Flash games who doesn’t love them for me They were a really big part of my childhood because keeping yourself occupied as a kid is really not hard Especially when you have access to the Internet, a Internet filled with online flash game websites like or Cool Maths that doesn’t actually have any maths games on it, but SHHH Don’t tell the teachers. And with me being such a big Sonic fan It sure was a good thing that there was such an abundance of fan-made Sonic flash games Some of which we’re gonna be taking a look at today some good, some bad and some just straight-up insulting Let’s get started, starting with the most obvious one that I assume Most people would know, Ultimate Flash Sonic, since I never had Sonic Advance this was the next best thing. I never played this one on browser It was part of the collection of flash games that my cousin had put on a computer at my grandma’s house That didn’t have internet and as a result, I played them over and over since I didn’t really have anything else to do All right, let’s go, okay This game controls and feels pretty good which is Surprising for a fan-made flash game, a lot of these games fail to really capture the flow of a actual Sonic games and this one Is still not quite there, but it’s enough to be enjoyable, out of all of the games I cover today This is the one that gets it the most right and it’s why so many people know this one I mean you got a bunch of levels with four characters to play as and even bosses, bosses that can suck my dick I think was a lot more appealing to us kids back in the day when emulators weren’t as widespread as they are now and you Could just play that actual Sonic Advance but Ultimate Flash Sonic isn’t a bad trade-off then there were two games that always used to be my go to whenever I had access to a computer and was really bored Best time killer of all time was Sonic Scene Creator and with a title screen like this. Could you blame me? (no), Tails you uhh you good man? it was about as good as it got for early Internet where you can place a bunch of sprites on a very tiny screen and Go nuts with whatever dumbass scene you wanted to make and even though it really doesn’t hold up now God damn, it used to be so fun, Big please! it’s not too late to stop this! Froggy, you’ve slaughted thousands Big!, FROGGY Have you ever wanted to make your Sonic OC? Well now you can with the Sonic character creator make such horrific abominations as Vortex the chaos slayer (TM do not steal!) vorehog the hidgeheg, and josh (were is Drake though?) The serial killer unfortunately you have a ton of options when it comes to customization which means that it takes about five seconds to make a horrifying monstrosity ,the worst part is the AAaAaaHHH the absolute king of Sonic flash games was a series of games called Final Fantasy Sonic X Which completely made my childhood there are six of these released across the course of a few years which were RPGs crossing over a bunch of game characters like Sonic Link Megaman and whoever this guy was I was never a fan of the turn-based battles But they were really well made and each part offered one or two fights and a ton of overarching plot I really do appreciate the Internet’s obsession back in the day of making everything Especially for some reason Sonic have Dragon Ball Z fight scenes. It was just so friggin awesome I always played them out of order. And so I had absolutely no idea what was going on, but god damn it I loved it. My favorite one was the sixth game mainly because it was so easy It just made me feel like such a badass even though it was basically scripted that you’d win the fight I mean, you got to play a Sonic plus a hundred points already, versing a Sonic OC, ok take ten points BUT THEN YOU PULL OUT A MASSIVE SWORD AND TURN SUPER SONIC AND ABSOLUTELY OBLITERATE HIS ASS BACK TO DEVIANT ART, the worst one in my opinion was the game before it Well, you had to fight this piece of shit with literally a bazillion health I’ve tried this one a thousand times as a kid, and I still can’t beat it now the mastermind behind this awesome series is the amazing black devil X who I own quite a bit to since his works inspired a lot of My passion behind Sonic and sprite animation and would you believe the madman is still going, bloody legend! I could do an entire video talking about this series. There’s just so much to it but alas we have other games to talk about I found a Sonic flash game website that has a ton of these games, play over a hundred Sonic games. Whoa! I mainly picking this website though because the descriptions are absolutely hilarious Sonic the Hedgehog blast 5 this fun creative Sonic rom was made for the Nintendo Sonic Xtreme features different game physics Mario characters and other weird game elements. Well, how could I resist? Oh, oh wow Wow, well, the only thing extreme about this game is the frame rate, HEH (10/10 joke Diamondbolt) All you really have to do to win is just keep jumping like just keep jumping until you beat it, that’s it Nivel Superado siguiente Nivel. I think a demon is trying to communicate with me, Sonic lost in mario world. Ah, hell. Yeah This one was one of my favorites as a kid and I can see why Sonic lost in mario world is a terrible title That’s basically saying it’s Mario but with Sonic in it and this plot when Sonic work up once a day He decided to take a walk in his beautiful world without his wife knowing He doesn’t want his wife to know he’s going for a walk Why I hate to see what kind of skeletons in the closet Sonic has. He has to hide walking from his wife Anyway, he suddenly saw a blue spinning circle right above him He jumped in it not like in those quotations and basically gets transported to another dimension. Ok, we get it So yeah It’s exactly what you’re thinking it is it’s a lot floatier than I remember a being like this game does not control well at all Oh hey Mario, OHH MARIO WHY I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS AHHHH Now Sonic will never see his beloved homeland again, all right Mario I’m back and I’m ready to kick some plumber ass ah nah he still kills you in one hit. Ok, great. I tried for ages and could not work out. What the hell to do here I’m assuming the creator of the game just really liked Mario because he would just wreck your shit (Duel Of Fates starts playing) MARIO PLEASE WE CAN WORK THIS OUT MAN. REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME WE WENT TO THE OLYMPICS TOGETHER, WE WERE LIKE BROTHERS MARIO!! I KNOW YOUR STILL IN THERE, MARIO!!! Ok, so then there’s Sonic Adventure kiss, a game. I clicked on out of sheer curiosity and uh, yep, there it is Have you ever wanted to just stop living, see how long you can..*laughing* see how long you can smooch with your girlfriend before anyone catches you if you get caught it will be very Embarrassing and you will lose a life. You heard it here first folks you fucking die If you get caught kissing, they execute you for your crimes. This is just a funny version of gameplay, Sonic has won great dream To get to kiss his sweet girlfriend kissing on the public place is very special as soon as no one is looking Sonic should sneak in a kiss with his girlfriend, make them kiss passionately ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Without getting caught or you will lose a life. Just make them kiss Watchfully to fill the kissing loader within specified time duration in each level Why I guess it yeah, this game is just as awful as I thought it would be Apparently blaze gets high or something when you lose. I don’t know, I managed to workout the most effective strategy to beat this game MAXIMUM KISSING POWER. So someone took it upon themselves to put Sonic in Streets of Rage 3 Alright, then you got Axel, Blaze, SONIC! (Smash Bros Announcer voice)… and Zan. I do have to say though. The sound effects are a bit all over the place It is pretty funny seeing this little hedgehog just beating the crap out of humans YOU WANNA FUCKING GO!?, YOU WANNA MESS WITH!!- Even though you can just spam the special attack and you win it’s pretty well made and play surprisingly Well would recommend this to any Streets of Rage fans or people who just like watching Sonic kicking the shit out of people Okay. Next is Amy’s Wack-A-Nik Sorry what?, oh, it’s just a whack-a-mole game, phew in this game you and I quote crush the skulls of badniks And not Sonic’s, do not crush Sonic’s Skull, Sonic XSSS (Fun fact Sonic XS is actually a game by 4 Kids on their old website) Is an interesting one because I like the other games that just reuse sprites This one has its art art style which really goes to show why so many games use the sprites in this game instead of running and jumping you instead throw rings at The enemies like a freaking psychopath. Ah the plot is that Amy has been kidnapped. So I guess it prompted Sonic to go on a murderous rampage I couldn’t get very far into the game. But I imagine the ending has sonic beating Egg Man With a ring or something . It’s incredibly hard to control. But hey, I admire the effort Sonic versus Simpson with an icon like that. How could I refuse Oh God, okay So this is just another one of those crappy bike racing games except this time. You’re racing Bart Simpson, for some reason… there’s really nothing to this one aside from the completely random characters thrown in there And also Bart is crying for some reason when he beats you probably because he knows what Sonic does when he gets angry Can you make it through all ten crazy levels apparently not because this game is fricking hard as shit. Oh my god Okay So unlike every other Sonic game ever made this one instead has using the mouse to move Sonic back and forth and you click to jump and you basically just collect rings and dodge the obstacles I don’t want to say it’s bad because I’m sure whoever made it worked hard on it, but.. But I’m just I’m not feeling the crazy dude, each level progressively promises to get crazier not crazy yet, a little crazy Almost crazy, HOLY FUCK YOU’RE GONNA DIE And of course you got the really weird ones those dress-up games all those driving ones that are seemingly Mass-produced by the thousands all of these are pretty bare-bones and formulaic It’s usually just a still image of Sonic slapped on some generic bike riding game like this one Which has Sonic Correctly Exercising road safety laws by staring intently at you instead of the road, and the way you die in this game is incredibly abrupt Sonic Bikey, *Laughing* BIKEY, this one’s basically the exact same thing just with an even more disturbing Sonic Hey, at least this one’s looking at the road this time or so you can’t die in this game So you can just transcend the mortal plane instead, Sonic saves Mario. Doesn’t Look like he’s doing a very good job to me Oh, wow. This one’s actually pretty good and it’s a driving game. Why does why does Mario look pregnant? Mario is drunk Oh, okay Then guess that explains things, help Sonic drive his friend Mario to his home, Wow After everything Mario did Sonic is still concerned about his friends well-being and is encouraging safe driving habits. Well done game Wait, never mind Sonic kinda just chucked Mario on the back there and his limp body just kind of flops around So how exactly is Sonic saving Mario in this game saving him from his crippling alcohol addiction? ah how the tables have turned So after the 57 concussions Mario received at the back of Sonic’s truck has lost his memory of that one time He tried to murder him and sets off on a quest to save him in a game that Thankfully isn’t a car driving game your motivation in this game isn’t incredibly moving an emotional plea from Sonic Help, this one’s alright but it’s more of a Mario fan game than a Sonic one because Sonic’s kind of just There and that’s really all the Sonic relevance I could find it’s just an average Mario game past that, so All and all I wanted to thank All of the creators of these games are keeping my young self incredibly occupied and prevented me from doing anything productive even the guy who made Sonic Adventure kiss Thanks for watching and let me know if you want me to do another video talking about flash games because this one was super fun See ya

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  1. In order to win Final Fantasy Sonic X5, you need to focus more on your stats and health in the beginning. Use like maybe 2 fires against it. Max out every skill. Then just use attack and heal when it looks like it’s going below 2000 the next hit. That way you’ll be able to beat the boss and get two ODs.

  2. Oh… Ohohoho! I remember Xs. Funny thing about that, that game was one the 4Kids website. Basically, it was a flash game released on behalf of Sonic X that was airing around that time.

  3. Man, none of these flash games videos include the Sonic Rpg series. Those were amazing, even better than FFX ones in my opinion.

  4. Me too…it took me hundreds of times to beat final fantasty sonic X 5 until I watched how to beat it on youtube

  5. Dude the turn based game was my childhooooooood, I literally played it every single day😂😭 I bet if I still had a computer I’d play it to be honest

  6. I did play Sonic Xs and Shadow Xs flash games when I was 13 and used to think it was the coolest thing that I played those times XD
    I used to be addicted to play all Sonic flash games between 2012 – 2013

  7. That game,Sonic Lost in Mario world i remember it had a very weird ending.
    The wife was TAILS XD ,i still don't remember how i beated Mario but that ending was very strange XD

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