100 thoughts on “Sick Cooler $436,200 Pot

  1. I'm reporting this for copyright infringement, if Doug can't do it negreanu shouldn't be able to either..

  2. it was a good fold but looking at the odds of ivey winning this hand on the river in relation to the turn bet by Antonio, would it not have been a better decision for ivey to call in this case?

  3. i dont understand mortal sin in poker is to play low card and then suited .. pls explain daniel .. thanks ..

  4. Hey Daniel,

    Your interpretation of the hand is as if the fold is the only right play.
    You didn't talk at all about whether or not he should even fold there, given that Antonio has a made hand (a straight, a set, two pair).
    I would love to hear (or read) any thoughts about that.

  5. i hVe a question. on the turn during antonio's turn. I wouldve went all in when the K showed up. would this be the wrong play? considering the scary board while i still have the nuts id want to take it down there and now before the river comes.

  6. Is this a new channel Daniel? I thought I was subscribed to u awhile ago… didn't see any new content for a long time. Last stuff was full tilt lol oh well glad to see you I watched a lot today.

  7. this hand is a good example on how it is easier to read the game if you are not in the hand. i also think everybody played it good. tilly continued her story, ivey wanted to see another card and antonio bet his straight not allowing him to draw for free but also made it too much for ivey to be worth calling it

  8. can anyone tell me where can I watch this full episode of cash game. I tried to find it everywhere but couldnt find it. Please guys Do reply if you know a place where I can watch this! and Yes I do have subscription of PokerGO!

  9. I dont think this is good fold because even if u put him on striaght, with his implied odds, its a profitable call. Against a set, he gets better odds. Also ivey is ahead of some of Antonios bluff range as well. So all in all with this deep, i think Ivey should call. Otherwise, he is never going to have flush on the river with this deep, which could be exploitable in the future. I mean if u fold this draw, are u ever going to have flush on the river?

    I like to play mathematically. Ivey is in his worst scenario and he still gets 20 percent. So if u can squeeze 150k more out of antonio when he hits on the river he is at least breakeven.

    In order to fold this hand, u need to assume that
    1. Antonio never bluffs in this spot (even with 9s blocker, he has other bluff combos) 2. Antonio will never pay off phil when he hits on the river.
    Also if u fold this hand,
    1. Ivey will never have flush on the river in this spot. 2. Ur opponent can bluff u easily on this spot.

    I think this is a must call situation.

  10. Daniel Daniel Daniel. We all know you have lots of trophies. But they are (along with the horrible lighting) not a good choice for background. What you talk about is interesting enough- we don't need a glaring distracting bacground.

  11. Hey Daniel you probably will never see this. I tried all different ways to message you through private msg but this seem this it will never help… cuz I couldn’t find ur any private msg contact. you r like my idol!! I have this crazy idea to beg you to be my teacher and mentor!! I’m just trying to be better at this. I just dunno who you do it sometimes. I have always hope to meet u 🙁 just always felt like getting bullied….

  12. Phil does not have implied odds on the turn! … u got that wrong nick.
    All of Phil's outs would freeze the action, and I honestly think that's a part of the reason to his fold.
    ("I won' t get any more Money from Antonio if I improve my hand on the river") —-> likely conclusion

  13. Good fold for sure, but I think as one of the commentators said I would have called even if he showed me the strait. Id like to THINK Id be good with being a 4 to 1 dog for that price (not that Id ever put that much money on the felt though, even if I had it)

  14. Dan, with the knowledge, experience, and fame, why not open a class or training site? Why not get together with some pros and make it happen. Love your analysis, right every time.

  15. Why does Daniel even bother with this. He isn't on the level of other players in terms of analysis. I'm sure it's not bringing him much money either

  16. Esfandiari raise on the flop tell everyone I have at least a set or a straight because he never bluff like that in cash game, never. So Ivey fold is not that great. BTW am I the only one who loves Negreanu and Polk?

  17. See if Ivey would run it twice he could shoved on the flop and would had a good chance to chop tittys money but phil does not run it twice so he played it right good fold on the turn by him

  18. Nick Shulmann is such a great poker player and as a commentary even more great! Together with Aj Benza, i watched all episodes of High Stakes Poker, when he was a team with Gabe Kaplan.
    He was amazing then and hes doing a great job here!! The hand is amazing, phil ivey making phil ivey reads!!
    I would go broke there!! Or i get really lucky and hit my flush on the river… Especially after i hit the King on the Turn..
    I could never folded that hand.. So great reverse implied oods!!
    WOW!!! Thx for upload

  19. I think Antonio’s hand plays better as a three bet than a flat because it’s gonna knock out a lot of the hands that dominate it preflop. The KJ, A9 AJ ect…

  20. How does Bright fold the AJ tho? I am obviously an amateur, but imo there are only pairs to be scared of and obviously AQ or AK. Even lower pairs than a J aren't that dangerous. Anyone care to explain?


  22. I don’t know why Daniels commenting on high stakes poker. I mean he has lost every time on the show when he played. For god sakes he even lost to Gus when Gus totally outplayed him with quads. I just think we could get better advice elsewhere other than from Daniel.

    Jk I just want him to reply to my comment lol

  23. Technically the King of hearts improves Antonio’s hand but in reality it has the potential to weaken it (obviously its better than a spade) – the last thing I would want to see on the river is another heart if I flopped the nut straight to end up with a Jack high flush. This introduces a big bluff opportunity from your opponent and if you’re running bad, it could put you in a tough call position. Antonio’s hand improves with the K heart on the turn – but it improves in the sense that it wasn’t a spade or a Jack (thus dodging one of two ‘bullets’) but not necessarily improving it to make a back door flush when you already have the nuts.

  24. As a college student and a poker fanatic I aspire and despise these people for being good at what they do and for throwing around college tuitions like this ;

  25. Ivy would have called certain players on the turn but in this case it’s about knowing ur players and he does know Antonio !

  26. That was a really bad fold by Phil Ivey. He had direct odds to call the pot, and with implied odds is hugely profitable. Is Esfandiari has any bluffs in his range its an even easier fold.

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