Sports Betting Deals & Poker Cheats!

Hey y’all… I’m here for the Bally’s for This Week in
Gambling! Viva Las Vegas! Just don’t live here, man… When are you going to die? Hello my friends, and welcome to This Week
in Gambling. And boy what a week of gaming news do I have
for you! We’ve got another new game review to share, another poker cheating scandal, and another huge sports betting deal… and that is this week’s big story! We start with one of the oldest and biggest
bookmakers in the United Kingdom, which just happens to be one of the newest
and biggest bookmakers in the United States, and that is William Hill. They’ve just partnered with the National Basketball
Association, and as part of that agreement they will use all of the league’s official data
for their sports betting while the NBA agrees to promote William Hill
on their website and in their app… Pretty sweet deal! Speaking of sports betting, Indiana and Oregon
have joined the party. Both recently launched
mobile sports betting apps, which means that technically… TECHNICALLY… both states are now accepting online wagers! Meanwhile, sports betting in Washington DC
has been delayed… it seems that there’s been some controversy
about there only being one operator for the entire market, so a judge
has delayed the launch… but I mean, damn… the whole place is like, what? 60 square miles? Also, there’s another cheating scandal rocking
the world of poker, and this one proves the when it comes to cheating
and poker, it’s not just an online problem. A player at a California card room has been
accused of cheating in a live game that was being webcast. Now it’s way too complicated and way too long
for me to get into here now on this video, but if you’re interested it’s a fascinating read, you can find it on
our website by following the direct link below this video. As I mentioned on our last video, I’m going to be headed to Las Vegas soon to attend the
Global Gaming Expo… and while I’m there, hopefully I’m going to
be filming a lot of good stuff for you guys… you know, like, interviews and game reviews… For example, this week’s new
game review for the Dragon Spin Age of Fire slot machine from Scientific Games. This is an exclusive review that you will
only see from This Week in Gambling. The game follows up on their
original Dragon Spin slot and focuses on the four elements of
air, water, earth, and of course fire! There are also Fire Reels, a progressive jackpot
and brand new dragons! You can watch this exclusive review only on
our YouTube channel. Finally this week, and
speaking of Scientific Games, they’ve developed a new facial recognition
technology which they can place on their games on the
casino floors! It’s really kind of cool! I actually tried it out the last time I visited
their studios, and I got to tell ya, it’s a little
weird when you walk up to a slot machine and
it recognizes your face… and then screams, as if in horror… like it wanted to run away or something. In the Garden of Eden, baby!

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