Small World: Wil Wheaton, Jenna Busch, Grant Imahara, Sean Plott. TableTop, Episode 1

WIL WHEATON: When most people
think of a small world, they think of being on a boat
surrounded by creepy dolls who won’t stop singing. But when gamers think of a Small
World, they imagine a fantasy-filled land full of
crazy races with outrageous powers, where the world is
covered in blood as we battle to see who can take it over
and win the game. Today on TableTop, Grant
Imahara, Sean Plott, and Jenna Busch are here as we visit my
very favorite Small World. [MUSIC PLAYING] WIL WHEATON: Small World
combines the military strategy of Risk with the delightful
art and fantasy races of Cosmic Encounter. Whoever has the most points
at the end of nine rounds wins the game. We earn points by conquering
and holding territories. Empty territories cost
two units to conquer. Every item in a territory
costs one more unit to conquer. For example, one defender,
that’s three units. One mountain, that’s
also three units. A mountain plus a defender,
that’s four units. At the beginning of every game,
each player will choose a fantasy race, like orcs,
elves, or the dwarves. Each race is combined with a
unique special power, like seafaring, flying, or heroic. These power and race
combinations change every game, giving Small World
tremendous replay value. No empire lasts forever, so
don’t get too attached to your diplomatic skeletons. You will inevitably run out
of units to conquer new territories. But don’t worry. When that happens, you simply
put your active race into decline and choose a new one
from the board and begin conquering all over again. It’s a very small world, and
only one person can be the victor atop the bloody,
stinking heap of his vanquished opponents. Who will that be tonight? We will soon find out,
because it is time to play Small World. GRANT IMAHARA: My name is Grant
Imahara, and I’m one of the hosts on Discovery Channel’s
MythBusters, where we basically blow things up
in the name of science. JENNA BUSCH: I’m Jenna Busch,
and I am an online blogger. I do on-camera interviews. I interview celebrities and
cover comic books, video games, TV, and film. SEAN PLOTT: My real name
is Sean Plott. But on the internets I’m
known as Day[9]. I’m mainly known because I do
StarCraft II commentary. JENNA BUSCH: Yes. WIL WHEATON: You get
to go first. JENNA BUSCH: Nice. All right. I wanted to be a sorcerer
because I usually play magic users. It’s just a thing that I’ve
been doing since I started playing D&D. WIL WHEATON: OK. You want the hill sorcerers,
so you pay one tax to the halflings. SEAN PLOTT: What? JENNA BUSCH: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Then you take
the hill sorcerers. Go ahead. Grab them. Those are for you. SEAN PLOTT: God, I’m already
on [INAUDIBLE]. I wanted the hill sorcerers
so bad. WIL WHEATON: You’re
going to get the– So you choose a section of the
board that is on the edge of the board to come in. JENNA BUSCH: All right. I’m starting here. WIL WHEATON: Coming in
on the mountains. JENNA BUSCH: Uh-huh. WIL WHEATON: So that’ll
be three, right? JENNA BUSCH: Mm-hm. WIL WHEATON: You put
in one too many. JENNA BUSCH: Oh, I did. WIL WHEATON: There you go. There’s three guys. JENNA BUSCH: All right. WIL WHEATON: OK? JENNA BUSCH: Hmm. There. Well, no. WIL WHEATON: All right. So that’s another three. JENNA BUSCH: Three. WIL WHEATON: All right. And you killed the lost tribes. Oh, no. I love living in the forest. JENNA BUSCH: I’m murdery. GRANT IMAHARA: They
were lost, anyway. WIL WHEATON: I know. JENNA BUSCH: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: You’re
very murdery. JENNA BUSCH: Yeah. Very murdery. And then three there. Hills. WIL WHEATON: And three there
to claim that hill. All right, so and we’ll
score you up at the end of your turn. One, two, three points. SEAN PLOTT: All right. Straight up have my
heart set on the wonderful alchemist giant. I’m going to start
looping around. WIL WHEATON: All right. SEAN PLOTT: This is my order. All right. I’m going to eliminate these
guys momentarily. WIL WHEATON: That’s two. SEAN PLOTT: And this is where
the gambling comes. WIL WHEATON: OK. SEAN PLOTT: Oh, wait. If I– WIL WHEATON: You still
don’t have to gamble. You’re good. That’s two. SEAN PLOTT: And then– WIL WHEATON: That’s one. SEAN PLOTT: –this is where
the gamble comes in. WIL WHEATON: And here’s your
reinforcement die. SEAN PLOTT: I need– oh, god,
I need this so bad. WIL WHEATON: When Sean’s talking
about gambling, what he means is on your very last
move, you can roll this reinforcement die. It has three blank faces and
the numbers one to three on the remaining three faces. And that tells you how
many mysterious reinforcement guys you get. So since he’s trying to conquer
that mountain, that space is going to
cost him three. He only has two guys. So if he rolls that die and gets
a one, two, or three, he conquers the mountain. So basically you have
a 50% chance of conquering the mountain. Conquer that mountain! GRANT IMAHARA: Feeling lucky? SEAN PLOTT: Now, the thing is I
just want to say, I could go here, but that doesn’t
let me [BEEP] gamble, which is the
important thing. WIL WHEATON: I know. I understand. SEAN PLOTT: All right. WIL WHEATON: Kids,
gambling is cool. Also, so is smoking. All right. Go ahead and roll your die
and see what happens. SEAN PLOTT: Oh! GRANT IMAHARA: Denied. SEAN PLOTT: Notice how little
dots there are. GRANT IMAHARA: Yeah,
that’s terrible. SEAN PLOTT: It looks
[INAUDIBLE] WIL WHEATON: OK. So go ahead and take
that giant back. That lost tribesmen actually
defends you. Off my land, giants. SEAN PLOTT: And now
I redeploy. WIL WHEATON: And now you
go ahead and redeploy. So go ahead and count up
your points there. SEAN PLOTT: One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight. GRANT IMAHARA: Eight. SEAN PLOTT: From
the alchemists. WIL WHEATON: Dude,
the alchemists. All right. GRANT IMAHARA: Excellent. Good turn. WIL WHEATON: All right. Here you go. So there’s two 3s– SEAN PLOTT: [INAUDIBLE]. WIL WHEATON: –for six
and two ones for two. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh my god. WIL WHEATON: There you are. Congratulations. SEAN PLOTT: I’m now
accumulating– WIL WHEATON: And now, Grant,
it is your turn. Let’s see who you’re
going to be. You now can choose
the pillaging– Oh my god, the pillaging orcs! You don’t want the
pillaging orcs. They’re terrible. Terrible. GRANT IMAHARA: Because I know
that Wil wants it so bad– WIL WHEATON: Really? GRANT IMAHARA: –I might
have to take it just to deny you that. WIL WHEATON: It’s going to
be that kind of game. All right. Listen, Imahara, if that’s the
kind of game you want to play, I will play that kind of game. Oh, I will play that
kind of game. GRANT IMAHARA: You’re
good to go? You’re good to go? WIL WHEATON: Bring it. GRANT IMAHARA: All right. Let’s do it. OK. SEAN PLOTT: So if you want to
just start here, that’s very not here, then that’s great. GRANT IMAHARA: I know. You know, that’s looking really
attractive to me. I think I’m actually going
to go here because you’re doubled up. SEAN PLOTT: Yeah. Yeah. GRANT IMAHARA: All right. For this turn. So I’ll take this. WIL WHEATON: So you’re
coming in there. GRANT IMAHARA: Plus one. WIL WHEATON: Uh-huh. Good. I regret nothing! GRANT IMAHARA: Bye. I’ll take two here. WIL WHEATON: Tell my
wife I love her! GRANT IMAHARA: Plus one. Come to me, bonuses. Fly to me. Two to here. WIL WHEATON: I can’t believe
I wasted time watching Drive Angry 3D. [LAUGHTER] GRANT IMAHARA: Every time I
conquer someone, I get one coin for the territory, one coin
because I’m an orc, and another one because
I’m pillaging. WIL WHEATON: Nice. GRANT IMAHARA: Bang. WIL WHEATON: Congratulations,
Grant. Well done. GRANT IMAHARA: I’m raking
it in right now. WIL WHEATON: Those of you at
home who play this game are going, why in the world
do you have Pandemic guys in this game? Well, because we have
a camera crew. So that you can enjoy this, we
want people to know where things are happening
on the board. OK. So I think I’m going
to actually go for the wealthy dwarves. GRANT IMAHARA: Really? SEAN PLOTT: Really? On turn one? WIL WHEATON: I’m going
to come in here. That’s three, two for the space,
one for the mountain. GRANT IMAHARA: And
you get a mine. WIL WHEATON: So I started with
wealthy dwarves because I get seven coins just for
having them. But I knew that I would have
very little difficulty grabbing and holding
a couple of mines. And I can just leave those
dwarves there, and they’re paying me two coins a turn. I’m going to go ahead and
score and redeploy. I get two because there’s
a mine there. I get, oh, three. I get four, five. I also get seven because
I’m wealthy. So I get 12 this turn. But the most important
thing is– JENNA BUSCH: The voice. WIL WHEATON: Oh, but Gimli
was my favorite. OK. So they go away. JENNA BUSCH: Who was
waiting for that? WIL WHEATON: And now
a little redeploy. [INAUDIBLE] there. All right. So what did I say? Did I say 12? I said 12, didn’t I? SEAN PLOTT: That is such
a thinly-veiled brag. WIL WHEATON: Math. SEAN PLOTT: Can I just
double check that I got a 12-point turn? Can you guys hold up as many
fingers as I have points? It might take two of you. GRANT IMAHARA: Wil really
knows this game well. I think he might pull
it out in the end. But we’ll see. JENNA BUSCH: Wil is
very strategic. He’s very calm. He’s very helpful to
newbies like me. SEAN PLOTT: I’m going to lean
towards Wil because he just seems to know not only all the
good strategies but also all the voices. WIL WHEATON: Please, go ahead. Conquer. SEAN PLOTT: Whatever you
do, no, no, no, no, no. No, no. OK. These are sorcerers
on the backside. JENNA BUSCH: Yeah, don’t mess
with the sorcerers. SEAN PLOTT: Swamp? WIL WHEATON: That’s going
to cost you three. SEAN PLOTT: It’s going
to cost you three. GRANT IMAHARA: And what? WIL WHEATON: Bam. GRANT IMAHARA: At the moment,
my wrath is focused on Sean. But that’s just because he was
in the wrong place at the wrong time. SEAN PLOTT: This
is a massacre. JENNA BUSCH: You look upset. SEAN PLOTT: My strategy in the
game is try to avoid the fact that Grant is a dick. WIL WHEATON: This is
going to be ugly. GRANT IMAHARA: Gosh, that forest
looks awfully tempting. I’m hoping that beating up on
him early in the game is not going to come around
and backfire on me later in the game. SEAN PLOTT: Are you kidding? My next race is going
to start here. I’m just going to
hollow you out. GRANT IMAHARA: No! You’re an orc and you’re
rampaging. You got to do what
you got to do. Sorry, Sean. Oh, well. Two for that. WIL WHEATON: He’s going
to play the pillaging Roto-Rooters in the next one. GRANT IMAHARA: All right. WIL WHEATON: OK. That’s conquered. And one more. OK. And then roll. SEAN PLOTT: God, I hope
you get a blank. WIL WHEATON: Dice of blank. JENNA BUSCH: Dice
of blank, sir. GRANT IMAHARA: It’s horrible. Two or a– SEAN PLOTT: Please
get a blank. Oh god, I’ll be so
happy, I’ll die. WIL WHEATON: Oh! SEAN PLOTT: Yes. WIL WHEATON: People who play
Small World a lot call this the dice of rolling blanks. But just to show you, look,
there’s actual numbers on it. Look, you see that, Jessie? GRANT IMAHARA: Where? They only appear when
you’re not rolling– JENNA BUSCH: Yeah. GRANT IMAHARA: –apparently. WIL WHEATON: You get two,
four, five, six, seven points this turn. SEAN PLOTT: Wait. Doesn’t he get three for
these because he’s the pillaging orcs? JENNA BUSCH: Are you
helping him? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, I
was giving him two. Oh, three! You’re right. My bad. JENNA BUSCH: Don’t help him! SEAN PLOTT: Wait a minute. [BEEP] you, Grant. JENNA BUSCH: I think you’ve
become that guy. GRANT IMAHARA: You
are a sportsman. Yeah. WIL WHEATON: So three, six– GRANT IMAHARA: Damn my
rules knowledge. SEAN PLOTT: In defense
of the rules. GRANT IMAHARA: And to
protect my borders. SEAN PLOTT: My race could be
the pacifist children. I would send all of
them your way. Next time I go into decline,
which will happen because I’m awful, I’m going
to invade him. GRANT IMAHARA: Ooh. SEAN PLOTT: He’ll be picking
up his teeth like Pokemon cards. I see you, drinking
your Diet Coke. WIL WHEATON: All right. This is going to be super
gamble mania 9,000. Are you ready? SEAN PLOTT: Look,
not this side. WIL WHEATON: This is my– SEAN PLOTT: No. You just don’t– GRANT IMAHARA: Wait,
do I see any mines? No. SEAN PLOTT: It’s going to
be gamble mania, Sean. I’m like no, no, no, no. Don’t gamble. What? What? What? What? What? These are my giants. WIL WHEATON: And now– SEAN PLOTT: Ohh! JENNA BUSCH: There’s
flailing happening. WIL WHEATON: Yes! SEAN PLOTT: He’s going to stop
rolling threes eventually. Then I’m going to wreck him. WIL WHEATON: (SINGING)
“We are the dwarves. We like to mine. We get our gold, and we put it
in our pocket.” It’s the song that the dwarves sing. GRANT IMAHARA: You
took a beating. SEAN PLOTT: I don’t really
like that song. GRANT IMAHARA: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: OK. And I’ll just put this here so
everybody knows where my little guys did their thing. SEAN PLOTT: Well, I’ll
just move this back. WIL WHEATON: And that will
be the end of my turn. All right, Jenna. JENNA BUSCH: All right. WIL WHEATON: It is your turn. JENNA BUSCH: I did pretty well
not attacking certain people, just saying. Because everyone sort
of left me alone. WIL WHEATON: Welcome
to round three! GRANT IMAHARA: Hey. JENNA BUSCH: And I’m going
to begin round three by– WIL WHEATON: Flipping a dwarf! GRANT IMAHARA: Oh. SEAN PLOTT: Get him. Get him. WIL WHEATON: Flip the dwarf! Good for you. Good move. I was so focused on protecting
myself from Sean’s giants that I completely forgot to defend
myself against the sorcerers. Nothing makes me happier than
seeing a new player come in and just completely exploit a
total screw-up by a veteran. JENNA BUSCH: I try not to pick
on weak people in real life. I like to beat up the
really tough guys. It’s more fun. WIL WHEATON: It looks
like Sean’s putting the giants into decline. GRANT IMAHARA: Decline. SEAN PLOTT: Dude, they
had their moments. WIL WHEATON: I think
that’s a good move. That’s a super good move. SEAN PLOTT: It’s the
quickest move ever. WIL WHEATON: Yep. So you get four points
this turn. Grant. GRANT IMAHARA: All right. It’s time to go a’pillaging. SEAN PLOTT: If you can go
a’pillaging, like, that way. GRANT IMAHARA: No. I think I’m going to
leave that one– SEAN PLOTT: God bless you. GRANT IMAHARA: –and
take this. SEAN PLOTT: No. Wh–? WIL WHEATON: Does the
die help Grant? Grant. JENNA BUSCH: You did not. GRANT IMAHARA: It jumped
up my arm. WIL WHEATON: Wow. That was like, I’m
going for it. I’m kissing him. SEAN PLOTT: OK. OK. OK. That’s fine. That’s fine. WIL WHEATON: That counts
because it was awesome. SEAN PLOTT: Dude, it’s
like, blank, blank. Who are we invading? Sean? Look, another three came up. Isn’t that funny? WIL WHEATON: Did you do
something horrible to like the die maker’s family? JENNA BUSCH: Are you drawing
pictures in the velvet? SEAN PLOTT: I’m trying to do an
unhappy face, but instead it looks like that boy who’s
just starting puberty and grows like a little bit
of side mustache. GRANT IMAHARA: What was that? SEAN PLOTT: It’s,
like, so tragic. WIL WHEATON: OK. Let’s count up your points. SEAN PLOTT: This is actually
either a simple three from this way. WIL WHEATON: You give 3, 6, 7,
8, 9, 10, 11 points to Grant. SEAN PLOTT: Now there’s the end
game victory condition. And there is the user defined
victory condition, which is [BEEP] invading Grant from right
there on my next race. GRANT IMAHARA: That’s right. The orcs are going
to go in decline. WIL WHEATON: The
declining orcs? GRANT IMAHARA: Yes. WIL WHEATON: They’ve
had a great run. GRANT IMAHARA: We did. We pillaged a lot. WIL WHEATON: All right. Let’s see. So we’ll take these
two off the map. SEAN PLOTT: Yeah. Let me just say that every
time I come home and my roommates have TiVoed
Mythbusters, I’m going to get red in the face and be like– GRANT IMAHARA: Oh,
that Grant guy. He pillaged me. Right through the back door. SEAN PLOTT: I can’t
do it direct. I have to be, like,
passive-aggressive. I’ll be like, it’s
not real science. GRANT IMAHARA: It’s
TV science. SEAN PLOTT: Yes. WIL WHEATON: OK. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight. SEAN PLOTT: These orcs are
going to go into decline. WIL WHEATON: Eight
points for you. SEAN PLOTT: And then we’re just
going to blow them up. WIL WHEATON: Duh, duh,
duh, duh, duh. We’re going to eat you
for first breakfast. Ta, dah, da, dah. we’re going to eat your
for second breakfast. La, la, la, la, la. And for elevensies, we’re going
to try to roll in here and see if we can get you
with the die roll. SEAN PLOTT: Oh! WIL WHEATON: Yes! SEAN PLOTT: Oh, wait. Is that tilted? Oh my god. JENNA BUSCH: Oh, it is. It is. WIL WHEATON: No, it’s not. Awesome in the pants. OK. So let’s see. That means that I get
two, three, four– SEAN PLOTT: That’s just
a blow to humanity. WIL WHEATON: –five, six,
seven, eight, nine points for that turn. And that’ll be the
end of my turn. Jenna, it’s your turn. And you get to choose
a new race. And also, welcome to round
six, everyone. This round is not a number. It is a free man. JENNA BUSCH: You know which
one I’m picking, right? WIL WHEATON: What
are you taking? JENNA BUSCH: Dragon. SEAN PLOTT: Oh, you
love dragons. JENNA BUSCH: All right. WIL WHEATON: Where you going? JENNA BUSCH: I’m going
to go here. WIL WHEATON: One, OK. It normally would cost you two,
but because it’s adjacent to water, it only
costs you one. JENNA BUSCH: Yes. WIL WHEATON: OK. JENNA BUSCH: I’m going to go– WIL WHEATON: OK. [INAUDIBLE] JENNA BUSCH: –here. WIL WHEATON: Two. Because there’s a dude there. So put one more down there– JENNA BUSCH: Oh, right. WIL WHEATON: –for
the lost tribe. JENNA BUSCH: Dude. GRANT IMAHARA: Got it. WIL WHEATON: But I love fish
and things that have forks. OK. OK. JENNA BUSCH: All right. So is this technically–? WIL WHEATON: Yes, this
is adjacent to water. Yep. It sure is. JENNA BUSCH: All right. All right. GRANT IMAHARA: I’m getting
pushed out of here. JENNA BUSCH: Yep. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh. WIL WHEATON: Orc,
orc, orc, orc. SEAN PLOTT: That’s what that’s
like, pillaging orc Grant. GRANT IMAHARA: Is this
the payback I was– JENNA BUSCH: Mm-hmm. WIL WHEATON: OK. JENNA BUSCH: All right. I think– GRANT IMAHARA: You’ve just got
a giant stack over there. JENNA BUSCH: I do. WIL WHEATON: She has a lot. This is going to be a
huge turn for her. Orc, orc, orc, orc. JENNA BUSCH: Yep. I think– SEAN PLOTT: Can you go, like,
here and then here, in terms of conquering? WIL WHEATON: Yeah. As long as you’re adjacent,
you can attack. JENNA BUSCH: Do it again. WIL WHEATON: Orc, orc, orc,
orc, orc, orc, orc. Now how many dudes
do you have left? JENNA BUSCH: I have two. WIL WHEATON: OK Now, if you’re
going to attack with your dragon, a dude has to accompany
your dragon. He’s the guy who keeps the
dragon on a leash. JENNA BUSCH: Oh. Oh. WIL WHEATON: And he’s like,
no, don’t kill them. Kill the hobbits over there. JENNA BUSCH: Dragon wrangler. WIL WHEATON: So what
you want to do– I can’t believe I’m going
to tell you this– JENNA BUSCH: Tell me this. WIL WHEATON: But you probably
just want to take your dragon there and there. Because those are
she bought it. WIL WHEATON: But listen, what
you’re trying to do is– SEAN PLOTT: Got her. WIL WHEATON: She’s not even
listening to me that much. She’s like, keep talking,
Wheaton. That’s adorable that
you said– JENNA BUSCH: I’m just
so psyched I got to play with a dragon. WIL WHEATON: So now what happens
is the hobbits get burninated. One of them goes into
the land of death. And I get to keep two of the
ones that are still alive. JENNA BUSCH: All right. And I’m going to try– SEAN PLOTT: Oh, sad timing. JENNA BUSCH: I shouldn’t. GRANT IMAHARA: All right. Go ahead. You’re on a roll. SEAN PLOTT: Come on! Come on! WIL WHEATON: So normally you
would need four there. JENNA BUSCH: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: You need three. You have one, so you need to
roll a two or a three. SEAN PLOTT: Come on. Come on, three. JENNA BUSCH: Oh my god. It hasn’t worked for me yet. SEAN PLOTT: Hurt him. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh! WIL WHEATON: Oh! GRANT IMAHARA: Bye-bye. SEAN PLOTT: Yes. WIL WHEATON: [INAUDIBLE]
the Shire, Samwise. You should have just ridden on
the eagles to take the rings back to Mordor. Why are you so stupid? Ahh. Now let’s count your– OK. You had a sorcerer. That’s one. I don’t think you have any more
sorcerers on the board. JENNA BUSCH: No. That’s it. WIL WHEATON: Two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. Eight. Eight points for Jenna. JENNA BUSCH: Whoo. GRANT IMAHARA: Big round. JENNA BUSCH: Why, thank you. WIL WHEATON: I believe the turn
now belongs to you, sir. SEAN PLOTT: I’m gonna take it. Go into decline. WIL WHEATON: You lose heroic. So heroic goes away. You’re no longer heroic. But we’ll put your ghouls
into decline. But what’s awesome about that is
that they still behave like an active race. So go ahead and conquer
some territories with your declined ghouls. SEAN PLOTT: Oh, I get to
do that afterwards? WIL WHEATON: Yeah. That’s why the ghouls
are badass. SEAN PLOTT: What? Wait. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. You actually played ghouls
really well. I thought you were being
super strategic. That’s what you do. SEAN PLOTT: I super
stratege-did-did. WIL WHEATON: You grab the
ghouls, you roll as quick as you can, and then you hop into
decline immediately. SEAN PLOTT: And then
I’m, like, done. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. SEAN PLOTT: Race number
three en route. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. Let’s hear. Who’s coming in next? SEAN PLOTT: Wait. OK. OK. So you have a race in decline. You’re going to attack me. Why would you do that? I can’t believe– GRANT IMAHARA: I haven’t
selected anything. SEAN PLOTT: I can’t believe it. OK. Wait. Hold on. I’m going to try to roll
for that back one. WIL WHEATON: Roll for
which one here? SEAN PLOTT: For that forest. WIL WHEATON: For here? SEAN PLOTT: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: All right. Go. You need to roll– actually,
you have a 50% chance of making it. SEAN PLOTT: Oh, god. That’s so low for me. Oh, god. GRANT IMAHARA: Come on. SEAN PLOTT: Oh! Oh! WIL WHEATON: Yeah. You got it. Congratulations. SEAN PLOTT: I pulled
what we call a college, the bare minimum. Done. GRANT IMAHARA: All right. what. Will I choose? I think it’s going to
be swamp ratmen. WIL WHEATON: Swamp ratmen. GRANT IMAHARA: I shall be
entering on the swamp. WIL WHEATON: OK. GRANT IMAHARA: There you go. That’s right. I’ll move over here. WIL WHEATON: OK. Go ahead. Go ahead. Do it. SEAN PLOTT: What? WIL WHEATON: Go next. Go next. SEAN PLOTT: You can’t put the
capitals next to each other. This is like East and West
Germany here, man. WIL WHEATON: Oh, no. I’m a dead ghoul now. Life was good a minute ago. GRANT IMAHARA: Can my two
races attack together? WIL WHEATON: No. You can attack one after
another, but they can’t all join up. It can’t be like ghouls and
these other guys are friends. Oh, no. It sucks to be a ghoul. GRANT IMAHARA: I need
to march that way towards the other swamp. So I will take you. WIL WHEATON: I’ve been actually
keeping track in my head of score. And yeah, you’re actually really
far ahead of everybody. You’re the barefoot
Kenyan guy. SEAN PLOTT: With no arms. WIL WHEATON: At the [INAUDIBLE] Marathon. GRANT IMAHARA: I’m feeling very
strong at this moment. But we’ll see. I’ve got an early lead. I’m keeping it. WIL WHEATON: Welcome, my
friends, to the last round of the game. Jenna. JENNA BUSCH: Yes. WIL WHEATON: You have the honor
of choosing a new race and doing what you
will with it. JENNA BUSCH: Oh. Oh. GRANT IMAHARA: She’s
going for Amazon. WIL WHEATON: Amazons. JENNA BUSCH: I call them
crazy bitches. All right. SEAN PLOTT: This is like
my consolation prize for dead last. WIL WHEATON: OK, two. All right. Now roll again. JENNA BUSCH: Oh, right. Oh, god. I love this. GRANT IMAHARA: Wow. That’s a really powerful– JENNA BUSCH: Three. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh my gosh. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. So if you wanted to,
oh I don’t know, squash all those ratmen. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh, no. WIL WHEATON: It’s like
you’re getting three. So you would normally have
to attack with four to get there, right? But you get to squash
it for one. JENNA BUSCH: Oh. GRANT IMAHARA: No! My ratmen are sitting
ducks out there. This is bad. This is really bad. JENNA BUSCH: I’m going to make
a necklace of ratmen. Wear it everywhere. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh my gosh. WIL WHEATON: OK. So that ratman goes away. GRANT IMAHARA: My ratman
kingdom is quickly evaporating. SEAN PLOTT: I’ve spent
all game– JENNA BUSCH: I’m sorry. WIL WHEATON: Roll again. JENNA BUSCH: Three. WIL WHEATON: Three. GRANT IMAHARA: Ahh. JENNA BUSCH: Huh. WIL WHEATON: Oh, dude. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh! WIL WHEATON: Normally you’d need
four, but you actually only need one. Aw, man. Oh, no. JENNA BUSCH: Oh, this is fun. I like the crazy bitches. WIL WHEATON: Wow. JENNA BUSCH: All right. GRANT IMAHARA: They are– WIL WHEATON: Shut up! SEAN PLOTT: How do
you run so good? WIL WHEATON: Did you
see that, Grant? JENNA BUSCH: Because I suck
the rest of the game. GRANT IMAHARA: It’s
right on the edge. WIL WHEATON: She rolled
a three again. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh! WIL WHEATON: Go ahead. Go ahead. GRANT IMAHARA: You’re
killing me. WIL WHEATON: That goes there. Here you go. Keep collecting ratmen. JENNA BUSCH: Thank you. SEAN PLOTT: This is, like,
probabilistically impossible. JENNA BUSCH: I’m going
to go there. WIL WHEATON: OK. GRANT IMAHARA: Jenna, please. Please. SEAN PLOTT: Berzerking
love ratmen. Come on. WIL WHEATON: That’s going
to cost you three. JENNA BUSCH: All right. That’s totally worth it. Sorry, Grant. WIL WHEATON: All right. Let’s count up the points
you have now. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh my god. WIL WHEATON: OK. 1, 2, 3, 4 Tritons. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
12 total for Amazons. SEAN PLOTT: Or as Grant
would say, par. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh, right. WIL WHEATON: All right. Sean, you’re up. SEAN PLOTT: I’m choosing the
top race with the tokens sitting on it. WIL WHEATON: OK. Commando trolls. SEAN PLOTT: All right. So let’s go ahead and just
do some invading. All right. So one. Or is this for any territory? WIL WHEATON: Yep. SEAN PLOTT: Wow. That’s– GRANT IMAHARA: Wow. WIL WHEATON: Every territory’s
attacked at lesson one. SEAN PLOTT: All right. WIL WHEATON: Interesting that
you went there instead of after the ratmen. GRANT IMAHARA: Yeah. A little sympathy for
the ratmen now. Oh. WIL WHEATON: You didn’t come
up with a backstory for me. SEAN PLOTT: Here, let me just
put this with my collection. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh, you
filthy swamp rats. SEAN PLOTT: All right. So I’m doing one of those. WIL WHEATON: Yep. OK. GRANT IMAHARA: Kids, let this
be a lesson to you. If you’re mean to all the other
players at the beginning of the game, they will
gang up on you. And at the end of the game, you
got three lousy ratmen. SEAN PLOTT: I’m going
to make it intense. WIL WHEATON: All right, Grant. GRANT IMAHARA: Swamp ratmen. WIL WHEATON: Yep. Where are they going? GRANT IMAHARA: They’re
going on the swamp. Just to grab that last– WIL WHEATON: Amazon comes
off the board. GRANT IMAHARA: –bonus. WIL WHEATON: So here you go. You get one, two, three,
four, five. SEAN PLOTT: 6, 12,
13, actually. Somehow. Amazingly. WIL WHEATON: You know what? You sold that so well, I was
like oh, god, did I mess up? Wow, Grant. You only got five points
that turn. I’m really disappointed
in you. You’ve let us all down. GRANT IMAHARA: That’s OK. WIL WHEATON: Bad fish. You go squish now. And let’s see if we can
squish one last fish. May I have the die, please? GRANT IMAHARA: The
one last fish. WIL WHEATON: One last fish. Guys, this is the last
thing that’s going to happen this game. Oh. SEAN PLOTT: Oh. GRANT IMAHARA: Oh. WIL WHEATON: No victory
for me. All right, everybody. I’m going to score my points. SEAN PLOTT: The game
ends with a dud. WIL WHEATON: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, 9, 10 points for me at the end of the game. Let us now count our scores. JENNA BUSCH: All right. GRANT IMAHARA: All right. WIL WHEATON: And
then we will– SEAN PLOTT: Leave some
of them face down. Everyone pick five chips
and put them face down. WIL WHEATON: All right. Are we all counted up? Does everyone know how many
points they have? SEAN PLOTT: I have
60 right now. But I haven’t flipped
these last five. WIL WHEATON: So OK. You’re at 60. Flip your guys. Let’s see. SEAN PLOTT: All right. 60. [BEEP] 62. Oh, 72. WIL WHEATON: 72! SEAN PLOTT: 82. WIL WHEATON: 82. SEAN PLOTT: Oh, please. Huh, 87. GRANT IMAHARA: 87. WIL WHEATON: Grant. GRANT IMAHARA: All right. So this is 10, 20, 30, 40. SEAN PLOTT: God, my heart
is beating so fast. GRANT IMAHARA: 41. WIL WHEATON: 51, 61. You did this on purpose. GRANT IMAHARA: I sure did. WIL WHEATON: 71. SEAN PLOTT: Wait. What? JENNA BUSCH: Woah. WIL WHEATON: 81. SEAN PLOTT: Wait. Oh my god. Wait. Hey, whoa. What the [BEEP]? Oh my god. WIL WHEATON: 10, 20, 30,
40, 50, 60, 70, 85. GRANT IMAHARA: No! WIL WHEATON: Jenna. SEAN PLOTT: Oh my god. JENNA BUSCH: 74. I could be dramatic,
but it’s– yeah. WIL WHEATON: 74. Sean, you win the game! SEAN PLOTT: I didn’t
even know. I thought I was in dead last. GRANT IMAHARA: Ohh. WIL WHEATON: Do you want
to take a lap around the table or something? JENNA BUSCH: I think
that you should. WIL WHEATON: It feels good. SEAN PLOTT: I started out
enraged because Grant kept invading my territory and
getting, like, 11, 12 point turns back to back to back. However, Jenna kindly invaded
his homelands, giving me the chance to catch up in
the last few rounds. GRANT IMAHARA: I was completely
paralyzed. I think I scored the lowest
I had the entire game. JENNA BUSCH: I’d also like to
point out that I took him down with the only female character
in the game. WIL WHEATON: I had no idea that
I was going to lose this by just two points. SEAN PLOTT: Total luck for me. I was just a participator in the
coincidence that wound up giving me victories. WIL WHEATON: What
a great game! GRANT IMAHARA: Oh my god. WIL WHEATON: You know, the
only thing worse than me thinking you were going to win
was actually thinking I was going to win. JENNA BUSCH: I never thought
I was going to win. WIL WHEATON: And then losing
by two points. GRANT IMAHARA: Right in the last
round, that’s where it went wrong. No! WIL WHEATON: Will you
play it again? JENNA BUSCH: Yes. WIL WHEATON: That’s awesome. TableTop mission accomplished. Thanks lot, you guys, really. I mean it. Please enjoy. You can sit on this couch
as long as you need to. I’m going to go downstairs, and
I’m going to talk to Sean about the victory that I think
none of us thought we would be talking about today. JENNA BUSCH: Cool. GRANT IMAHARA: All right. JENNA BUSCH: I kicked
your ratmen’s asses. GRANT IMAHARA: Ugh. JENNA BUSCH: I did. GRANT IMAHARA: Right
in the last round. JENNA BUSCH: With my
crazy bitches. WIL WHEATON: I don’t know
which one of us is more surprised that we’re both
standing here right now. SEAN PLOTT: Yeah. Because I was expecting Grant to
just be light years ahead. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. SEAN PLOTT: And then when the
game ended, I was like, I’ve been such an asshole
all game long. Oh, no. WIL WHEATON: Not only did
you win the game, you also won a ratman. SEAN PLOTT: I did? Yeah. I’m going to of course
get the two earrings. Maybe I’ll have a third
one so I can get the nose piercing as well. WIL WHEATON: I think that’s
a great idea. And when you do that, if
you would just send us a picture of it– SEAN PLOTT: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: –so that we can
put it on the website. But listen, you get a real
prize for having won today on TableTop. We have spared no expense to
bring you this incredible TableTop trophy of awesome. SEAN PLOTT: Is that real tape? WIL WHEATON: It is, in fact,
actual real tape. Listen, we do not cut corners
for guys like you. So let me just make sure that
everyone knows that this belongs to Sean. SEAN PLOTT: That is
I. And may I? WIL WHEATON: Yes, please do. Is there anything you’d like to
say to the folks at home? SEAN PLOTT: I would like to
thank everyone who plays German-style board games for
understanding the complex rules to that game so they can
appreciate this trophy. And of course to Jenna, because
without her, she would not have appropriately mauled
Grant in the last round. WIL WHEATON: Well,
congratulations. You absolutely earned
that trophy. And now I have to
take it back– SEAN PLOTT: Oh. WIL WHEATON: –because we don’t
have enough budget for more than one trophy. SEAN PLOTT: May I at least get
a departing handshake? WIL WHEATON: Yes, absolutely. You can also have a departing
piece of tape– SEAN PLOTT: Oh, yeah. WIL WHEATON: –with
your name on it. So all day long everyone gets to
know that you are Sean, and you are a winner. SEAN PLOTT: I can’t wait to go
to the nearest coffee shop. WIL WHEATON: Congratulations. SEAN PLOTT: Thank you. WIL WHEATON: We will see you
next time on TableTop.

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