Skinny Minnie Poker : Skinny Minnie Dealing: Rolling 4th Card

We are down to two players as we learn how
to play Skinnie Minnie and it’s time to roll another card. Each of us rolls one card and
my opponent shows a four of spades. I now know that since its not a club he’s not going
to have a flush. But he’s still working on that straight. If this card is a five he has
me beaten because at this point the best hand I am representing is three of a kind Queens.
So behooves him to try to push me out to represent a strong hand. And he does so and says four
black. And I have a decision at this time. Well as it happens my hand is good enough
to win a decent amount of times, a decent amount of the time, in five card draw. And
I’m feeling a little loose/passive today and I call. It will be very interesting to see
which one of us takes the pot or if we split the pot in the next segment.

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