Sports betting & betting tips – The truth about those ‘helpful’ services

so don’t if you’re aware or not but the
noose is tightening around tipsters in the industry we recently had skybet to
close their affiliate program because of all lists news please like and comment
on the video below that will allow me to produce better quality videos and more
of them in the future so yeah tipsters have been getting a lot
of grief for isn’t he the press has suddenly picked up on the fact that
tipsters make money by people placing losing bets whoa that’s a shock isn’t it
that tipsters don’t actually make money but you know tipping has been going on
for time eternity and back when I first stabbed ‘old in the gambling industry
fair a few years ago you would get tipsters either you would subscribe to a
tipping service or you dial a premium rate phone number and they would give
you tips and then you go and place the bet on it and you’d lose your money that
way instead of loosing it a little bit easier nowadays but you know tips that
tipping didn’t work back then it doesn’t work now and back then they used to sort
of have a semi logistics queue saying that nobody no bookmaker would take my
bets because that did used to happen if you used to want a lot of money then
bookmakers would want to turn you away because you’d probably had some inside
info and you’d win more money out of them then they would really like so if
there was a sort of semi legitimacy there but if you look nowadays that
cannot happen because you go to an exchange if the money is there and that
can be pretty significant money especially on football then why not just
place a bet there and nobody’s going to turn you away you can see the price you
can take the price or not you know why don’t you just do it and back in the old
stage they were difficult to get a documented record but nowadays of course
you have an absolutely beautifully documented record with an exchange the
exchange can show all of the transactions all of the beds and you get
a lifetime profit calculation as well if you’re that successful so it’s important
to realize that really if you’re looking at any tipping service you have to
question why they would give that in from information away because surely all
you do is scale and scale and scale and scale until it’s scale no
and maybe it found a neat angle of which to to do something in there so there are
large syndicates that have exploited the exchange opportunity there are five or
six in London and they’re all about putting on the largest bet that they can
given the edge that they have and they do very well from it thank you that and
they do not have a tipping service but where the scandal has come around is
because you’ve got people like so the biggest margin product herb bookmaker
has a or accumulators and there is no exchange service for multiples stroke
accumulators and as a consequence they’re very margin rich and if you
recommend a wild accumulator as something like three four five hundred
to one or something you get very nice juicy returns you can say to people here
have a go at this but when you place that bet and it loses then the tipper
gets a big slice of that monies they’re fairly significant chunks and that’s
what the press have picked up on the press it picked up that people are
deliberately recommending losing bets in order to gather a big chunk of
commission off of those losers which is immoral but also you know there are
fixed tennis match fixed football match sort of services for want of a better
word and that are all a sham as well so they’re sort of saying oh you know we’ve
got knowledge here and you need to get up get involved in this right now and
yet these guys are just scamming basically they don’t have information
they just want you to place a bet through their affiliate link of which
they will get a nice big chunk of commission so yeah you know the
legislation the noose is tightening at this particular moment in time and the
press have picked up on it and skybet had to drop their affiliate campaign
because they just didn’t want anything to do with it
Betfair sent out a mailer recently as well to talk about how you should
conduct yourself if you’re an affiliate and if you’re in breach of any of those
things then you’ll be out so the noose is tightening around a lot of these
things and quite rightly too as well because in a fair enough if you’re
trying to make money or you’re trying to offer some value add then I can see some
sort of reason why you maybe should earn a commission but if you’re just
recommending losing bets then that is totally on
but you know I think this is the thing that the industry suffers from overall
is that it’s generally considered to be unethical right from one end to the
other and if you look at trading now when I first started there were no
traders and nobody was really willing to talk about it there were probably only a
handful of people but you look out there now and you could be forgiven for
thinking that there’s hundreds of thousands of traders out there doing it
all full-time and of course the capacity in the market tells you that that cannot
be true and you know I know I’ve seen some of the numbers of the structure
behind all of this industry and you know that it’s definitely not true but that
doesn’t stop people from offering all sorts of crazy systems and advice and
stuff like that so you know I’ve often been contacted via YouTube from people
who’ve been ripped off and they’ve paid a grand or two for something and they
said oh I paid a grand on to this but it doesn’t simply working can you have a
look so I’ve looked to them and it’s like oh no this is this is a real you
know you’ve been totally done over here so I’ve spoken to action fraud I had it
I did have a chat with the Met Police a little while ago the Vice and fraud
squad is where gambling used to sit under I don’t know if it still does now
because you know some of these things are outright fraud they’re saying things
that simply are not true to get people’s money and for me there’s no gray area
there it’s fraud if you say that you’re doing something call this you’re selling
something on the basis that it will do something and it doesn’t then that’s
fraud and you know maybe it will take a couple of really big cases to shake the
industry up but I would welcome that I think that people should be bought to
book when they try and offer services or advice that they can’t back up with fact
and that’s always been something that’s really important to me I’ve kept really
carefully detailed records over all the years that I’ve been trading to prove
that I am actually doing and there is logic and Method behind it and you know
everybody’s gonna win it trading that’s impossible
but nonetheless there is an opportunity there but when I look at the trading
marketplace now there are so many advisory services or people trying to
offer advice they’re quite clearly do not trade and to my mind that’s fraud as
well I don’t have a problem with people offering advice but I think that if you
position yourself as a professional or you elevate yourself to a high status
then you have to have something to back it up you know I think that having some
method or process that allows you to identify this there is some just cause
for you making those claims would really clear up the entire industry so you know
I don’t think it’s going to happen though to be honest but we ask difficult
questions they may not be able to cuz there’s no method or process for doing
stuff you know I think people were struggle to come back with anything but
ask the question anyway you know if they come out and lie and then subsequently
proof that they were lying then that’s a bit of a serious issue there and I
really think that there should be some sort of way of or some attempt to do
that because getting people to part with money for something that’s not true in
my eyes is fraud and maybe I’ll take a couple of big cases to really reform the
industry but maybe that’s what is required but anyway anyway you know
that’s what’s happening in the industry at the moment affiliates are coming
under attack because they’re recommending losing beds and the
legislation is tightening it would be nice to see that broadened across the
whole industry where possible so yeah interesting times you

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10 thoughts on “Sports betting & betting tips – The truth about those ‘helpful’ services

  1. ~What are you chatting? Suggesting losing bets?, dont make me laugh. Give me a "losing bet" 100% of the time and il make you rich

  2. Let's not forget the matched betting websites where you pay them so much a month (or annually) and they then give you an affiliate link to place the back bets through while getting all the passive aggressive remarks of the day from keyboard warriors that are other members.

  3. erm………..but how do tipsters know the bet will lose? no one can control the outcome. they might pick a bet that they think will lose and then the bet just go on and win.. and win big due to high odds.

  4. Tipping doesn't work? I know several genuinely profitable tipsters. Affiliates are proper scum though. One of Twitter's most popliar 'tipping services', literally thousands of followers regularly tips 8-10 losing acca's a day. F'in Scumbag Tipsters I call 'em.

  5. I've noticed one on Facebook who tips football matches as challenge bets claiming you can turn £25 into £1000 by winning 11 bets in a row. How far would you get with a bookmaker if you and several other people are doing the same bets on the same matches all trying to win the same large some of money from a small outlay ? Total scam in my book. He calls himself the sports tipster and obviously is just recruiting as many people as possible to sign up to bet365.

  6. go ask why Jo Konta is suddenly losing matches and Caroline Garcia is on a run. Focus on US foreign relations…..

  7. Have you looked at fictitious Betfair races…especially fictitious Australian 'races'. It is barefaced fraud….

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