Turn is a brick, I check, BB bets I call and the rest folds. River is a 4 so I get a poker, I checked as I was pretty sure the guy would fire again. He bet half his stack and so I raised all-in and he called w/ pocket 77. So I lucked out on that poor guy. Since I see so many situations like these I would like to hear your thoughts on it.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to help us become better players. Nice to hear you say that you train your opponents!!

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