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Hi everyone, so today we’re taking a look at Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders, a World War Two themed aerial combat game, basically
dogfighting, featuring some best graphics I think
I’ve seen on an Android device this year. The gameplay is also very
solid taking in real-world locations with
wonderfully detailed planes and really solid combat mechanics. It’s
also working really nicely with various controllers including the Nvidia Shield controller. Now there’s plenty of game modes here as
well. It’s not just your traditional deathmatch as it were. You’ve
got survival, last man standing, free flight, free-for-all, team match and capture the
flag. Capture the flag being probably the weaker
game type here. I found capture the flag quite a difficult thing to do in an aircraft whilst you’re flying but the other game modes work really well especially the deathmatch, it’s really good fun and with the control system they’ve got
here the planes aren’t difficult to fly at all. It’s very much an action combat style game. One of the interesting extras they kind of
have here is they’ve gone as far as modelling take off
and landing from landing strips and carriers and adding to the immersion
that you kind of get from this game. Pricing wise this game is going for a
steal at only 70p on the Play Store currently. There are in-app purchases but they’re not overly aggressive I don’t think. I’ve seen worse, put it that way. There’s a good balance here between the buy up front and the additional extras in the game that you can purchase if you want to. Overall, I have been having a blast with Sky Gamblers. It’s a well-made game with beautiful
looking graphics and if you’ve got a Nvidia Shield tablet
or one of the modern 2015 smart phones you’re going to be able to run this game using every single visual trick it has and it’s going to look beautiful doing it.

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