74 thoughts on “Shovel Knight: King of Cards – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  1. How is Yacht Club making money??? I bought Shovel Knight years ago and they've just been giving me more games!!!!

  2. From 1:10 on is some of the hypest stuff from video game trailers I've ever seen. So excited for this game's release!!

  3. Been waiting for a long time for this game. I'll have to beat Shovel Knight and complete the other 2 before this. I forgot all the controls. Seems like an amazing update!

  4. Well yeah there's a trouble king bossfight. If you are king of anything, King knight has beef with you, fore there can only be one in a land.

  5. I have a question please respond. when this game will release in december 2019,will this game going to a part of the "shovel knight:treasure trove" or it will be a different game??????

  6. I felt like getting excited for this a year and a half ago, now in November and we have heard nothing. This game will never release, mark this comment.

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