SNAP D Card Flourish Tutorial & Ralph Steadman Playing Cards!

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100 thoughts on “SNAP D Card Flourish Tutorial & Ralph Steadman Playing Cards!

  1. When I asked my parents if I could get this deck they said “NO YOU CAN’T GET A LIZARD!!!!!!!” from the other room. I have no idea what they meant!!

  2. Ok ok, something to make you laugh, pfft thats easy. Watch this, its a joke a really really good joke. Look look… do you wanna hear a joke? Your chann-

    suddenly Charlie appears on my window with a sausage on his mouth, and out of nowhere Suzanne takes down my door with a single kick and stares at me

    Um hehehehehehe um…. no no, dont worry about the joke its not that funny either way hehehe nervous laugh

    Charlie and Suzanne nod and backs away

    (Btw Im not saying your channel is bad I absolutely love your channel, its for the comment thingie xD KEEP IT UP!!!! I dont have a sausage emoji so I'ma just send you a hot dog 🌭)

    Edit: I dont know how to write Suzanne (Susan? Suzann?) So I hope it doesnt offend her in any way, I love her too

  3. Alright. Everyone here trying to be funny ! Really imitating "phanx" and all that jazz. But I imagine by watching your videos and ig account you seem pretty happy, your posting hell of alot these days and content is better then ever the amazing collection you have created! With all that said I imagine if you just stop take a look around you, think of all the people you have met, the obstacles you have overcome, the relationships you have made, friends you have bonded with YOU WILL SMILE ! You have my back bro ! 🤜🤛

  4. Love you content from across the pond in Canada. Since I started watching the gamblers cop is my new go to. Fanx for that mate. Cheers

  5. I have a joke, knock knock. Who’s there *waits for an answer*. Daniel Madison Intro.

    Get it takes so longggg😂😂 hope this made you laugh Daniel and Charlie

  6. You've been so serious and kinda IamDanielMadison-face magician for the whole life that I know you! Its really cool to see you from another different side, all your new videos are so funny and interesting! Great technics, creative editing (love this desynchronized mirror), incredible job maaan!

  7. The new sausage was the bomb! LOL. Great tutorial. Love your channel and watch from the land of Jerry's Nugget- North Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

  8. Well now i feel like I need to open my special deck to try this madness out – I’ll probably throw them away tho no pun intended

  9. Sitting on my stoop I say…..

    Tickle tickle don’t be fickle, pickled sausage pay a nickel, double lift then hit a Sybil, color change then flick a nipple.
    Madness is as Madness does, hours watching TV fuzz, chaos, chaos is the drug, laugh to self like “what the fuck”?,
    Lost and found I roam around, she parties in a see through gown, smile frown confusing town, madness chaos all around,
    We are normal they are not, sneezing coughing spit up snot, read the book take notes and jot, the world is MADNESS annnnndddd WE ARE NOT.
    Now allow me to finish my drink kind sir! FANX!

  10. Almost 40 years old man talking to a stuffed crow, swinging a sausage in all directions, and at the same time teaching sleight of hand. What kind of tutorial could be better than this?:) Speaking seriously, thank you for your work, it is clear that you are doing it with great love.❤️

  11. How many times have you yelled swear words at your pinky because it didn't follow instructions? Lol. I've pretty much got 3 pack cuts down. Trying to do a 4 pack is tricky.

  12. I really enjoyed your last videos, they are very funny and very cool, I really like the kind of magic that you do.
    Thank you because I resumed to do magic because of this last videos.
    I hope I've made you smile😂 and I hope that I didn't make some
    Mistakes because I'm from Italy

  13. I just found your channel yesterday and I love it! That mirror has a mind of it's own though. Watching you play with a sausage is way better than watching Chris Ramsay get a haircut! But really… I love your art!

  14. Love your sausages DM! Love Suzan! Love everything bout your channel! Eversince I started cardistry and magic, I always look up to you. You're one of the best! No doubt about it!

    P.S. Hoping that you can collab again with Chris Ramsay for a new deck! You two guys are the goat of this generation of cardists and magicians!!

  15. Maybe you could finish that trick off by flicking the card up in the air and your sausage magically appears hanging out of the bottom of your shorts ? Trying to put a smile on your face, like you said 🙂

  16. Practicing this toss while sitting on the toilet.

    Wife: “What in the world are you doing in there?”

    Me: “Nothing! just Snap’n my sausage.”

  17. Hell you can keep the cards sign and send the long lost sausage 😆

    I'm joking cards look killer but I would take the sausage too lol

  18. Heya danny ma boi. I. Am. Cy (lastnameredacted)
    Fanx for reading this comment. FANK
    Hey bro. I just wanna say that I'm a budding magician and card collector and would love the cards. Also if I dont get them Charlie and Suzan will get it. Adios

  19. I wonder what i would have said if someone had told me years ago that I would be waiting with anticipation to watch the next video of a man with a meowing bird and a collection of sausages…I love it so much.

  20. Love your videos! Your Tony Stark hair cut goes well with your racing striped beard! Gotta say though, man! Charlie was staring at me through just about this entire video…he knows who you need to send those cards to! 😉 p.s. we really need to talk about your mistreatment of sausages. Js

  21. I am a huge fan of ur work! Ur sleight of hand is what gives me the enthusiasm to perfect my own! Always love ur style of explanation, please give more tutorials on flourishes and if possible a talk on "how to begin mentalism" Please!

  22. I really like your content… It's different and unique to some extend… It also really help me in my cardistry and card magic… Wish you all da best bro…

  23. My reaction after seeing the card snap through the air = 😁🎈

    My reaction when the master card manipulator Daniel Madison says “I make it look easy but it is actually quite difficult.” = ☹️ (pop)

  24. Thank you, Daniel. I appreciate your thorough and thoughtful comments about our deck. Thanks for your kind words! You made me laugh, too! I love the tutorial. Very well done from all angles. I am Vice President of your fan club!

  25. Jesus Ralph Steadman Christ is not famous anywhere 😉 nice to see some flashy (cardistry) moves and ideas to include it in a routine 😍 fanx!

  26. The deck's artwork also reminds me of the work by Gerald Scarfe, who did graphics for The Wall by Pink Floyd.

  27. Thanks Daniel, thanx,
    That is one word I have to say, ur content actually is amazing, like super tutorials, super techniques, and u r explaining it in so much detail, and in such a crazy way, I love it 😂♥️
    Please keep the amazing work up,
    I think u will hit 500k by the end of this year, now have a nice evening day morning what ever,
    Please say hi to Susan an Charlie 🤔😂♥️

  28. I love the idea, that Susan and Charlie actually are real 😂
    Just think of it, like there are really 3 Maddison’s 😂

  29. I appreciate the in depth detail you do with all your videos. You really go the extra mile. I'm curious, I've seen you handle two cards as one a few times on the channel, any tips or an idea where I can learn to do that? Not the double lift mind you, but what happens after the double when you make 2 cards appear as one while you flourish, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Love the content.

  30. Daniel got a really weird mirrior reflection, really trippy to watch.
    I just keep looking to the mirror.
    I just love his weird vibe vids!!!

  31. I love your content! It’s witty, informative, and definitely creative! I love the cards and would love to get my hands on them!!

  32. Top three Hunter Sausage Thompson quotes: 1) "We can't stop here, this is sausage country!" 2) "There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered sausage of some kind never meant for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die." 3) We had two bags of sausage, seventy-five pellets of sausage, five sheets of high powered blotter sausage, … " Also, yes, the S. stands for sausage.

  33. I think you're going to have to get rid of your "I am not famous anymore" lamp. Maybe you can send it to Jibrizy…

  34. I love how enthusiastic you are when teaching. I would also like to add that you’re not just any magician who makes YouTube videos. It’s abundantly clear that you invest so much time into creating something that you and all who subscribe will enjoy.
    Side note, can my Nan have her dressing gown back? Not a pretty sight without it 😂

  35. hey guys any tips ? im bit stuck with this one, i get it to fly almost always but it kinda flies straight over the deck towards my face instead of upwards 😀

  36. Please dont stop making videos!! Ive watched so many card guys and u just go into all the small details that make it work… seriously man im so thankful fod your channel!!! Kedp it up bro

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