So you want to play Tic Tackle?

So you want to play Tic Tackle? Let’s go to, and click
on “Play now!”. You can also directly go to,
without the “www.” To launch Tic Tackle, click on the green icon
in the dock. Here. Tic tackle starts, and it assigns randomly
one player to you and one to the computer. Here I see in the title bar that it is Human
versus Computer. It means I have black stones, and I start
the game. If it were written Computer versus Human,
the computer would have black stones, and it would have the first move. The goal is to align three of your stones
horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. I made a mistake, and the computer will win
by putting the white stone in a3. To launch a new game click on the menu in
the upper left corner. “New game with…” allows you to set up which
player has which stone color, and set up the strength of the AI. Here the AI is set to easy, which mean a weak
play. Surprise, surprise, I won. Let’s play another game, this time with someone
else. I can set up both player to be human. Enjoy Tic Tackle! You can also play more games by clicking on
the icons in the dock. You have Klondike, Free Cell, Spider Solitaire,
Mahjong, and Lines. Lines will be one of my next videos, the goal
is to align five or more stones of the same color. I really love that game! And last Tic Tackle. Have fun with GouziGouza!

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