Space Race: The Board Game

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ladies and gentlemen our fight to make the era of space race even more entertaining has come to a completely new stage. I give you Space Race: The Board Game Conquering the universe is about making
the right decisions at the right time. Launch visionary space programs, break the boundaries of technological advancement and reach astonishing breakthroughs. Choose the direction for your agency. Only you can decide what is possible to achieve. But keep on your toes.
The tables can turn with every move. You won’t go down in history by repeating it. In Space Race, every game is different. kYou can choose your own path. It’s time for the fat cats of space conquest to step aside. Pledge now and become the big dog that will decide the course of the universe. Now on Kickstarter

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2 thoughts on “Space Race: The Board Game

  1. This looks awesome I really wanna get this game n then gotta find friends to play it with lol but my space n science obsessed ass needs this

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